Organic Pomegranate Juice: The Modern Elixir To The Human Body

Pomegranate Fruits

There are very less fruits whose entire beneficial properties could be derived from their natural juices and pomegranates are one of the top among them. These bloody-red fruits consist almost entirely of seeds which contain the cool, red elixir. This cool potion is better termed as organic pomegranate juice that has considerably helped some of the most disordered bodies of people to help regain their health.

Let us discuss some of the most invigorating properties of this one of the healthiest superfruit in the world. Here we would throw some light on the fruit which would be under the following heads.

Pomegranate fruit and its juice

Nutritional value of pomegranate

Remedial properties of pomegranates

Other uses of the fruits

Side effect of pomegranate, if any

Pomegranate Fruits and Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate fruits are obtained from their deciduous trees that are found almost all over the world, but occurring in definite portions of the year. These are said to have originated from Iran and have travelled all over the world from the same.

However, pomegranates have even found a place in Top 10 Bible foods, the ones that are equally helpful for the mind and the body.

The fruits consist almost entirely of seeds that secrete the red juice. This is known as pomegranate juice that is extracted to derive many benefits for the human body. The effects of this natural liquid are such that many commercial organizations have came up with commercial forms of the natural juice.

These are the healthy derivatives from the natural fruits in the form of liquids and concentrates, which offer similar benefits to the human body.

Nutritional Value Of Pomegranates:

Pomegranates are among some of the exceptional fruits that offer various kinds of beneficial nutrients to the humans. The nutrients that you could derive out of pomegranates are as tabulated below:

Table 1: Nutrition value of Pomegranates per 100 g

Nutrient Value
Percentage of RDA
Energy 83 Kcal 4%
Carbohydrates 18.70 g 14%
Protein 1.67 g 3%
Total Fat 1.17 g 6%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 4 g 11%
Folates 38 µg 9.5%
Niacin 0.293 mg 2%
Pantothenic acid 0.135 mg 3%
Pyridoxine 0.075 mg 6%
Riboflavin 0.053 mg 4%
Thiamin 0.067 mg 5.5%
Vitamin A 0 IU 0%
Vitamin C 10.2 mg 17%
Vitamin E 0.60 mg 4%
Vitamin K 16.4 µg 14%
Calcium 10 mg 1%
Copper 18% 0.158 mg
Iron 0.30 mg 4%
Magnesium 12 mg 3%
Manganese 0.119 mg 5%
Phosphorus 36 mg 5%
Selenium 0.5 µg 1%
Zinc 0.35 mg 3%
Sodium 3 mg 0%
Potassium 236 mg 5%

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

Besides these, organic pomegranate juice is an exemplary container or some essential antioxidants such as punicic acid and ellagic acid etc. which offer resistance to fight many disorders and ailments in the body.

Remedial properties of Pomegranates:

You could literally write a hefty book on the benefits of organic pomegranate fruit and its juice, still leaving some of which it provides to the human body. Among these, a few of the most vital benefits that it offers to the human body are as follows:

Digestive Aid: Besides the fruit and its juice, even the leaves and the bark of pomegranate tree are highly helpful in offering relief in various kinds of digestive troubles such as diarrhea, cholera and dysentery. In addition, the juice could also offer assistance in secretion of various enzymes that help in digestion.

Cardiac Health: Pomegranate juice helps in lessening the inflammations in the blood vessels, thereby keeping the arteries agile and preventing various kinds of related heart troubles. It could also help in reducing the blockage of blood vessels, which is caused due to deposition of plaque of cholesterol. Besides, it could also lessen the effects of atherosclerosis, which is one of the major causes of heart diseases in the human body.

Diabetes Control: Interestingly, though the pomegranate juice is sweet enough, it does not contribute in blood sugar of the human body. It is due to the fact that the fruit juice is made up of soluble fructose which does not cause an increase in blood sugar. In contrast, the organic juice could be helpful in lowering the extra content of sugar in the blood.

Blood Pressure Control: Pomegranate juice is said to be a natural aspirin which prevents the coagulation of blood and formation of blood clots (which lead to blockage to the flow of it). It could also help in reduction of lesions and inflammations in the human body, thus keeping the blood pressure level of the body as stipulated.

Oral Care: Pomegranate juice contains various antiviral and antibacterial properties due to which, it hinders the plaque-buildup in the human teeth. This is important to prevent the tooth cavities which are causes to several kinds of oral troubles and immense pains.

Cancer Relief: Various researches have come up with several cancer-fighting properties of the pomegranate fruits. This is owing to the presence of antioxidants punicic and ellagic acid that offer antitumor and anti-cancerous properties to the human body.

