Natural Juices That Are Healthy Sources Of Mineral Iron


You may not at all be surprised when somebody says that the mineral which makes up your window frames is also present inside your body. Yes, the mineral Iron has some imperative functions in the human body, without which the humans have all the chances of perishing at an early age.

The human body requires a regular dose of iron that naturally comes with the food we take in. Some of the rich sources of iron such as spinach and other green leafy vegetables could replenish the content of iron as per the requirements.

But the changing scenario has seen people inclining more towards the fancy and fatty food items which have lesser nutrients than the recommended. Due to this, along with the other nutrients, the mineral iron too has been found lacking in most of the people.

Due to the deficient amount of this mineral in the human body, there are hoards of body troubles that are always hovering to influence the humans. In this too, a majority of them relate to the blood and the blood vessels of the humans.

Iron serves an important function in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in the muscles. Both these compounds are essentially required to carry oxygen to the cells of the body. This is the reason that people are tired and fatigued too soon when the mineral iron goes deficit in their diet.

The recommended daily intake of iron for the human according to the age groups could be as tabulated below:

Age Groups Daily requirement of mineral Iron  
Kids 1-3 years old 7 mg/day  
Teenagers 9 – 13 8 mg/day  
Males 19+ 8 mg/day  
Females 51+ 8 mg/day  
Kids 1-3 years old 7 mg/day  
Teenagers 9 – 13 8 mg/day  
Males 19-50 8 mg/day  
Females 51+ 8 mg/day  
Pregnant Females 27 mg/day


As per the general recommendations, you need to take in the stipulated amount of mineral iron with the diet that you take.

Apart from the food items, various fruit juices could also serve as a better source of this mineral and you could consume these for various essential needs. Some of the natural fruit juices that contain a good amount of mineral iron are as follows:

Blueberry Juice: This blue colored fruit is an essential source of iron apart from other nutrients and antioxidants. A cup of blueberry juice could supply about 0.41 mg of iron.

Tart Cherry Juice: Cherry Juice that is a sheer relish to the taste buds is also brimming with the mineral iron. A cup of tart cherry juice could provide about 0.5 mg of mineral iron.

Cranberry Juice: Cranberry Juice is also a good source of iron which provides about 0.25 mg of the mineral when taken about a cup full.

Litchi Juice: Litchi Juice is also a good source of iron and when a cup of this tasty juice is taken in, you get about 0.59 mg of mineral Iron.

If your body too feels fatigued and out of energy, this may be a cause of deficiency of mineral iron. Get your body tested soon and as a measure, you could make use of these healthy juices for prime effects of iron replenishment in your body.