The Loss Of Effective Nutrients In Children And Their Effects

The advent of 21st century saw some major changes in the technology and systems. The world has advanced way forward in Globalization while the standards of living have been uplifted to a considerable amount. Each and every thing seems to be as easy as it were a glass of water to be drunk.

But the biggest disadvantage of this transformation is the effect on the health of human beings that has deteriorated significantly. Owing to the chaotic lifestyle of the people of today, they are not able to ingest proper nourishment themselves and in turn are not able to provide the same to their children. The earlier centuries saw people with an average age of more than 100 odd years but it is deeply regretful that even the children of this century are not so well, forget the older ones.

The growing technology offered foods that are more on the fattier side while they lack the essential nutrients that are required by the body. To add more, various inventions such as cell phones etc. prove to be slow poisons degrading the body of the younger ones slowly but steadily.

It is the prime need of the hour that science could discover something that regenerates the interest of the children towards food and if possible would provide them all the essential nutrients that go missing from their body. The diseases that were once prominent in the adults have now chosen to degrade the younger generation. This is highly catastrophic from the point of view of a society as when the future of it is at stake, how we could appraise the development and modernization of the people.

Some of the prominent problems in the children today are:

Low Eye-Vision: This is one of the major problems of the children all across the globe. The National Committee on Vision & Health stated that around 25 percent of the children around are world are suffering from various kinds of eye problems. The percentage is all the more alarming in the affluent countries. The big spectacles on the nose of children and various treatments tell the entire truth to the story.

Obesity: Once a common problem in the adults, this disorder has influenced the children all over the world. Reports yield that obesity in children has doubled its number in the last 30 years. In 2012, the percentage of obese children was as high as 18% in the United States. Improper eating habits and less amount of activity is the prime cause of accumulation of calories in the body that cause obesity.

Diabetes: It may sound shocking but it is absolutely true. Diabetes Mellitus is an increasing disease in the children. Interestingly, it is said that the sugars consumed are not guilty of offering this disease but the intake of unhealthy diet that is rich in fat is the main culprit. Diabetes highly affects the functioning of the body and the risk of failure of kidneys is very high.

These are the most well-known diseases that are increasing at an alarming rate. If proper care is not offered to the upcoming generations, the diseases may eat away the health of future generations.

When You Add Pounds To Your Body Without Notice


What a fabulous system was once this body of yours, when you too could flaunt it for its edge and fitness. Then there was a major transformation and you started adding pounds after pounds till one day you looked at yourself in the glass and found your tummy out. It was bulging enough so as to prevent you looking at your feet or tying your shoe laces. What was your reaction then? Were you Frantic? This is the major reaction of most of the people around the world when they could not get themselves fit into their old clothes.

The problem of obesity is a worldwide phenomena and an open dilemma. A fact yields that one out of three people in the affluent countries are overweight. Apart from this, in 2011 a survey made an outcome that 40 million children around the world have turned obese even before the age of 5. It sounds terrible enough that next generation is heading towards a darker world where the concept for human weight is concerned.

Causes of Obesity:

One of the major causes of obesity is the disproportion between the calories ingested in the body and the ones that are burned on account of work. If the intake of calorie-rich food exceeds, it is bound to cause chubbiness very soon. Other minor reasons may constitute the intake of high fatty foods and less of physical activity which cause to burn the taken calories.

Rapid urbanization and our hectic schedules could be the indirect causes of an enormous increase in the human weight. Lack of adequate sleep and sickness etc. could also render some impact to enhance the body-weight.

Risks associated with obesity:

When there is an imbalance in the body mass, there ought to occur innumerable disorders in the body. Some of the major ones that a human being could be prone to are:

Diabetes: It is one of the major killers for the obese people around the world as about 44% of the over-weighted people die due to an increase in sugar level of the blood. Diabetes could also lead to various heart and kidney diseases.

High-Blood Pressure: When the overall volume of the body increases, the heart is required to generate more force so that it could supply blood to all the parts. On account of this, the pressure from the heart increases and the overall blood pressure rises. High blood pressure could severely damage the kidneys and may mar the supply of blood to the entire systems if fat hinders its way.

Heart Diseases: Various kinds of heart diseases such as chest pain, high cholesterol, heart failure and heart attacks could result due to deposition of fat near the cardiac system.

Cancers: Chubbiness could lead to various kinds of cancers in the body owing to the abnormal growth of the organs that are prone to this disease.

Apart from this, obesity is a culprit for other diseases such as Osteoarthritis, Liver Diseases, Strokes and pregnancy problems etc.  If you too have a body that you could consider obese, better find a way soon before it’s too late.