Mangosteen Juice- Sheer Health In Disguise Of A Liquid

Mangosteen Juice

Good things come in small packages and similar is the case with Mangosteen fruit. You could look down at the fruit owing to its small size but the truth is that mangosteen fruits are a warehouse of various vital nutrients required by a human body. This red colored fruit has a whitish pulp, which is an utter relish to the human taste-buds. Due to this, apart from being eaten raw, this fruit is a permanent ingredient of many lip-smacking recipes in the world.

The most prominent application of this fruit is the extraction of its juice, which could be stored for a considerable amount of time. Another benefit of this juice is that where it is difficult to transport the mangosteen fruits across the globe, this juice could be easily delivered at your doorstep at orders. What more would you want from a fruit that offers you all the nutrients apart from a delight to the taste palette?

Nutrition Value of Mangosteen Juice:

A vault full of minerals is said to be stored in this juice which could be unlocked only upon its consumption. The juice accompanies health-boosters such as Proteins, Carbohydrates, fiber, water and energy. It stores in it various antioxidants too which include Vitamin A, B6, B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, folic acid, carotene and pantothenic acid.  You could also replenish the loss of certain minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc and Copper etc from it. Again, all these are contained in a tiny mangosteen fruit which pass to the liquid upon its extraction.

Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice:

A huge storehouse of vital body-requirements, there are innumerable functions served by the healthy mangosteen juice. Some of these are as follows:

Cancer-Inhibiting Effect: The effective content of Xanthones in this juice is a huge foe to the cancer causing elements in the body. It is also used in preparation of many drugs that are used for the treatment of cancers.

Dermal Health: Various antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties of the mangosteen juice are the causes of prevention to many kinds of skin disorders. Skin inflammations, skin aging, allergies, eczema and bacterial infections stay out of the body while you induce it in your daily intake.

Quick Heal of wounds: Mangosteen Juice is the effective healer of the inside and outside wounds of the body. Its antibacterial properties are the main reasons to it. Apart from the consumption, you could use it to apply on the wounds for a faster healing effect.

Diabetes Control: The rich antioxidant content of the mangosteen juice is an effective regulator of the insulin enzyme and thereby it keeps the sugar level of the blood constant. Thus there are negligible chances of the occurrence of disorder diabetes.

Weight Loss: Mangosteen Juice assists in reducing the body fat of the humans, thereby shredding those extra inches from the body.

Apart from these, it is a single remedy to many other kinds of disorders that attack a human body. When nature is providing you ways to do them out, why not adopt these for a healthy overall living.

Moringa Juice- The Miraculous Liquid For A Supreme Wellbeing

It is absolutely correct when they describe the Moringa tree as ‘The Miracle Tree’; for this tree has the capability to deliver an ocean of healthy nutrients. The tree is also known as drumstick tree and is native to India. Though modern science has recently discovered its medicinal qualities, it is an ancient valuable medicine, widely used to prepare mouth watering delicacies.

Do not let your eyes go wide  if it is said that Moringa tree contains 7 times the Vitamin C content of oranges, 4 times the vitamin A content of Carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium content of Bananas and twice as much protein as the yogurt contains. Its therapeutic, antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties make it a sheer genius as far as the food items are concerned.

With the advent of supreme technologies and scientific methods, Moringa shoots could now be converted into its juice and offer it a significantly high shelf life. The juice from Moringa possesses the same phenomenal properties and nutrients that its forefather contained. With this, it is bound to yield innumerable major health benefits, some of which are as under:

Antioxidant Properties:

Moringa is a rich blend of various kinds of antioxidants that perform countless functions in the body. These antioxidants also restrain the free radicals that cause a number of diseases in the body.

Edema treatment:

Edema is the condition in the body characterized by inflammations and swellings in the muscles. Various researches show that the antioxidants of Moringa could treat edema keep you out of the pains in the body.

Stomach Disorders:

Various digestive disorders such as constipation, ulcers and gastric ailments are cured by it, owing to the presence of an effective amount of isothiocyanate. It also prohibits the bacterial and the fungal attack in stomach.

