Garcinia Cambogia- The Less Known Highly Nutritious Fruit

Garcinia Cambogia

You might not have heard the name of Garcinia Cambogia but this fruit is extremely nutritious in its content. A close relative of the mangosteen fruit, Garcinia Cambogia is also known as Malabar Tamarind and grows well in India, Myanmar and Indonesia. When ripe, it displays a yellowish tint from outside with the size of an orange.

Though this fruit is discovered late by the world, it shows its application well in the Indian Subcontinent. It has been widely used in chutneys and curries apart from its application as a dried supplement to the food.

The recent incarnation of this fruit is Garcinia Cambogia juice that is extracted in all the organic ways while showing due respect to the nutrition content of the fruit.

Nutrients in Garcinia Cambogia:

The essential contents of Garcinia Cambogia fruits are as follows:

Xanthones: These are the essential phytonutrients that possess the unique ability to fight with the elements that cause cancers.

Hydroxycitric Acid: Also known as HCA, this acid is the element that helps to reduce the body-weight in human beings.

Garcinol: This compound is an essential antioxidative, antiangiogenic, anti-inflammatory and proapoptotic in nature.

Vitamin C: It is an essential antioxidant that renders marvelous benefits to the entire body-system of human beings.

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Juice:

The various benefits of this healthy juice are as follows:

Weight Loss: The most important function of this juice is its assistance in shredding the body weight of human beings. The presence of Hydroxycitric Acid and Garcinol compounds makes it fruitful to reduce the extra pounds from the body.

Joint Pains: It is a great help to the people who suffer from pains in their joints. Garcinia Cambogia Juice therefore could prevent you from the dangerous diseases such as Arthritis etc.

Treating Infections: This juice has many kinds of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties due to which it could be used to suppress the attack of bacteria and viruses in the body. It provides a natural shield and acts against the dangerous germs that cause many kinds of ailments.

Better Digestive Tract: Garcinia Juice has an adequate amount of fibers that could be used to enhance the functioning of digestive system. It supports the digestion and assimilation of food apart from facilitating the excreta out from the body in an effective manner.

Diarrhea and Dysentery: This Juice is also used for prevention and treatment of digestive disorders such as Diarrhea and Dysentery.

Better Body Immunity: The rich antioxidants of the Garcinia Juice help to strengthen the White Blood Corpuscles which are responsible for maintaining the immunity of the body and fighting the infections and inflammations that attack a human body.

Lowering the Blood Cholesterol: It is also a considerate juice that helps to keep the cholesterol of the body balanced by swiping away the bad cholesterol from the blood.

Apart from all these, there are numerous health benefits that accompany this healthy juice. This underrated product could do wonders to your health if you add it to your daily intake.

Noni Juice: What Exactly Is It?

Ever since the secrets of the Noni juice has been revealed to the world it has been generating a lot of interest especially among the health circles of the world. The popularity of this amazingly healthy juice is literally growing by the minute as more and more people are sitting up and taking notice of the same.

The natives believed a lot in the healing powers of this fruit. Modern studies are also supporting most of these claims being made by them.

Noni Fruit

noni fruit

noni fruit

Noni happens to be an evergreen tree which is native to the countries that are found in the regions of Australia, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia and also some regions in India. Proofs have been found which claims that these fruits were used centuries ago to make red dyes and also yellow dyes and these were later used to dye clothes. A lot of different kinds of medicines are also made using the fruit and was also used for application on the skin to get rid some skin infections.

Literally the entire noni tree was and sometimes still is used to make different kinds of medicines. The fruit, stem, roots, flowers, bark and also the leaves are all known to be very health and nutritious.

Although a lot of fruit juices are known to contain antioxidants in them, the noni juice stands apart as it contains a very percentage of these antioxidants which are very essential for the body. It also contains some very essential vitamins and also minerals.

Noni Juice: benefit of consumption

Ailments like cough, malarial fever, fever, painful urination, nausea, convulsions, constipation, colic, liver disease and several more diseases are known to be brought down by the consumption of the noni juice. It was used to even treat some dangerous diseases as well like stroke, small pox, enlarged spleen, arthritis, kidney disorders, gastric ulcers, pain, cataract etc. A lot more diseases can be added to this list as the benefits offered by the noni is endless.

The traditional medicines were for a long time used by all for treating all sorts of pain. Even the bark of this tree was utilised as a form of aid during childbirth.

Today we know that it activates the immune system of the body. Most of the nutrients present in it prevent the cells from getting damages and if they already are damaged, it helps in repairing these cells and hence keeps the body younger for a lot longer.