Besides these, pomegranate juices are also helpful in fighting symptoms of arthritis, promoting the immunity of the body, promoting the level of blood to offer relief in anemia and helping in regeneration of cartilages in the human body.

Other Uses of Pomegranates:

Besides the remedial uses, pomegranates are even used in the culinary industries in various kinds of dishes. This is owing to the tangy-sweet taste that they possess, which offers altogether a different dimension to the taste of an object.

Various kinds of preserved foods such as jams, jellies, tarts and squashes too are graced by the presence of organic pomegranate juice.

Besides this, the juice and even the peel of the fruit have found its extensive use in the cosmetic industries. These are said to possess properties due to which they could enhance the beauty of the skin. The juice could even help in reduction of scars on the skin, thus preserving its overall texture.

 Various energy drinks, wines and other beverages too contain the organic pomegranate juice to add to their rich taste and consistency.

Side Effects of Pomegranates:

Though these are one of the exceptionally healthy fruits, pomegranates are prohibited to be consumed, or its juice to be drunk in some conditions in the human body. These are as follows:

1. While you contain some respiratory trouble in your body such as influenza or cough, the pomegranate fruits and its juice should not be taken due to their naturally cool nature. This could lead to further enhance in your existing body conditions.

2. If you are affected due to hypotension or low blood pressure and consume some medications due to it, pomegranates or its juice should be taken only upon the advice of a doctor. This is due to the fact that pomegranates themselves help in lowering the high blood pressure in humans and a combination of these could lead to considerable lessening of your blood pressure, which could be dangerous.

3. People who are allergic to some plants or fruits have a greater risk of developing allergies to this fruit. And this is even applicable for those who contain asthma. Therefore, if you possess a certain kind of allergy in your body, make sure to consult a doctor before you commence with the consumption of the juice.

4. Similar to some other fruits, Pomegranates have also been reported to interfere with some medications. These include pills for cholesterol regulation, antidepressant and medications for AIDS etc. Therefore, if you take these, you are advised to consult a doctor before taking organic pomegranate juice.

Keeping track of these, organic pomegranate juice could be effectively included in your daily diet for the miraculous benefits of the fruits that it is said to possess.

Disclaimer: The above information has been derived entirely with the help of internet researches and does not aim to cure, treat or defeat any ailment or disorder. If you contain or suspect to contain any disease or disorder in your body, kindly consult a doctor before you commence with the consumption of any of the organic juices.

When Not You Should Have The Organic Pomegranate Juice


The benefits of healthy pomegranate juice are one of the most open secrets that need no highlights. This combination of taste and healthy with the striking red shade is one of the most healthy liquids that could be obtained well in hand by the human beings.

Despite of all the good effects that the pomegranate juice has to provide to the human body, there are certain conditions in the humans which forbid the consumption of organic pomegranate juice. And this is applicable even when if it has been a part of your everyday diet since a considerable period.

Some of the conditions which prohibit the intake of organic pomegranate juice are:


Though the world is majorly affected with an increase in their blood pressure, there are a considerable number of people who suffer due to low blood pressure or hypotension too. Organic Pomegranate juice is said to decrease the level of high blood pressure in humans and if you consume it with an already low blood pressure, the conditions could be critical in the body.

Additionally, pomegranate juice should also be prevented while you consume pills relating to hypotension in your body. Use of these two elements together should always with the prior consultation of your doctor.

Metabolic Troubles:

Efficient body-metabolism is owing to the functioning of enzymes and hormones. While you have any of the metabolic troubles, juices from fruits such as pomegranate and grapefruit could further deteriorate the condition as they are said to hinder the functioning of enzymes that metabolizes medications such as statins taken for cholesterol.

Therefore, do not forget to consult your doctor, if you consume any such regular medication and wish to commence the consumption of pomegranate juice simultaneously.


Researches report that people, who have any kind of allergy with the plants, could be highly susceptible to developing pomegranate allergies. Moreover, the asthma patients should always drink pomegranate juice with the prior advice of a health expert.

The pomegranate allergies could lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sore throat, itchy eyes and swelling etc. symptoms.


Though the people with diabetes could be allowed to take pomegranate juice, you could never deny the fact that the juice has a considerable content of natural sugar which adds to the already existing content in the blood.

This is why, those who wish to keep away from extra sugars and calories, should nullify the consumption of organic pomegranate juice for better results in their body.

Digestive Disorders:

An excessive of consumption of either the Pomegranate fruit or its juice could lead to disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract causing symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Though, these symptoms subside after some time, while your digestive tract is already disturbed, forbid taking pomegranate juice.

In addition to this, health experts always inform that natural juices including organic pomegranate juice is not a replacement to your healthy, balanced diet but a supplement to this. Therefore, always take only the stipulated amount of juices and with the prior advice of a health specialist.