Liver protection:

Moringa helps to restore the glutathione level of the body and thereby protects the liver from possible damages such as tuberculosis and liver damage. The high content of Vitamin C is also helpful to keep the liver intact.

Skin Health:

Moringa Juice has the properties to keep the skin supple and healthy. It retards the effect of harmful pollutants and prevents marks, wrinkles and darkening of the skin.

Diabetes Prevention:

Moringa Juice is said to regulate the sugar in the blood and thereby controls the diabetes in humans. A regular intake of this juice promotes the level of hemoglobin in blood while it also regulates the protein content of body.

Antibacterial Properties:

This Juice is a rich source of various antibacterial properties and inhibits the attack of bacteria and fungus in the body.

Bone Health:

Moringa Juice with its rich content of Calcium and Phosphorus is a supreme remedy for the bones. It could also cure from disorders such as arthritis etc.

On a final note, we could conclude that the name miracle tree is not an exaggeration, as Moringa Juice from it holds the key nutrients, you would only get when you combine a number of healthy items together.

Obtaining Vigorous Health Is Now All The More Easy

Healthy Blend juice

As in we are constantly searching for products that enhance the health of the human beings, we have derived a new product that is a concoction of various kinds of healthy liquids, blended in the most effective manner. This liquid is named as Healthy Blend Liquid Formula and is said to be the key to a good physical condition.

Components of the juice:

Healthy Blend Liquid Formula could be called as the pioneer of juices without exaggeration, due to the various types of healthy juices it contains. It is a mixture of the following fruit extracts:

Goji Berry Juice: This juice contains various essential antioxidants and is a rich source of four unique Polysaccharides and Phyto-nutrient compounds.

Mangosteen Juice: This is one of the affluent sources of the antioxidant Xanthone and contains as many as 43 distinct ones.

Noni Juice: This is one of the ancient fruits and its juice is used as a body cleanser. It also renders supreme immunity to the human body.

Acai Berry Juice: The Juice from acai is also a rich source of various antioxidants and is said to improve strength, stamina and immunity to the body.

Camu-Camu Juice: It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and makes the body resistant to the diseases.

Maqui Berry Juice: This juice is an aid to various kinds of kidney problems and contains many vital nutrients and minerals.

Aloe Vera Juice: This is an all-rounder liquid that keeps the overall functioning of the body robust. It is a good source to essential minerals.

Method to use the liquid:

Take about two tablespoon full of the liquid (about 30 ml) in the morning with water. It delivers best when taken at an empty stomach. You could also use it in the evening as well and increase the stipulated amount if required. Also, if you are under medical care, please consult an expert before taking it.

Benefits of Healthy Blend Liquid Formula:

When there is a combination of various kinds of healthy juices, it is bound to give the desired benefits and so does this juice. It offers the following benefits to the human body:

1. It is a good source to increase the energy level of the body. Various products it contains are said to offer instant energy to the body.

2. It advances the metabolism of the body and regulates the breakdown of molecules to supply energy to various parts of the body.

3. Those who are suffering from an increase in the blood-pressure of the body could benefit themselves utterly with this liquid. Various antioxidants it contains are said to wash away the bad cholesterol to offer a rigorous flow of blood.

4. This product could be a great assistance if you wish to shred those extra inches from your body.

5. It offers a healthy immune system and also keeps the blood-sugar level optimum.

Owing to all the above benefits and many more of such kinds, we could say that this liquid is highly beneficial for the human body and provides resistance to various kinds of ailments. Add this healthy juice to your regular diet and forget all the worries of missing vital nutrients.

Mangosteen: A Super Fruit Or Just Another Fruit?

Largely grown in countries lying in the tropical belt of the world like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and also Vietnam, Mangosteen is a fruit with an attractive purple coloured rind. This fruit grows to a size of a regular peach or even a small apple. Since the name of the fruit has ‘Mango’ in it, a lot of people believe that they are somehow related. On the contrary there is no similarity between these two very distinct fruits.

mangosteen juice

mangosteen juice

The Mangosteen is a peculiar looking fruit having a very hard outside (rind) with a soft, pulpy inside. The inside of this fruit bears a close resemblance to garlic but are sweet to taste and sometimes may even have a tart taste.