Although there aren’t any sources which tell us that the noni juice isn’t very good for health, it is advised that pregnant and also nursing women stay away from this juice as no research has managed to conclusively rule out any negative effects of the fruit.

If you are facing problems due to your kidneys and are undergoing medication then eating the noni fruit or drinking the juice may not be a good idea. The noni has high potassium content and may just make the condition a lot worse.

Health Benefits of Organic Noni Juice

Organic Noni Fruit

Organic Noni Fruit


Noni is a natural pain killer. It is known to be just as effective as most of the over the counter medicines that we buy like hydrocortisone and tramadol. It is known to drive away headaches, pain in the joints caused due to arthritis etc.

Boosting The Immune System

Consumption of the noni juice leads to the activating of the macrophages. It also strengthens the immunity of the body which in turn gets strong enough to fight away some harmful bacteria like the staphylococcus aureus and also the Escherichia coli.


Serotonin and melatonin gets stimulated by some compounds present in the noni juice. Serotonin affects the sleep, emotion and also the mood of the body. Imbalance in the levels of the serotonin may lead to depression. Melatonin is known to regulate the circadian rhythm of the body which helps in getting a good night’s rest and also improves the mood.

Hair Care/ Skin Care

The scalp and skin conditions such as ringworm problem or even eczema can be overcome by the properties of the noni juice. It can also be rubbed over the scalp to get some lustrous hair. It also helps in keeping the skin young and healthy. The nails also are known to get stronger if you consume the juice regularly.

Anti – Cancer

The production of the nitric oxide is stimulated by the noni. It is known to help in reducing the growth of tumour and hence is considered to be a strong anti – tumour agent. It also has an immunomodulatory polysaccharide which also fights the cancerous cells.

In case the cancerous cells are already present in the body then the compounds present in the noni juice may help in slowing or even reversing the process of multiplication of the cancerous cells completely.


Vitamin C, Selenium and phytonutrients found in the noni juice is known to reverse the damage caused by the free radicals on the walls of some blood vessels. Scopoletin may also help in lowering the blood pressure. It is basic in nature and hence may help in preventing the bodily fluids from turning very acidic.

The proxeronine found in noni is required to produce the compound xeronine which in turn might help in coordinating the functions of the different cells of the body. These cells work together to lower stress and also the blood pressure.

Amino acids and tryptophan are found in this fruit. This tryptophan gets in the blood stream and stimulates the cells to produce an even greater quantity of serotonin and hence helps in controlling the blood pressure of the body.


The absorption of the harmful cholesterol LDL is prevented by noni and hence the chances of the formation of plaque in the arteries are reduced. This allows these arteries to remain healthy and strong and hence it may help in extending the life span of an individual.

These are the reasons why noni is possibly one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

The Noni Juice And Its Health Benefits

Noni Juice

Noni Juice

The health benefits provided by the noni juice are innumerable. They include protection of liver, prevention of cancer, maintaining the health of the heart, relaxing the muscles, improving memory, relieving symptoms of conditions like diabetes and several more.

The immense quantity of antioxidants contained in this fruit is known to have made the fruit anti – fungal, anti – psychotic, anti – inflammatory and even anti – bacterial. These are the reasons behind the fruit being used as a supplement to the medications given for treating arthritis and also the disorders of the central nervous system.

Since times immemorial, the noni juice has been esteemed for its abilities. They are known to keep the skin healthy, boosting the energy levels, improves the overall health, accelerates the healing power and also improves defence mechanism of the body.

These immense capabilities are packed in a small green fruit which grows on an evergreen plant which are found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the planet. It is often referred to as the “queen of fruits” due to the capabilities that it possesses. The plants spread by themselves all along the area where they are growing and the local natives have always made the best use of the benefits that these fruits provide.

Nutrition Content Of The Noni Juice

The noni juice offers some very important and vital minerals, vitamins and also phytonutrients. The vitamins include vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin B3, vitamin B2 and also vitamin B1, vitamin C and vitamin E.

The minerals found in the noni juice include phosphorous, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. The range of antioxidants it possesses is very impressive and is the reason why the noni juice is so very nutritious.

Health Benefits Of The Noni Juice

Improvement Of The Cardiovascular Health

Some compounds found in the noni juice are known to help in relax the muscle cells found in the walls of the heart and thereby assists in better blood flow within the body. It also regulates the blood pressure (mostly helps in lowering the high blood pressure). It reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and increases the percentage of the good cholesterol (HDL).

Relieves Fatigue

Noni juice has stood the test of time in this regard and each time it has come out with flying colours. Some of the components found in the noni juice is known to improve the physical performance of a body, enhances elasticity and also enhances the tolerance levels of the body. This was used as a medicine to fight against the lowering of the energy levels which in turn led to fatigue.

