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BetterYou Magnesium Bath FlakesThe product Magnesium bath flakes are naturally sourced from magnesium chloride found in minerals Zech stein. It plays an important role in the synthesis of calcium compounds that might accumulate within the body and cause hardening of the arteries and muscles. It hampers the normal body movement and causes diseases.


  • BetterYou magnesium flakes comprise of chloride elements that dissolve into the blood and increases the absorption speed of the calcium in the body.
  • Magnesium enters the skin cells and replenishes them with elements lots due to sedentary life style and erratic food habits.
  • Diluted form of magnesium chloride is available to the body and assists in the absorption of the important nutrients into the blood.
  • Increased level of magnesium minerals boosts the immune system and prevents the diseases.
  • Bath flakes nourish the skin and help to improve its health
  • You can feel relaxed while the skin is moisturized.
  • Calcium absorption enhances the strength of the muscles and bone joints
  • Natural product is perfect for people who are vegetarian or consume celiac diet. It supplements the deficiency of the minerals that can otherwise procured from non vegetarian food.
  • Pregnant women benefit from magnesium because it provides the required nutrition.

150gm of the Magnesium bath flakes are dissolved into the lukewarm water. Immerse the feet and enjoy the relaxation for 15 minutes.
For a bath soak, use 250gm of the product in warm water. The liquid will enter the pores of the skin and cause long term benefits.
Magnesium, baths should be conducted thrice a week. If needed you can increase the frequency of the application.

Bath flakes are no substitute for dermatological medication. Concentrated Zech stein crystals can be used only as supplement for the body. 

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Supplements Facts

Weight:  1KG

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate crystals. 47% concentration.

Manufacturer Info



BetterYou Health Supplements

BetterYou Health Supplements for A Better Lifestyle and A Better You - In our daily life, we lack most of the key nutrients necessary for our brain and body. In most of the cases, the incident of lacking elements remains unknown and unsolved. BetterYou is one of the most trusted health supplement manufacturer brands, focused upon creating health supplements enriched with essential ingredients required by the body. With every innovation done by the company, the company creates a new milestone to touch the growing needs of nutritional requirements of the customers.

Manufacturing Excellence from The Foundation
Being founded in 2016 by Andrew Thomas BetterYou is the first company to manufacture topically applied magnesium and oral sprays in the world. The company has partnered with some of the most renowned research institutes across the globe, including the University of Cardiff, Sheffield, Sand well and Ulster. BetterYou continues to grow with the passion and commitment to developing exceptional nutritional supplements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Intelligent Choices of Health Supplements
Most of us don’t know the benefits of each element present in our body. Many times, the same elements which must be present naturally in our body, lack in amount, and we face inevitable consequences. BetterYou specializes in such nutritional supplements which are under present or are omitted due to our diet and modern lifestyle.

Smart Mechanism and Absorption
Every supplement that we intake orally goes through the processing of the gut or the digestive system. The BetterYou products focused upon increasing the absorption by the bloodstream and reducing gut processing. The oral sprays of BetterYou are simply sprayed on the inner cheek and s absorbed by the body faster than other oral pills or tablets.

Range of Supplementary Products
BetterYou has a wide range of nutritional and health supplements, which maximize nutrient delivery. Each and every product manufactured by BetterYou is formulated to overcome the absorption challenges faced by other oral health supplements. BetterYou have an extensive range of Intra-oral and transdermal products for every age group.

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