Goji Berry Juice- Happy Berry is More Than Just Happy!

Goji Berry Juice

Goji Berry Juice

Goji Berry is a native fruit to the Himalayan region and finds a place in cultures across Asia. Technically called as LyciumBarbarum and nicknamed as the “Happy Berry”, Goji is touting its benefits to the world these days. Since many centuries, this wonder fruit has carved a niche in providing myriad health benefits. Modern science is also getting fascinated by its wonders and investing resources in delving deep to know about the Goji Berry juice and other supplements. Unlike some other health juices and super foods, Goji berry juice tastes delicious.

Nutrition Value:
Just a cursory look at the nutrient composition of Goji berry juice is self-explanatory of its richness. It is claimed to have 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, protein and Vitamin C. It is supposed to have most protein than any other fruit. Its Vitamin C concentration is claimed to be higher than oranges. It boasts multiple times more iron than spinach. Also rich in anti-oxidants carotenoids, Goji berries are a wholesome fruit.

Anti-aging Properties
Nutritionally dense and brimming with anti-oxidants, Goji berry juice is considered to be a wonderful anti-aging remedy. It is probably the richest source of carotenoids making it a powerhouse of vitality.

Boosts Cardio vascular Health
Goji berry juice has also been popular for its therapeutic effects on blood pressure, obesity and cardio vascular problems. It is also reputed to lower cholesterol levels.

Improves Vision

Goji berry juice is considered significant source of antioxidants, especially carotenoids such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. This super fruit may aid in improving eye sight and combating age related vision problems as well.

Cancer Treatment
Few published studies have supported the view that Goji berries are effective against cancer. It was found that people who had Goji berries included in the diet show lesser growth of cancer cells.

Immense nutritional value combined with capability of fighting free-radical damage touts Goji berry as a fruit boosting longer life. It also builds stamina, endurance and keeps one energetic as well as fatigue-free.

Boosts sexual functionality
For many centuries, Goji berry was used by Asians for enhancing the libido and improving sexual functionality. It is also said to have positive effects on fertility. domain mentions . Marketers across the globe are underlining this wonderful property of the fruit as distinct and unique.

Other Benefits
Apart from the above list, Goji berry is considered to be effective in weight loss, improving liver functions, combating dizziness, improving memory and general health of a person.

With such incredible benefits,Goji berry juice is indispensable for well-being and vitality. Perhaps, these benefits will be effectively reaped only when the consumed food is pure and undiluted. Consumers are advised to be vigilantly select sellers to ensure the exotic food comes along with its true essence.