Helps In Dealing With Arthritis

The inflammation which is a common symptom of arthritis is known to be lessened by the regular consumption of the noni juice. The analgesic properties of the noni juice are known to help immensely in relieving the pain which comes about when one gets struck by arthritis.

All of these properties of the noni can be found in the noni juice as well. The juice is sold all across the world both online and in health stores. All you need to do is drink a little bit of this everyday and you can prevent a number of diseases from ever occurring in your body.

Tahitian Noni Juice And Treatment Of Cancer

A lot of us might have come across claims where noni juice is believed to help in the treatment of cancer. However a lot of people have doubts regarding the extent to which this is true. Many people who had been or have been affected by cancer are constantly trying to find an alternative supplement to deal with it considering how troubling the conventional medication can be.

anti cancer properties of noni fruit

anti cancer properties of noni fruit

Studies up until now suggested that cancer is caused due to external agents like smoking. This may be true to an extent but new studies are coming up with a whole different theory. Apparently cancer is present in our body ever since we are young. These cancerous cells are continuously being killed by our own immune system and hence keep us safe.

It is being said that the toxicity levels in our body is what decides if we suffer from cancer or not. When the accumulation of toxins in our body becomes too much to handle, our immune system simply gives up and diseases take over. Unfortunately a lot of times this disease happens to be cancer.

Everything that we use or even touch contains nothing but toxins, not to mention the food we eat. Hence it is no wonder that more and more people are suffering from this disease. So how is noni related to all of this?

The nutritious noni juice consists of over 150 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and several more which do nothing but good to our body. It helps in fighting against the toxic build up and also diseases. Hence this miraculous fruit contains nutrition which does nothing but great things to our body.

Noni juice helps the body by providing what is required by it to function normally and efficiently. Once the body’s requirements are all fulfilled, the immune system begins to function properly and fights against all sorts of diseases. The food we consume unfortunately is stripped off of its nutrition and so supplementing our diet with such great supplements is extremely necessary.

Apart from these great benefits, the noni juice also helps in fighting a number of diseases apart from cancer as well. It contains certain nutrients which are unique just to it and cannot be found in most of the fruits and vegetables.

Although Noni sounds great considering hoe nutritious it is, it does have a drawback, its taste. A lot of people tend to get very apprehensive after just smelling it and decide to refrain from drinking the juice or even eating the fruit.

Most of the manufacturing companies of the noni juice tend to add some fruit juices to the noni juice to make it less undesirable and maybe even tasty enough to coax them to drink it on a regular basis. It is known to be highly efficient when consumed regularly.

People who suffer from kidney problems are advised to refrain from drinking noni juice as it has a high percentage of potassium which can wreck havoc on a weak kidney. Always do consult a doctor before beginning to use supplements.

How To Lose Weight- Try These Proven Tricks

Weight Loss

Losing weight can become a reality!

Everyone wishes to lose extra pounds but ‘HOW’ is the main concern. Here we are proposing some tips to include in our daily routine that will help burn fat quicker and lose extra weight.

1. Adding healthy food in diet:

Instead of subtracting food items from your diet, add them. Include healthy foods that you like for example, grapes, deep-red cherries, snow peas etc. Add vegetables into sauces, stews and soups. Keep fruits at your workplace and eat them when you feel hungry during snack time. Additionally, avoid fried foods like French fries etc.

2. Walking whenever possible:

Walking is very easy way to keep fit. Even walking for a few minutes is better than not attempting at all. In day-to-day activities, there are certain chances that one can try to bring walking in our routine. Try to park your car farther in the parking lot. If traveling by bus, get off few stops earlier. Use stairs instead of lift.

3. Opting for low-calorie versions of your favorite food:

Instead of completely omitting your favorite dish, alter it to lower-calorie form. For example, order pizza with reduced-fat cheese, switch to diet cold drinks, purchase low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt etc. Fiber makes you feel full, so add fiber rich foods such as whole wheat, bell peppers etc., into diet.

4. Drinking sufficient water:

Drink water before a meal so that you will not feel starved. Drinking plenty of water helps body to cleanse digestive system and makes you feel fresh.

5. Share your meals:

Some restaurants offer very large portions in a dish. Therefore, sharing your meals with your partner will help you not to stuff everything.

6. Doing physical activity when you tune in:

Dance when you are hearing to your favorite music show. Moreover, while watching your favorite show on television, walk on the treadmill or ride your stationary bike. Aim for at least 15 minutes of such activities.