The Uses Of The Mangosteen

Although Mangosteen is considered to be an exotic fruit to rest of the world, in countries belonging to Southeast Asia it is just another fruit. In these areas, the rind as well as the entire fruit has been used by generations of people over several centuries to make very beneficial medicines. The rind used to be used to make a special kind of tea which was believed to have helped people deal with diabetes, gonorrhoea and bladder infections. Ointments for the treatment of skin rashes were also made using the rind.

Although the natives didn’t know or understand the reason why the Mangosteen is so powerful, modern science has come up with some answers. Studies have now shown us that the Mangosteen contains alpha mangostin, garcinogen E, garcinogen B and beta mangostin. All of these powerful compounds are collectively known as xanthones. Several studies time and again have proven that xanthones in general are anti – cancerous. Hence, it is believed that Mangosteen may contain some anti – cancerous properties as well. Apart from this it is also believed to be anti – fungal, anti – microbial, anti – inflammatory and anti – septic.

How Well Known Is Mangosteen?

Mangosteen had remained localised to the native Asian countries for a very long time. But in 2002 a company from Utah chanced upon this amazing fruit and introduced it to America. Once people began to realise how beneficial the Mangosteen is, there was no looking back for the Mangosteen juice. These days it happens to be one of the most in demand organic drinks.

Primarily Mangosteen is known as a super fruit. This is largely credited to the xanthones found in the fruit. But another compound called tannin, found largely in the rind, is also known to be a very important compound. Due to this compound being found in the fruit, the Mangosteen can be used for treating several different kinds of skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome and also diarrhoea.

Things To Look Out For

Xanthones are known to interfere with the clotting capability of the blood and so it might interfere with medication prescribed for thinning of the blood. Excessive consumption of these xanthones is also considered to bring about some ill effects on the body. All in all it is a great thing to add to your diet but in small quantities.

Health Benefits Of The Mangosteen Juice



The benefits provided by the Mangosteen juice are endless. They include, but are not limited to, prevention of cancer, diabetes, allergies and inflammation. The wonderful properties of the Mangosteen juice are innumerable; it includes antibacterial, antifungal and also antioxidant properties which help in protecting the entire body from all sorts of illnesses. It does so by boosting the immune system of the body. It is beneficial for maintaining the weight of the body, healthy skin and providing relief from dysentery and also diarrhoea.

The fruit is normally a deep purple or reddish in colour. The taste of the fruit has earned it the nickname “queen of fruits”. It grows majorly in the tropical areas of Asia. The natives of the countries in which these fruits are found are known to have used them for medicinal purposes from an extremely long time.

Nutrition Content Of The Mangosteen

Mangosteen is rich in water, protein, carbohydrate, fibre and energy. Essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, manganese, sodium, copper and zinc are also known to be found in this amazingly nutritious fruit. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and also vitamin C all of which are required by the body to maintain good health.

Other lesser known vitamins like the riboflavin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, folate, cryptoxanthin and carotene are also present in this fruit. Although found in small quantities, these vitamins are also required for the overall development of the body.

The Benefits Of The Mangosteen To Our Health

Anti – Cancerous Properties

The pericarp or the rind of the Mangosteen is known to be anti – cancerous. This property of the rind is largely due to the xanthones that have been found in very large quantities. These xanthones are known to slow down the growth of cancer in the body. The fruit alone cannot be used to treat cancer but can be used as a supplement to the conventional cancer medicines.

Healthy Skin

Mangosteen contains anti – oxidant, anti – fungal, anti – bacterial and anti – inflammatory properties which are known to help in getting rid of various skin conditions like aging of the skin, eczema, skin inflammation, skin allergies and also bacterial infections. Studies have suggested that the Mangosteen may also help in preventing skin cancer as well.

