Adding Probiotics To The Natural Fruit Juices


When you hear the word ‘bacteria’, the very first impression that you get is some sort of disorder which is caused by them. True! Bacteria could cause innumerable syndromes in the body viz. weakened immune system, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and hoards of others, some, which could even lead to death of the human beings.

However, some bacterial inclusion could be highly use for the human body. Bacteria live in almost all body parts of the humans, from scalp to toe-tip and some of these are responsible for some imperative functions too.

Human beings consume bacteria with various Probiotics food products such as Yogurt and buttermilk etc. The useful bacteria in these such as Lactobacillus etc. are highly helpful for the human digestive tract and other systems.

The Concept Of Probiotics:

The good bacteria that are helpful to the gut, digestive tract and immune system of the humans are known as Probiotics. A healthy human bowel consists of about 100 trillion microorganisms out of which, there could be about 50 distinct varieties of bacteria. These bacteria are actually very useful of the body in terms of promoting the digestion and boosting the immune system. Besides this, these bacteria are cooperative even in preventing the entry of pathogens into the blood, thereby preventing the trigger of mental illnesses.

Why Are Probiotics Recommended?

Recently, the use of over-the-counter medicines has experienced a massive boom and even the antibiotics have experienced much of their usage in the everyday lif of the people. However, these antibiotics have contributed much to the depletion of helpful bacteria in the digestive tract of humans.

Due to the effects of chemicals in the medications, even the useful bacteria of the body get flushed out and this is dreadful for the body-immunity.

Natural Fruit Juices And Probiotics:

Basically, the human beings derive the benefits of Probiotics with the usage of dairy products such as yogurt etc. These dairy products have some very imperative bacteria that prove to be immensely helpful for the human digestive tract.

However, the recent research from the food-scientists has confirmed that Probiotics could also be added to the natural fruit juices, so that you could obtain double the benefits.

You might be highly acquainted with the taste of those fizzy drinks that are so-called body refreshers. Some people might even go for the natural and healthy fruit drinks that offer innumerable body benefits. Leaving aside those carbonated-sodas, while you love to have the organic fruit juices, you could now make use of the Probiotics fruit drinks as well.

According to a recent study published in Journal of Food Science, researchers confirmed of some useful species of bacteria that even retain their existence while added to natural fruit juices. Some organic juices such as Apple Juice, Tart Cherry Juice and Blueberry Juice etc. are highly helpful and are potent sources that could be turned to Probiotics juices.

About four species of Bifidobacteria bacteria and a single one of Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria were tested on the juices and it was found that these bacteria were even capable of surviving even in the most citric conditions. It was also found that these bacteria could survive for a long period of time, without causing any harmful effect to the original fruit juice.

Why Probiotics In Natural Juices?

Addition of Probiotics in natural fruit juices could be helpful for those who have lactose intolerance. Due to this, they are forced not to use any kind of dairy product be it milk or yogurt and subsequently, their body may face a shortage of useful bacteria.

An addition of these Probiotics to the natural juices could be helpful for replenishing the needs of useful bacteria in the body. As the natural fruit juices already contain various vitamins, minerals and other useful components, Probiotics would increase their benefits many times than the original ones.

Future to the Probiotics Juices:

As the need of antibiotics tends to increase every single day, Probiotics juices could highly helpful for the ones that have depleted level of useful bacteria. The juices, while on one hand tend to be natural providers of phytonutrients etc, on the other, the presence of useful bacteria would further enhance their capability to provide benefits.