7. Amount Matters:

Having less food in bigger plate can increase your cravings for more. Therefore, smaller dish size gives you indication that you have sufficient food and makes you feel satisfied. Use smaller bowls for ice-cream with baby spoon. Eating ice-cream with smaller spoon helps body to feel the pleasure of dessert for a longer time along with satisfaction. In cafeteria, use a smaller box instead of a bigger one to stuff whatever you like which would help you to avoid overeating. Brush your teeth after having dinner, which can help you to avoid eating again.

8. Avoid eating while watching TV:

Eating while watching TV channels distracts your attention from food and that can lead to over eating. Therefore, watch what and how much you are eating. Eat your meals on time everyday and do not skip it and make yourself feel hungry

9. Keep patience:

Loosing a few pounds is not possible in a single day although it becomes easier over time with added physical activities and the right kind of food and eating habits.

10. Motivate yourself:

Purchase a pair of little tight pants or jeans and keep them at a place where you can see it daily

Revealing 10 Secrets For European Women to Stay Slim

European Women to Stay Slim

European women are always admired because of their slim figures by American women. They do have very good reputation of drinking and eating what they wish to, still manage to stay slender and elegant. Age-old question arises: How one can do that?

The truth is rather very simple. European women always tend to drink in moderate quantity and they always tend to drink the best stuff. On the other side American counterparts do fall in the trap of taking calorie-laden and sugary drinks like soft drinks, soda or processed juices, while the European women tend to drink too much caffeinated beverages, primarily those drinks like tea for the hydration and the high-end coffee like French press or Italian espresso.

Here, overall lifestyle of Europeans comes into play. European women lean towards to practice noble walking habits and spending a quality time relaxing and resting in wellness centers and spas. They are strict to follow the natural, pure ingredients and always emphasis on drinking in moderate quantities — a very smart philosophy for living!

So, let us explore all these secrets-

1. Wine

Wine has become almost a food group in European countries, but European women take it rather smartly. They eat less food and drink more wine. According to the studies, women who drink moderate quantity of wine tend to have slim figure and less weight. The French diet has often been used as a good example of how our cardiac health can be improved with help of wine. They have a fairly high-fat diet still the risk of heart disease is relatively low and some have credited this to the red wine.

2. French-press coffee

Europeans really love their coffee; hence they always strive to discover the best-one around. Especially they like a French-press coffee as it makes use of coarser grains which stay with brewing water thereby making a more intense and concentrated mug of coffee. Research had shown that caffeine might help to increase alertness and focus. It also comprises of some beneficial substances such as antioxidants like polyphenols.

3.  Warm water with lemon

French women have faith in having a glass of warm water with lemon once they wake up in the morning. It is believed that this kind of perfect combination triggers the digestive system and cleans out the colon with help of lemon, to help the body maintain a healthy weight. This is the reason that, many of the French women start their morning with a refreshing glass of warm water mixed with lemon.

4. Champagne

Try exchanging glass of your wine with glass of Champagne. Flute glass of champagne is smaller as compared to the wine glass; therefore you are automatically lowering down on the calories. It is regarded as a very wonderful way just to pamper you, moreover it goes a very long way when it becomes close to our overall happiness and health. A couple full of glasses everyday has very beneficial impact on the blood vessels walls, thus it suggests that Champagne does have a great potential to lessen heart disease and strokes.

5. Power berry juice

Power berry juice is the most recent juice trend arising out of Switzerland which is a great grouping of freshly pressed superb fruits track down from various regions of the world. It is prepared with lemon juice, strawberry purée and red grape juice from Italy, aronia from Poland, black carrot and apple juice from Switzerland, bilberry from Bulgaria and blackcurrant from Austria. Such wonderful combination of natural juice is said to boost energy levels, encourage our immune system and allow for more hours to exercise.

6.  Milk

The European and other Dutch women refuse to give up their milk drinking habit because they have confidence in the fact that it is a correct choice, if someone is attempting to stay slim and lose weight. Low-fat-milk is the most preferred choice as it has low calories and it is an outstanding source of vitamin D, calcium and protein — all associated with weight loss.

7. Italian espresso

Millions of the Italians depend on morning espresso, so as many of other Europeans do. Due to the way it being manufactured and its perfect concentration, espresso is believed to have two or three times the quantity of helpful antioxidants of the coffee which is made by some of other coffee brewing methods, which is also similar to that of French-pressed coffee brew. One of the simple tricks is that, they do like drinking it just black without any sweeteners and artificial sugars.