Menstrual Problems

The roots of the Mangosteen tree are known to help in regulating the menstrual cycle among women.

Protection Of Heart

The risk of stroke is known to be highly reduced if the Mangosteen juice is drank on a daily basis.


Since a very long time, Mangosteen juice has been used as a cure and also a preventive measure of diabetes. It helps in maintaining the sugar levels in the blood.

Loss Of Weight

The nutrients found in the Mangosteen juice are known to maintain the health of the body. The fibre content of the fruit is known to help in losing some considerable amount of weight.

The Mangosteen juice is generally found to have a very long shelf life and so can be stored for long. Now you can have great health by consuming this very tasty juice.

Mangosteen Juice – A Perfect Health Drink

Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen Fruit

The fruit Mangosteen belongs to the family Guttiferae. The juice of this fruit is a lot more recognised as a health drink in countries of North America and Europe. Most of the species found in the Guttiferae are tropical shrubs and trees. They all secrete a yellow resinous juice and Mangosteen is no different. A lot of times people do tend to confuse the Mangosteen with that of a Mango. However they are absolutely unrelated.

The wild Mangosteen fruits are abundantly found in the Malaysian forests. Some historians say that they were probably first domesticated in Burma or Thailand. The seedlings of this tree are extremely sensitive and so are grown only in some parts of Asia and not in the rest of the world although the demand is very high.

This fruit is about the size of an apple and is purple in colour. The rind on the outside is quite hard but on the inside is a segmented pulp which is very juicy and delicious to taste.


For several centuries, Mangosteen has been constantly utilised to make some powerful traditional medicines. Not just the pulpy bit but the entire fruit including the rind was being used for to relieve several diseases and their symptoms. The diseases that were being treated using Mangosteen include dysentery, cystitis, urinary disorders, gonorrhoea, eczema and several more. A decoction made using the root was used to regulate menstruation.

The mangosteen was also used and in several is still used as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and several more. What is surprising is that unlike most fruits, the rind of the Mangosteen fruit is a lot more nutritious as compare to its pulp. The primary reason why this fruit is utilised so much is because of the wide variety of antioxidants present in it.

Where to find it?

Mangosteen juice is found in a lot of stores that sell health drinks. A lot of supermarkets stock up on these too. If you can’t find it there and if you live in close proximity of Chinatown then you will definitely find it there.

If you still have no luck finding it then you can always get it on several online stores which sell organic juices. A lot of these also give you some great discounts and deliver it right to your home.

What kind of juice to choose?

There are several companies which produce the Mangosteen juice and market them under several false pretexts. Be wise when you choose them. Always do check the ingredient list and make sure that the juice contains minimal added sugar as a lot of companies add a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners to make it a lot more desirable.

A lot of companies do mix the Mangosteen juice with several different kinds of fruit juices as well and that is completely fine. It is basically done to improve the taste and nothing else. However if you do suffer from diabetes then do steer clear of the Mangosteen juice since it will harm you considering all the fruit sugar that it contains in it.

Mangosteen Juice For Good Health Of Your Body



Mangosteen, or as science calls it Garcinia Mangostana, is quite a delicious fruit. But it is not the taste that it is known for; it is known for the benefits that it offers our body. Not only is this fruit delicious, it is simply packed with some very powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and also vitamin E. this tropical fruit is now widely consumed in the form of a juice to gain its nutrients.

Not only is Mangosteen good for health; it is, as some people believe, a miracle natural cure to several diseases. Several doctors have even begun recommending it as a supplement to several medicines.

Miracle substance called xanthones is packed into the Mangosteen fruit. Some of the very powerful xanthones happen to be Garcinone, Alpha Mangostin, Garcinone A, Beta Mangostin, Garcinone B, Gamma Mangostin, Garcinone C, Gartanin, Mangstanol and also Garcinone D. Among the 200 xanthones that we have knowledge of, almost 40 of them are present in the Mangosteen. There are negligible fruits or vegetable which contain these many xanthones together.

They basically travel the entire length and breadth of the body and help in getting rid of the free radicals and hence leave the free radical riddled body a lot cleaner and much healthier.

