Rebuild Zinc In Your Body Using These Healthy Food Sources

Pomegranate Juice or Raspberry Juice

Vitamins and minerals occupy an indispensable part of the human diet, whose deficiency could lead to definite troubles in the human body. Almost all these necessary elements are derived from the food that the human beings consume for a healthy living.

Among these indispensable minerals, zinc is also a mineral that is required in traces but almost every day for a healthy body functioning.

Role Of Zinc In The Human Body:

Zinc, though considered a trace element, is said to take place in more than 100 cell reactions. Due to this, the enzymes of the human body are able to function properly. Zinc is also essential for the stabilization of proteins and their structures, which a human being consumes and retains in his or her body.

Zinc is also a great facilitator of human immune and nervous system. It helps to establish a communication between the nerves to offer a better brain functioning. It is imperative for the production of hormones in the cells and thereby, helps them communicate better with each other.

Recommended Daily Intake Of Zinc:

The recommended daily intake of zinc is as tabulated:

Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
0–6 months 2 mg 2 mg N/A* N/A
7–12 months 3 mg 3 mg N/A N/A
1–3 years 3 mg 3 mg N/A N/A
4–8 years 5 mg 5 mg N/A N/A
9–13 years 8 mg 8 mg N/A N/A
14–18 years 11 mg 9 mg 12 mg 13 mg
19+ years 11 mg 8 mg 11 mg 12 mg

*N/A = Not Applicable

About 90 percent of this mineral is found in the bones and muscles, while it has its application in all parts of the body.

Natural Sources of Zinc:

While you view the necessity of this mineral for the body, you could easily derive the stipulated amount of Zinc from some natural sources of food such as:

Natural Fruits: Some natural fruits such as Pomegranate, Raspberries and blackberries are highly rich in the mineral zinc. You could take these fruits as a whole or make use of organic Pomegranate Juice or Raspberry Juice for refilling your body with the mineral zinc. Apart from these, avocados, dates and bananas are also good natural sources of zinc.

Natural Veggies: The natural vegetables too contain a good amount of mineral zinc. Among the list that contains these, soybeans top the chart, which offer about 9 mg of zinc when you consume a cup of these in any form. Apart from these, green beans, lima beans, Brussels sprouts, corn, potatoes, pumpkins and asparagus too are highly rich in the mineral zinc.

Cereals And Seeds: Cereals are one of the prime providers of natural zinc and you could take the wholegrain cereals and multigrain cereals to replenish zinc in your body. These are capable of providing as much as 52 mg of Zinc per 100 g of their serving. But make sure to avoid cereals with phytates that bind themselves with zinc and prevent their absorption. Also, keep track of the cereals that have high content of sugar in them. Natural seeds such as pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds etc. are also loaded with zinc and a 100 gram intake of these could provide more than 10 mg zinc in your body.

Meats: Certain meat products may also replenish the depleted levels of zinc in the body. For example: a 100 gram portion of cooked lean beef may contain about 12.3 mg of zinc and similar amount of cooked pork provides 5 mg of zinc. Apart from these, turkey meat, lamb and chicken may also be consumed for having effective content of zinc. However, avoid fatty portions of the meat for better health results.

Dark Chocolates And Nuts: Chocolates are condemned due to their roles in contributing to tooth cavities and obesity. However, consumption of dark-chocolate could fulfill some of your zinc requirements in the body. A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate is adequate to provide 6.8 mg of zinc. Also, nuts such as cashew nuts and pine nuts are also filled with the zinc and could replenish the depleted portions in the body. Though, it is to be kept track of that while nuts could be consumed almost every day, chocolates and particularly the milk chocolates should not be taken in routine.

All these natural products are potent suppliers of zinc in the body and could immensely help in protecting and prohibiting the symptoms of various kinds of diseases that arise due to deficiency of zinc.