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Traditional Rene Caisse Strong Indian Herbal Formula £44.95

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The Amazing Rene Caisse Story

A Canadian nurse Rene Caisse obtained an old Indian herbal formula from a patient in 1922 which she offered under the mark ESSIAC, her maiden spelt in reverse. She used it on her aunt who had  an inoperable stomach problem, with apparent amazing success. Please note that ESSIAC is now a registered trade mark and in the UK the rights are held by ESSIAC Products Inc. ESSIAC is now only used in the UK for goods that originate from, or are licensed by, that company.

During her life Rene Caisse treated many thousands of patients and many trials were carried out with the help of curious doctors. Although she won over many sceptical doctors the Canadian authorities disapproved of her work and made life increasingly difficult for her.

Rene Caisse devoted her life to using her formula on terminally ill cancer patients and attempting to improve the formula to maximize its effect.

Rene finally gave her formula to the Resperin Corporation in 1977, shortly before her death in 1978. She sold the rights for $1 as the company promised to do clinical trials to prove that the formula could cure the ultimate disease(not allowed to mention its common name).

Disappointed with Resperin, Rene Caisse gave her formula to at least 2 trusted friends and the four herbs in the recipe are well known as:

  • Rumex Acetosella (Sheep Sorrel)
  • Arctium Lappa Root (Burdock)
  • Ulmus Fulva Bark (Slippery Elm Bark)
  • Rheum Pamatum Root (Turkey Red Rhubarb)

Rene Caisse added a fifth herb, Red Clover, when it was in season. We have of course added Red Clover, a plant with many healing properties, as it is now available all year round. Red Clover is renowned for promoting a more positive outlook and increasing energy levels. Many other essiac formulas cut corners and omit this herb.

The Messy World of Rene Caisse's Teas

Many herbal preparations are a 'decoction', using boiling water to extract the active ingredients from the herbs. These suffer from several problems.

Many important constituents of the essiac formula herbs are not extracted by boiling water as they are insoluble in water.

Take regularly and do not overdose.

Large amounts of the decoction are required several times a day to receive the required amount, causing problems for patients who suffer from gastric problems.

Storage is a problem as the decoction is unpreserved.

These formula 'teas' require lengthy preparation methods to boil the active ingredients out of the herbal tea.

The Solution - Zota Phyto BJS Traditional & Strong Rene Caisse Tincture

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Supplements Facts

Superior Extraction Of Active Ingredients:

Phyto BJS uses an alcoholic tincture approach. This enables a much more complete extraction of the herbs than is possible with boiling water and leads to a much more concentrated product.

Small Daily Amount:

Each bottle provides enough tincture for 60 days at the recommended amount of 5ml (one teaspoonful) per day.

Simple To Use:

Formula teas require lengthy preparation methods to boil the active ingredients out of the herbal tea. Our tincture can simply be added direct to water or fruit juice.

Simple To Store:

The tincture is preserved indefinitely at normal room temperatures and as the bottle is opaque plastic it can be kept in normal light.

Quality Assured - Don't Compromise

Don't compromise when it comes to your health. If you want the best Rene Caisse formula that nature can offer ... then buy Phyto BJS Rene Caisse Tincture with FREE UK DELIVERY:

  • All the herbs from Rene Caisse's traditional formula.
  • PLUS Red Clover, left out of many essiac teas.
  • Made to British Pharmacopoeia standards.
  • Contains many compounds that are not water-soluble, therefore not extracted in Teas.
  • No lengthy, messy preparation as required with Teas.
  • Easy to store, easy to use.
  • 50 days supply in every bottle.

Usage Information:

Take 5ml, equivalent to one teaspoonful, once per day.  May be taken twice daily in severe cases.

The alcohol in the tincture is roughly 25% of the dose. Should this present a moral or health problem a limited amount of boiling water can be added to the tincture dose to remove the alcohol. Otherwise the tincture can be taken diluted with cold water or fruit juice to taste.

The recommended 2 hour fast on the label is to avoid the nausea which some people suffer from if they have eaten, or in particular consumed coffee or tea a short time before taking the dose. The fast is not mandatory. Many practitioners recommend taking this formula as protection to avoid new problems or prevent recurrence of former problems. In this case the recommended regime is one 5ml dose daily for the first week, a half dose (2.5 ml or half a teaspoonful) daily for the second week, and a half dose every second day thereafter.

Interactions / Side Effects:

Phyto BJS is a complimentary formula, thus it may be taken safely at the same time as any other therapy.

Some people suffer from nausea if they have eaten, or in particular consumed coffee or tea a short time before taking the dose. This can be prevented by fasting for two hours prior to the daily dose - but this is not mandatory.

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