Benefits Of The Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen has been found to have a very high ORAC score. ORAC measures the capability of oxygen radical absorption. About 3000 to about 5000 ORAC has to be given to our body on a daily basis. To fulfil this demand by the body we should eat several fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even if we do try to consume fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, it is hard to fulfil the requirement. Mangosteen is one of those super foods which can fulfil this need of our body for better ORAC in just about an ounce.

Apart from this benefit, xanthones are also known have some other health benefits. It is known to help in dealing with problems like depression, hardening of arteries, obesity, aging, heart disease, immunity, AIDS, chronic fatigue as well as cataract. These are just some of the benefits of the Mangosteen juice and it does possess an impressive list.

So potent and powerful is this Mangosteen juice that all that you need is just about an ounce of it every day. It is very helpful especially if you exercise and want to maintain an excellent health. If this is added to your diet then it does boost energy in the body and hence will keep you feeling active all of the time.

It is no wonder that the natives consumed this very often and also used it to make medicines to cure just about every disease they knew about. They knew about the fact that Mangosteen juice protects the body and hence used it for several generations spanning across several centuries.

If it is good for them, then it is good for you. Just go ahead and start consuming this amazingly delicious yet amazingly healthy Mangosteen juice.

Mangosteen Juice And Losing Excess Weight

Mangosteen For Weight Loss

Mangosteen For Weight Loss

Mangosteen has an extremely high count of antioxidants in it and so is considered to be extremely nutritious. So revered is this fruit that it takes its place among the super foods. Increase in body weight is an ever growing concern which everybody is trying to deal with but a large section have remained unsuccessful in this regard. These days Mangosteen is seen as a potential tool which can be used to lose weight.

So how does Mangosteen help in losing weight?

There are several known ways using which the Mangosteen helps in losing weight. First and foremost is the fact that it is a appetite suppressant and naturally limits our food intake without any side effects. Synthesis of glycogen is promoted in our body. When sufficient glycogen is stored up in the body, our brain gets a signal which in turn makes it suppress the appetite of the body.

Secondly, the Mangosteen juice may increase the rate of metabolism in the body which burns energy at a faster rate and facilitates the breakdown of lipids. It also may speed up the rate at which fat is burnt by the body and all of these help in lowering the weight of the person.

Rich in nutrients like manganese, magnesium, potassium, niacin, thiamine, folate and also vitamin C this fruit is very nutritious. The high percentage of the xanthones present in this fruit protects the body against attacks from the harmful free radicals which can do nothing but damage to our body. It also improves the immune system and also digestion of the body.

Mangosteen contains a lot of fibre in it and this increases the metabolic rate of the body and makes digestion a lot more effective. Hence the absorption of the required nutrients by the body is enhanced. iceland . With all of these nutrients being absorbed, the body gets a boost of energy. When the body is exercise at such a time then weight loss tends to get a lot easier.

How to use the Mangosteen to lose weight?

Most of the people tend to resort to the juice form of the Mangosteen than anything else. Given below are some directions on how to maximize weight loss.

1. A serving of this juice is approximately 8 oz. Maintain this portion itself and consume it just several times a day. Juices contain sugar and hence stick to just a single portion at a time. If you increase the portion size then do decrease the number of time you consume this juice.

2. Whenever you feel hungry between meals just pour out a glass of mangosteen juice and drink it up. Since the juice is a natural suppressant of appetite you will not feel hungry anymore and hence will be prevented from taking in those unnecessary calories. Not just this, your body ends up getting nutrition.

3. You can even drink a glass of this juice before the meal or even with the meal as it gives you a feeling of being full and hence helps you eat less.

Whatever method you follow one thing is certain, Mangosteen will definitely help you in losing the excess weight.

Be Organic This Black Friday- The amazing Natural Health Drinks and their Benefits

Being Organic

Whenever you try to buy a health drink, you will come across several different varieties. But among all of those health drinks, the ones that will truly help your body are the organic health drinks. There is no end to the varieties of the health drinks that you can come across. You’ve got the cranberry juice, goji berry juice, mangosteen juice, noni juice, black cherry concentrates and several more.

