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Reusable anti snoring clips. includes 1 small and 1 medium dilator. This amazing device widens nasal passages for unrestricted air-flow, easier breathing and maximum comfort. Comes complete with hygienic storage and cleaning dome.

  1. Designed for maximum breathing flow and comfort in wear
  2. Adjustable
  3. Reusable
  4. Made of soft non allergenic latex free polymer that's kind to the nasal membrane
  5. Supports nasal cavity from collapse during inspiration
  6. Stays put all night long
  7. Complete kit with two sizes of dilator. Choose your size!
  8. Minimizes or completely stops snoring
  9. Use also for exercise and sports, nasal and cold congestion, sinusitis and sinus headaches


The BREATHING RELIEF NOSE DILATOR is designed and developed by leading UK Car Designer and Engineer Laurie James, who also suffered from chronic snoring.

Laurie James had two operations and used a C Pap Breathing Machine to no avail. His Ear Nose and Throat Consultant said there was no cure. 'My snoring was pretty bad' he admits ruefully 'and my marriage broke up because of it'. In sheer frustration, he set about designing and developing a cure himself. That was nine years ago.

The result is one of the most effective, comfortable and user friendly anti snoring nasal dilator ever invented. Using complex 3D design techniques, Laurie engineered and moulded the design out of a unique soft non allergenic polymer to provide just the right level of nasal dilation for improved air flow with the maximum comfort in wear! And most important of all, it all but cured Laurie's Nocturnal Noise Pollution Problem for good!

What makes the BREATHING RELIEF NOSE DILATOR so special?
It works! And it's so comfortable fitting snugly inside your nostril. Have it on all night and you will forget it's there!

The BREATHING RELIEF NOSE DILATOR is a soft reusable nasal dilator with specially designed wings that widen the nasal passages for unrestricted air-flow and easier breathing.

It also prevents the dynamic collapse of the sides of your nasal passages when you inhale, something that can result in a nasal obstruction that could seriously impede your breathing.

The BREATHING RELIEF NOSE DILATOR anchors securely and comfortably inside the nostril without any discomfort to the delicate nasal membranes and doesn't budge or fall out.

The soft flexible polymer retains it's flexibility, it's recovery and resilience use after use and is easily adjustable for a perfect fit.


  1. Heavy snoring
  2. General difficulty breathing
  3. Chronic nasal congestion
  4. Sinus problems
  5. Helps performance during exercise and sports
  6. Helps alleviate the pain of sinusitis and sinus headaches

Why are there two sizes?
The Small size is suitable for adults with smaller nasal passages whilst the Medium is designed for adults with larger nasal passages. With the BREATHING RELIEF NASAL DILATOR SET you get both sizes included in the set. So you can be sure you are wearing just the size that fits you. If you are a borderline size or depending on how you feel you might find that sometimes you prefer to wear a small and other times you might find the large more comfortable.

To use

BREATHING RELIEF NASAL DILATOR can be used safely while you sleep, exercise, play sports, or whenever you need to breathe easier. To insert your BREATHING RELIEF NASAL DILATOR first select the correct size. Clean your dilator between uses with warm soapy water. Make sure the pointer on the bridge is facing away from you and the wings face upwards. Press the wings of the dilator in and slide the dilator into the nostrils. Ease it in slowly until the bridge of the dilator sits snugly up against the bridge of the nose. You can adjust the dilator by opening the bridge or the wings so they seat looser or tighter as preferred.


What is Breathingrelief?
It is a nasal dilator that opens the nasal airways allowing you to breathe more easily.

Can it be used during sport?
By aiding breathing many people use it during their sports activities. However, we do not advise the use of a Breathingrelief dilator when participating in contact sports such as rugby, hockey, boxing etc.

Which type of breathing problems can this nasal dilator help cure?
All nasal restrictions relating to semi- or fully-collapsed nostrils.

Why does the collapsing of the nostrils cause such a problem?
Because the restriction of air during the inhalation process causes the mouth to open to supplement the necessary air supply to the lungs. Consequently the two-way air flow, results in snoring and also in some cases allows the tongue to fall back freely and thus block both airways (sleep apnoea).

Are there many sufferers with this complaint?
The majority of snorers suffer from the collapsing of the nostrils during the inhalation process.

How effective is this product in maintaining sufficient air to reach the lungs through the nostrils alone? Very effective as the Breathingrelief adjustable nasal dilator prevents the nostrils from collapsing and in fact can be adjusted to open them to increase airflow.

How does your product compare with rival products?
This exclusive device allows personal control of air intake by adjusting the size of the nasal passages.

How can this nasal dilator help sufferers of sleep apnoea?
By opening the nasal passages the brain registers that the lungs are receiving sufficient air (oxygen) from that source and as no supplementary supply is required, the mouth stays closed.

What is sleep apnoea?
This condition is caused when the mouth is open during sleep process and the tongue falls towards the back of the throat blocking the airways.

Apart from sleeping has this nasal dilator other beneficial uses?
Yes - all types of sports, keep fit classes and even swimming.

Can bad sleeping patters be attributed to weight gain?
Yes they cause low energy levels through insufficient rest. The next day the sufferer tries to perk up these levels using stimulants such as tea, coffee and sugary products and even comfort eating to combat the tiredness. This can also apply to their partner.

How does the price of the nasal dilator compare with similar products on the market?
It is fairly priced and has at least a 6 month lifetime under normal wear and tear.

Can this product be used if the sufferers have a deviated septum?
Yes as the nasal dilator only has contact with the inside wall of the nostrils.

What makes your product different?
It is the unique design. The nasal dilator anchors comfortably inside the nose allowing the wings to support the inside of the nostrils and prevent collapse.

Why is your product so unique?
It is the only nasal dilator on the market that can be controlled to adjust the airflow through the nasal passages to supply sufficient air to the lungs.

Why do the nostrils collapse during the inhaling process?
Imagine the lungs as a pair of bellows. When they expand they suck the air down through the nostrils. A vacuum effect is caused around the nasal passages. If the nostrils are not stiff enough to withstand this pressure they are sucked inwards.

Is this product comfortable to wear?
Yes it is specially designed to settle inside the nose anchoring at the front and rear of the nostrils.

Why are there two sizes of nasal dilator?
In most cases these sizes fit 90% of the population however trials revealed that the bridge depth for women is much shallower than for men.

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Manufacturer Info

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Breathing Relief

Get Rid of Snoring

Get Better Sleep in Drug-Free Way: Naturally - Breathing Relief believes that at the end of the day, everything you deserve is a better sleeping routine. Breathing relief helps your clogged nostrils to get opened comfortably to allow air to flow through nasal passages. This nasal dilator helps you to get rid of snoring and sleep more efficiently and comfortably. It also helps in preventing dry mouth and helping the user to feel more refreshed. It is a natural, non-invasive and drug-free device that fits the nose of everyone easily and enables you to breathe without hassle.

One Device Fits All Your Breathing Requirements
Breathing Life is a non-invasive device which means that one needs to undergo any surgical procedure to use the tool. Breathing life is used by multiple users for different purposes. Many patients who suffer from snoring problem caused by collapsed nostrils, patients with the debilitating or exhausting snoring condition can use this device. Professional athletes, cyclists, runners, yoga practitioners and gym enthusiasts use Breathing Life device to increase sports performances and get relieved during sleep. Breathing life is made with the scientific approach of getting a sound sleep. The device helps the user breath freely and stay relaxed during sleeping time.

No More Compromising While Experimenting with Sleep
As we told earlier that there is nothing more refreshing than sound good night sleep. Breathing Relief can be worn overnight easily.

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