8. Tea

As we all know, tea is as incredible as drinking water because of hydration components found in it, but still it is one step ahead due to overabundance of beneficial antioxidants. The research has found that, polyphenol antioxidants in tea have been claimed to help avert cell damage. Tea can boost our exercise endurance. The catechins – antioxidants in green tea extracts increase our ability to burn fats as fuel which is quite accountable for enhanced muscle endurance.

9. Water

This may appear intuitive, but many Europeans drink water a lot. It is a known fact that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for optimal health. But many European women, specifically French women, take two more glasses in addition to the suggested amount. Water is a perfect slim-down beverage as it does not contain calories, carbs and sodium. And strangely, it also helps our body flush out the excess water weight and jump-start our metabolism.

10. Fresh juice

European women have also started liking juice as they are aware of the fact that the addition a glass of fresh juice can immediately make eating habits healthier simply by adding great amounts of useful raw food in a more easily digestible and delicious form. These kind of raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables carry enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Dietary experts nowadays emphasize the significance of minerals and vitamins for the tissue maintenance and normal growth.

Fruits: Necessity of Our Healthy Life

Healthy Diet

One of the ancient forms of foodstuff known to man is fruits. In fact, Adam-the first man on the earth ate an apple which is considered heaven’s ‘forbidden fruit’. You can find lots of references of fruits in our ancient literature. According to Quran, fruits like date, fig grape, pomegranate and olive are heavenly fruits and gifts of God.

Fruits whether fresh or dehydrated have been a widely accepted food in the world since many years. To lead healthy life, eating fruits is essential as they are great source of minerals, fibers, vitamins, enzymes etc., and are very easy to digest. In addition to providing energy in the form of food for human beings, they can also act as a medicine and treat ailments.

Fruits consumed raw or in the form of freshly squeezed juice provides balance and retains moisture in the body. Most of the fruits are low in fat, calories and sodium content and can be a great choice for those who would prefer salt-free diet or those who are on weight loss diet. Also consumption of 2-3 fruits per day is very helpful for pregnant ladies.

Dry fruits for example, dates, apricots, raisins etc., are natural source of iron and calcium that are necessary for maintaining hemoglobin in blood and bone strength respectively. As fruits are very rich in fiber content they can help to clean digestive system and regains normal bowl action. Therefore for those who are suffering with constipation, eating fruits can provide relief.

Fruits like custard apples, guavas, oranges and lemons contain vitamin C. Papaya is a natural source of Vitamin C as well as carotene, which provides Vitamin A to the body. Also fruits like bananas, prunes are rich in potassium content that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Apple, orange, pomegranate and lemon helps heart to function normally. Nutrient present in mangoes, dates and apples help to sharpen memory and aid in curing insomnia, hysteria, exhaustion and also prevent mental tension. Therefore fruits eaten raw and fresh can provide all essential nutrients as well as other mentioned benefits.

Generally fruits provide benefits only when they are eaten in raw and ripe from. Cooking or heating of fruits can leads to the loss of nutrients and vitamins, as most of them are water-soluble. Therefore cooking of fruits is not recommended. Ideally one type of fruit should be taken at a time. Most of the people choose to eat fruits with milk in breakfast. It is not advisable to consume fruits in combination with vegetables and if it is not avoidable include more portions of fruits.

All kinds of berries are source of iron, sodium and phosphorous that is essential for strengthening nerves and blood building.  Lemons are effective for curing lover problems, rheumatism and indigestion. Watermelons are very helpful in cleansing kidney. Pomegranates and pineapples are beneficial in soothing nose inflammation, throat problems, chronic ailments and hay fever. Treating common cold problems grapefruit is an effective option. Dry fruits like walnut and fresh fruits like bananas, figs, apples and grapes are helpful remedy brain weakness and other brain deficiencies.

If you normally do not eat lot of fruits and if you are finding it quite difficult to add few more portions into your daily diet, These are few ideas to make a start:

  1. Start your day with freshly squeezed grapefruit  or orange juice
  2. Add sliced strawberries, kiwi and banana to your breakfast meal
  3. Have a fruit smoothie made with yoghurt, banana and other fruit
  4. Add cucumber, rocket, lettuce and sliced tomato to sandwiches
  5. Add green pepper, diced red and orange to tuna mayonnaise
  6. Pick dried fruit snacks instead of using chocolate or crisps
  7. Add sliced fruit to desserts
  8. Have healthy dips along with vegetable crudités thereby replacing unhealthy snacks
  9. Make homemade vegetable soups in lunch or dinner
  10. Always have a salad of tomato, onion, lettuce and cucumber with your meal
  11. Try exotic and different salads just for a variation
  12. Have a fruit-salad for dessert

In this way, eating generous amount of fruits regularly can provide healthy and energetic life for whole period of life.