There is no end to how these drinks are beneficial to our body. They help in calming our body and also help in getting rid of several diseases. These have been used as the traditional medicine by the natives for centuries. These ‘super foods’ had remained in the shadows of the artificially produced health drinks but more recently it has regained its spot as ‘the drink’. More and more celebrities are using them to keep their bodies in the perfect shape.

Let us go through some of the well known drinks and its benefits

1. Goji berry juice
The goji berries have been largely found in the cooler areas of china. This juice has been consumed by the natives for more than 2000 years.

goji berries


They had always known that the juice does help the body deal with a number of diseases. It has only recently come to the knowledge of the modern world that the goji berry juice may help in dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, age related problems and even something as simple as fever. They are also known to be helpful in aiding the treatment of cancer, arthritis and also anti – aging. It is known to also strengthen the immune system.

2. Cranberry juice
The cranberry juice is a tart fruit which gets its tart taste due to its acidic nature. These acidic properties of the cranberry juice prevent the urinary tract infections (UTI).
Cranberry Fruit
The juice is known to contain a compound known as proanthocyanidin which inhibits the UTI causing bacteria from sticking onto the surface of the bladder and hence it helps in flushing them out of the system.

Apart from the UTI the juice is also known to help in the prevention of plaque formation, gum diseases, respiratory problems, heart problems, peptic ulcers lung inflammation etc. It is also known to have anti tumour effects and also more importantly anti aging effects. It is also known to boost energy in the body.

3. Mangosteen juice
It is a citrus fruit which is so beneficial that all the parts of the fruit including the rind is utilised to make the mangosteen juice. It is slightly sweet as well as tart to taste.


The mangosteen fruit and also the juice have a very high percentage of phytoceuticals in them which are known as xanthones. It is known to have anti – inflammatory, anti – viral, anti – tumour, anti – bacterial and anti – oxidant properties.

It is known to help in the treatment of cancer in its preliminary stages. It helps in the treatment of stomach disorders and skin conditions like eczema.

4. Black cherry supplements
Black cherries have an extremely high concentration of antioxidants in them. These are probably one of the richest sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the oxidation of the cells in the body and hence help in achieving a strong immune system.  The black cherry juice or supplements is known to calm the nerves and hence may help in the treatment of adhd, and may also help in inducing sound sleep.

Black cherry

It is known to be especially helpful in the treatment of gout and osteoarthritis. The gout sufferers swear that the juice helps in dealing with the gout related pain. It is also known to help in getting rid of the cold, cough and body pains.

5. Noni juice
The popularity of the noni juice seems to be ever increasing. It helps in reducing the pain as well as joint destruction. It also contains, anti – cancer, antioxidant, anti – diabetic properties. It helps in treating gout, healing wounds, protecting liver and also to reduce the bacterial activity in the body.
Noni Juice
These are just a few of the several natural juices available to us. With the regular consumption of just a small quantity, these juices seem to work wonders on the body and also help us to prevent several diseases that sometimes can also be fatal.

So go ahead and include them in your diet but if you are on some sort of medication then do check with your doctor before adding them to your regular diet.

Health Tips – Discover Top 5 Most Wanted Fruits in World

Most Wanted Fruits in World

Most Wanted Fruits in World

Which are the healthiest fruits on earth? – This question has always been a multi-layered one as most of the times our diet is likely deficient in the minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and Phytochemicals which are needed for our optimum health. All fruits have various health benefits, but researchers and health specialists focus on following 5 fruits stand out as they are the excellent sources of each minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

1. Noni
Noni a well-known name is obviously stood first in the list. Noni tree is one of the nature’s precious gifts for us. Noni juice is juice extracted from the tree known as “MorindaCitrifolia” found in Australia and South East Asia. In today’s fast space world, weight management is becoming a need. It is very easy to gain weight but quite difficult to loose, for that you need to make changes in your diet and exercise habits. Noni juice is one of the best ingredients that you can add in your diet and realize that it is a best option to lose your unnecessary weight. It is full of carbohydrates and dietary fiber which helps to prevent high blood pressure, abnormal growth and chronic disorders. Noni juice contains natural chemicals, providing nourishment to organs, cells and tissues. Laboratory research has shown that this juice has immune-stimulating as well as tumor-resisting properties. It wipes out cancer cells and stops the growth of cancer.

