Vitiligo In Humans And Curing It With Natural Remedies


Popularly known as Leucoderma, Vitiligo is rather a disease which affects about 1.5 percent population of the world. This is characterized by uneven white colored patches on the body. The patches result due to gradual loss Melanocytes on the skin of the humans, the cells responsible for the formation of melanin which renders color to the skin.

Vitiligo would rarely cause any harm to the body or any painful condition, unless it has prevailed in a large area and the area is exposed to intolerant sunlight. But Vitiligo is a huge embarrassment for people. It could occur at any stage of life, in any gender and on any part of the body.

More than being a medical problem of the body, Vitiligo tends to become a social stigma and generally people dread to go near an affected person.

Symptoms of Vitiligo:

As already mentioned, Vitiligo symptoms commence with small white patches on the human body, which enlarge in due course of life. These spots may connect themselves with other nearby ones and appear to be a single large patch on the body.

They may also attain a darker shade of color in due course of human life and once they find a place on the body of humans, they are removed with utter difficulty.

Causes of Vitiligo:

You might have come across innumerable myths and tales about Vitiligo being caused by eating fish and drinking milk together or taking a combination of ‘pumpkin and milk’ or ‘onion with the milk.’

However, if you believe a dermatologist, none of these conditions trigger the symptoms of Vitiligo in the human body. Contrastingly, some of the causes of Vitiligo include:

Autoimmune Disorders: Researchers have strongly concluded the symptoms of Vitiligo due to presence of autoimmune disorders in the body. These people produce antibodies which destroy the Melanocytes of the skin and render it white-colored patches. Thyroid malfunctioning is one of the autoimmune disorders that could lead to Vitiligo.

Hereditary Factors: According to researchers, the offspring of parents that contain Vitiligo symptoms could also have the symptoms within their body and there are 30 percent chances that the kids from such parents would get affected.

Toxic Radicals And Nervous Secretions: Studies suggest that toxic radicals from the environment could also lead to destruction in Melanocytes and thus cause Vitiligo. However, even the nerve fluids produce toxic chemicals, which if not disposed of properly, could lead to melanin malfunctions and formation of white patches on the outer body.

Nutrient Deficiencies: Some people may even develop Vitiligo symptoms due to deficiency of certain nutrient elements in their body. Some food products such as white flour, white sugar or tinned food products could lead to depletion of certain nutrients in the human body which causes Vitiligo.

How To Reduce Symptoms Of Vitiligo Naturally:

No matter how resistant the symptoms of Vitiligo be, along with a referral and medications from dermatologists, you could use some natural medications for supreme effects on Vitiligo in your body. Some of the most effective remedies in this case are:

Neem: Scientifically known by the name Azadirachta indica, neem is a bitter but immensely helpful remedy for innumerable body troubles. While taken in, it acts to reduce the toxicants and helps in detoxifying the body. However, neem juice is also helpful in re-pigmentation of white patches that are formed during Vitiligo. You could also apply neem paste on the patches for supreme curative effects.

Carrots: Carrots also have curative effects on Vitiligo symptoms. All you need to do is drink carrot juice every day without fail and view the effects of this on the body-patches.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the base of medicines that are prepared for the Vitiligo symptoms. However, the lone use of this natural oil is also helpful significantly in reducing spots on the body. A simple application of this remedy could help in reduction of body spots and thereby, in the cure of Vitiligo symptoms.

Apart from these, some other products such as Babchi, turmeric, basil juice and lime juice etc. are also effective in curing Vitiligo. However, before using any of these, consult your dermatologist first, lest these end up interfering with the medications you take for the disease.