Heart Health May be Improved by Fortified Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice Concentrate

Consuming cranberries on a daily basis may reduce the markers of the cardiovascular disease revealed a new Brazilian study which builds the heart’s health benefits of berries.

It was seen that consuming 0.7 liters of cranberry juice every day for 60 days when fortified with the folic acid significantly increased adiponectin. Adiponectin is a hormone which is released from the fat cells which plays a very important role in regulating insulin sensitivity and also energy. It is also found to lower homocysteine which is an amino acid that has been linked to increasing the risk of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease).

British Journal of Nutrition published these results which showed that individuals who have metabolic syndrome experienced lowering of oxidative stress which included protein oxidation levels and lipoperoxidation. All of this was seen after regular consumption of cranberry juice and the results were compared with that of a control group.

Researchers at the UNIFIL (Philadelphia University Center) and also at University of Londrina wrote that the consumption of the juice of cranberries for 60 days had the capability to lower cardiovascular risk factors.

The present data helped in reinforcing importance of inverse association between adiponectin and homocysteine. It also emphasized the need for specifically designed researches on MetS patients.

Cranberries and UTIs

There is a well established link between the urinary tract health and cranberries and this has been linked to the proanthocyanidin content in the berries. France approved the health claim of North American cranberry in 2004 and was the first country to do so.

Our understanding of these wonderful berries has been extended with a new study which had indicated their role in improving heart health.

Mayo Clinic carried out a research and published its findings in 2012 in European Journal of Nutrition. This indicated that the cranberry juice may help in lowering the quantity of endothelial cells in the body which produces a compound known as osteocalcin which has been known to harden the arteries.

US National Institutes of Health and Ocean Spray funded this study.

Dr. Christina Khoo of Ocean Spray explained that the health benefits offered by the cranberry include improvement in LDL oxidation, dyslipidemia, vascular health and also anti – inflammatory activity.

Details of the study

56 people suffering from metabolic syndrome were recruited by Brazilian researchers for the clinical trial. Random participants were assigned either to receive cranberry juice which is enriched with folic acid or control juice. This was carried out for a period of 60 days.

The cranberry juice was seen to improve the homocystein and adiponectin levels. It was also found to lower the level of oxidative stress in the body. It was, however, not associated with the improvement in the inflammation markers including IL – 1, IL – 6 and TNF – alpha.

Hypertension, central obesity, disturbed insulin and glucose metabolism are the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. It has been linked to increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type – 2 diabetes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that approximately 75 million Americans may suffer from the metabolic syndrome.

Why Not Have A Healthy And Organic Christmas With Organic Drinks This Year?

Organic Drinks

Every Christmas we eat, we drink and we are merry never once realizing the things that our body goes through. So this year along with being merry let us ensure that our body isn’t damage by the excessive eating and drinking. This Christmas through Natural Juices Blog I am trying to convey a good message to all those who will hopefully carry on reading this meaningful information which will surly change the way you live your life.

I myself am a foodie and every Christmas my body shows signs of resentment while I stuff myself. This year I came across something called organic drinks. These drinks cleanse our body after all the abuse that we put it through. There are several different varieties of these drinks available to us like acai juice, goji berry juice, noni juice, mangosteen juice and several more. Each one of these organic drinks come with their own cleansing properties but one thing that all of these have in common is that they all help to improve our overall health. So why not add this to the shopping list this season.

A lot of people tend to put on a lot of weight this time of the year and struggle to lose it for a long time. The other category of people are so scared of putting on weight that they resort to purging or binging. Both of these categories of people stand to benefit from these amazingly healthy drinks.

It is beneficial to the body if you go organic completely and not just add a little to your diet. Since organic means cutting out the artificial pesticides completely from farming you will stand to gain a healthier diet automatically.

Natural Juices Organic Drinks

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When you buy something organic whether it is turkey, moisturizer or the above mentioned organic drinks you are one step ahead of achieving a very healthy lifestyle. Besides you will be doing a great service for the world as a whole by reducing your individual carbon foot print. By going organic you will be working with nature and definitely not going against it.

A lot of times we tend to hear the saying that “you are what you eat”. In case of organic food this really is the case. Research has time and again shown that eating organic food and drinking organic drinks improves our level of concentration significantly. The organic drinks especially are helpful to the body considering that they contain a large quantity of antioxidants which do nothing but good to the body.

Let us make healthy meals this year without the added fertilizers or the harmful toxic chemicals that will get into our body if we do not go the organic way. Let us make our lives and also the lives of our loved ones healthier. What can be a better gift than the gift of good health for every single person that we love so much?

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