2. Coconuts
You guess it right! Coconut stands as the second most deserving fruit in world. Coconut is a good example of nature’s miracle which is known as an instant source of energy. When it is young, it is green in color with a very sweet, clear and a refreshing juice inside it. Matured coconuts look brown and hairy, containing a delicious white flesh in it. Coconuts provide various health benefits beyond the nutritional contents it has. Coconut oil (oil extracted from maturated coconuts) is of special curiosity because it contains even better healing properties than that of other dietary oils which are used in traditional medicines. Coconuts contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral healing properties. Coconuts help to aid as well as support our overall functions of Immune System. They also help to improve various symptoms associated with bowel and digestive disorders, by supporting other nutrients including minerals, vitamins and amino acids along with beneficial dietary fiber. They support for good health of heart by controlling levels of cholesterol, help for right functioning of thyroid glands, promote metabolism and ultimately causes weight loss. They provide not only food but raw materials too which are used for making all sorts of household supplies, useful furnishings and recreational equipment. Due to its amazing versatility, coconuts can be used for innumerable body functions.

3. Mangosteen
Mangosteen is a fruit which is grown in humid and hot climates. It is originally from Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. It is simply one inch thick, looks like garlic head but tastes sweet. Because of its unique and beautiful appearance, Mangosteen is often honored as queen of the fruits. For a long time, this tremendous fruit has played a significant role in traditional medicine. Mangosteen is a storehouse containing all those essential nutrients which are needed for normal growth and development. Different parts of this fruit and plant are used in the treatment of various diseases and disorders. It contains very low calories and no saturated fats. These fruits are a good source of vitamin C, antioxidant which fights against infectious agents like flu. It also prevents Anemia, promoting growth of red blood cells. People suffering from life-threatening disorders such as Tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Cancer have got relief after consuming Mangosteen.

4. Acai Blend
The Acai Berry is reddish-purple fruit which comes from the Acai palm tree. It is native to South and Central America. People consume Acai Berries to describe numerous health conditions. Berries and other similar fruits have been a key ingredient of a healthy diet but still Acai blend has something special that makes it able to help shed surplus weight. It has been proved that Acai Blend contains a huge sum of Anthocyanins which are originated in purple fruits. The Anthocyanins are antioxidants which contain essential vitamins , iron, magnesium, omega fatty acids and other essential nutrients for health. Some studies have shown that Acai Blend is even wealthy in antioxidants than Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, raspberries or cranberries. Acai oil is a safe alternative to other oils being used in beauty products, such as body and facial creams, shampoos, and conditioners. When processed Acai oil is stored for long-term, the levels of antioxidant remain high.

5. Goji Juice
Free radicals are natural enemies of human body. They subject us to more than 10,000 hits during one single day. If your body does not have ability to battle the damaging effect of these free radicals, then it may cause disease as well as immaturely age your body along with your skin. The solution for this is there in the valleys of Mongolia and Tibet. It is Goji juice, obtained from Goji Berries which are grown in the unpolluted valleys and hills of Mongolia and Tibet. Studies of experts who are looking forward for a good health of the population living in the modern society have proved that Goji juice has been a key part of Himalayan diets that keeps them away from diseases and hence they live long. Goji juice is nutritious and it contains vigorous nutrients necessary to fight against free radicals.

It helps you increase exercise tolerance, endurance and stamina. A vital organ of our body is kidney that controls the brain as well as other organs of our body. Goji juice is very helpful in keeping this important organ functioning appropriately.
So these are nature’s most amazing health foods offering immense uses. They not only make food refreshing and nourishing but also provide numerous medical benefits to live long. Now the choice is all yours!