Goji Berries: The Ancient Super-Fruits With Innumerable Benefits


If you believe some legends, the Himalayan monks used to eat a kind of berry for their ever-lasting health and fitness, thousands of years ago, and they were the ones who stepped into boiling water for the meditational purposes to gain wisdom, strength and stamina.

These berries were none other than the red Goji berries that are into the human cultures since thousands of years, and if you call them one of the ancient fruits for humans, it won’t be an exaggeration at all.

Goji berries are the small, red, succulent fruits that are low in calories, free of unhealthy fat, high in antioxidants and extremely potent with imperative dietary fibers. These are also one of the most desired fruits in the Chinese culture that has kept the natives fit since past innumerable years.

Here we would discuss some of the most exceptional properties that are related to goji berries, their existence and how have they made it since thousands of year back, to the present, 21st century among the human cultures. This would include the following topics:

1. Brief history about Goji berries:

2. Nutritional value of goji berries

3. Forms of Goji berries

4. Benefits from the goji berries

5. Possible side effects, if any

Goji Berries And Their History:

As already mentioned, Goji Berries are one of the ancient fruits that were discovered in the Himalayan regions. Along with the Himalayan natives, the Chinese were also the ones that made extensive use of the berries, almost 2000 years back, in their medicines, and used to call them ‘Wolf Berries’.

The benefits of the fruits were even mentioned in “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing,” the most ancient Chinese medicinal book that offered knowledge about the mystical medicinal abilities of Emperor Shen Nong of the country.

Nutritional Benefits Of The Fruits:

Goji Berries are one of the excellent sources of natural proteins and also supply the imperative natural sugars, dietary fibers and hoards of vitamins and minerals. Some of the essential health nutrients that are present in the goji berries are Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and selenium etc.


Along with this, the fruit also contains about 18 varieties of amino acids and essential phytochemicals such as beta carotenes, lycopene, lutein, polysaccharides and zeaxanthin etc.

Commercial Forms Of Goji Berries:

Since a very long time, Goji Berries have been in the human cultures as a medicinal fruit and were also used in innumerable lip-smacking delicacies. Due to an immense revolution in technology, there came various commercial forms of the fruit which were almost equally healthy to the humans.

Among these, a major portion of the market has been captured by organic Goji Berry Juice that is extracted out of rich, succulent fruits in an organic manner. The fruit juice inherits the nutrients from the parent fruit, but more in a concentrated form which is easily digestible.

Additionally, the frozen form of the organic goji berries, the dried goji berries, goji berry powders and goji capsules are also available in the market to provide the benefits of the fruits to those, who could not derive them out due to unavailability of the natural fruits.

Benefits Of Goji Berries And Their Supplements:

Goji Berries, when taken in any of the forms, are the potent sources to replenish a vigorous and healthy human body. Some of the most effective benefits among these include:

Immunity Providers: If you are always on the verge of attack of some small or big body ailments, it could be highly due to your inefficient body immunity. You could recharge your body with the consumption of goji berries or by drinking goji berry juice, which provides an effective amount of Vitamin C to secure the body immunity, thereby providing resistance against diseases and disorders.

Skin Troubles: The effective content of Beta-carotene in the goji berries helps to promote the skin health. It also acts as a guard to protect the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and thus prevents symptoms such as skin cancers.

Eye-Health Troubles: Forget the aged ones, even the children of today’s generations have got into the clutches of various eye troubles such as hypermetropia etc. The adults too, do always live dangerously with diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataract and Macular Degeneration which slowly degrade their viewing ability. The antioxidants in Goji berries, especially zeaxanthin, help to control the eye troubles that arise due to oxidative stresses, free radical damage and UV damage to the human eyes.

Liver Detoxification: Goji Berries and their supplements are said to rejuvenate the health of human liver that suffers due to attack of toxins. The fruit has the natural ability to detoxify the imperative organ and help in its efficient functioning. Additionally, these berries are also helpful in preventing kidney stones by detoxifying kidneys off their wastes.

Body Energy And Mood Swings: Goji Berries promote a general well-being by supplying a considerable amount of body-energy and thus suppressing mood-swings, which are one of the major causes of fatigue, depression and anxiety etc.

Cons Associated With The Goji Berries:

The organic goji berries are healthy fruits, almost entirely devoid of any disadvantages. However, the fruits contain a bit of natural sugars which could prove problematic for the ones that have sugar imbalance in the body. Along with the natural fruits, even the frozen ones or the natural juices could also trigger the blood sugar level.

Additionally, people who take medications relating to blood thinning could experience troubles if they consume too many Goji Berries or drink a lot of its juice. Therefore, while you contain any body troubles, please consult your physician before taking any of the natural substances.

Disclaimer:  All the information that is provided is obtained through web research and is based on general results. You are requested to make investigations yourself and before using any of the products, please consult an expert doctor to avoid any kinds of health troubles.