Maqui Berries: The Latest Inclusions In Wondrous Superfoods

maqui Berry

To name a few berries, you could well make up a long list including fruits such as your favorite strawberries, blueberries, cherries, elderberries and acai berries etc. All these berries are used naturally as well as in the commercial forms such as juices, pills and powder etc.

Among all these berries, the latest inclusion is another superfood which is known by the name Maqui Berries. Though these berries existed since a very long time in the human cultures, the medicinal qualities of Maqui berries have been identified lately.

And when researchers performed experiments, they came with some astounding outcomes. Maqui berries have an antioxidant content which is powerful that most of the other berries you already have. As per the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) score, Maqui berries have an antioxidant value of 27,600 per 100 mg, as compared to 16,700 per 100 mg of the acai berries.

Due to this powerful content of antioxidants, Maqui berries have earned special acclamations in the remedial industry and are now used all round the globe for their beneficial effects.

These berries are mostly grown in parts of Chile, Argentina and Patagonia, but have travelled far and wide in the form of their commercial incarnations. The most popular use of Maqui Berries apart from consuming them whole is the preparation of Maqui Berries Juice. This natural fruit extract is derived from succulent berries that have a good content of water in them.

Nutritional Value of Maqui Berries:

As already stated, Maqui berries are one in the list of fruits that are supremely enriched with antioxidants. These antioxidants are said to play a huge role in the betterment of body and fight against critical free radicals.

Apart from these, Maqui Berries may also be attributed to contain phytochemicals, polyphenols, Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium and Calcium.

Health Benefits Of Maqui Fruits And Maqui Juice:

Maqui fruits, whether used as whole or in the form of its juice (which could be blended with other natural juices), would always have the similar content of healthy elements and provide the similar benefits. Some of the most common benefits of Maqui fruits are:

Antioxidant Effects: Needless to mention, the effective amount of antioxidant in the Maqui fruits is in charge against the free radicals, which always hover to pose damages in the body. They could also form tumors which might result into cancers. The antioxidant anthocyanin, which imparts a dark purple color to the berries, is helpful to prevent a variety of degenerative diseases that accompany inflammations.

Diabetes Control: Maqui Berries also have significant effects on the human diabetes. This is because the consumption of Maqui berries causes an increase in the secretion of enzyme insulin, which is responsible for suppression of extra blood sugar in the human body. Due to this property, it could also prevent formation of fatty cells, thereby decreasing the extra weight of the human body.

Body Stamina Enhance: If you run out of energy too soon or suffer due to lethargy, Maqui berries are the ones that could be an extreme help. These berries assist in enhancing the body metabolism due to which the body energy is produced continuously, decreasing effects such as lethargy and fatigue.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Maqui Berries also impart many antibacterial, antifungal and anti-microbial properties due to which they prevent inflammations in the body that are caused due to these.

Maqui Berries have evolved with gigantic strides to become a beneficial fruit that is increasingly becoming popular across the globe. You could also include these new but highly beneficial fruits in any form in your diet to have all the benefits that they promise to offer.

Maqui Berry Juice- The Few Drops For Supreme Fitness

Maqui Berries are the tiny, black colored berries that are natives of rainforest of Chile and Argentina. Contrary to their size, Maqui berries are a storehouse to a wide variety of essential nutrients. These berries existed in India since past many a centuries and were a prominent harvest of the Mapuche Indians.

Nutrient content of Maqui Berries:

The Maqui berries are said to contain many kinds of macro and micro nutrients that are essentially required by the human body. A good source of nutrients such as Proteins, Carbohydrates, Roughage and Dietary fibers, it also contains Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, E and K. Various trace minerals required by the body such as Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium, Calcium and manganese are also found in a substantial content.

To offer these berries a significant life and provide it to the people all across the world, Maqui has been converted to its juice. This juice takes all the nutrient which the parent fruits contained and offers to be a ravishing liquid.

Health Benefits of Maqui Berry Juice:

Owing to the presence of all the aforementioned minerals and health boosters, it renders the following benefits to the humans:

Healthy Immune System: The most essential benefit of Maqui juice is that it takes the immune system in the human body to a next level. The wide range of antioxidants that it contains has the capability to restore the cells which get damaged due to the effect of toxins. It also scavenges the harmful free radicals of the body.

Increased Metabolism: This juice is a great enhancer of the metabolism of the body. Those of you who struggle with the problem of food not getting digested in the body could certainly take this juice to utmost effects.

Diabetes Control: Various minerals in the juice control the insulin level of the body which regulates the level of glucose in the blood.

Anti-inflammatory Product: The ample amount of anthocyanins in the juice keeps the inflammations away from the body. These inflammations could be the causes to many kinds of heart diseases and cancers in the body.

Antibacterial Properties: The Maqui Juice has the properties that make it antibacterial and these could inhibit the action of germs and bacteria in the body.

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases: The rich content of antioxidants in this juice could prevent the build-up heart diseases in the humans. The good cholesterol level of the blood is set up to a stipulated level while the bad cholesterol is removed from the body. Due to this, chances of heart attacks are also reduced to a negligible number.

Helps Losing Weight: This is a problem with the people almost all over the world. Maqui Juice could assist in shredding the extra inches of your body and you get a figure that could be flaunted before others.

In consideration of all these benefits, Maqui fruit could be considered as a Super-fruit and its Juice as a super liquid. To do away all the body problems, add this healthy liquid to your daily intake.