Top 10 Unique & Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Morning Mug
This beautiful mug is sensitive to heat. Pour hot milk or coffee or any warm beverage of your choice and watch the mug wake up as well within just a single minute. The black mug turns completely white. These mugs cost less than $10 and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Top 10 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Ideas #1-Morning Mug

2. Magnetic Frame Sets
Magnetic frame sets are easy on the pocket but make a great gift. If you add a memorable picture from a great day into the frame before giving it as a gift to someone then there is nothing like it to say that you care about that person.

Christmas Gift Idea

Idea #2- Magnetic Frame Sets

3. Noni Juice
Nothing says you care like the beverages that are designed to protect the body from several different kinds of diseases. Noni juice happens to be one such juice. The antioxidants present in these juices are known to slow down the rate at which the cells deteriorate. So go on and make somebody’s life better by gifting them something that was once considered as a cure for all disease.

Christmas Gift

Idea #3- Noni Juice

4. Gloves
These are a traditional gift that is given out every Christmas. They can be trendy, they can be classic, they can be chic. No matter what the variety it will definitely help keeps the hands of your young ones warm this festive season.

Christmas Gift

Idea#4- Gloves

5. Candy Baskets
If you have to gift someone about whom you don’t have a lot of knowledge then buying a candy basket or simply making one at home is the way to go. This is a safe bet since candies are loved by everybody and also it seems very festive.

Christmas Gifts

Idea#5- Candy Baskets

6. Portable Phone Chargers
Available in several funky styles and colors these portable phone chargers will definitely be used irrespective of whom you gift it to. Available in nearly all kinds of stores these chargers are not very expensive so you can have your pick from a wide array of choices.

Christmas Gifts

Idea#6- Portable Phone Chargers

7. Gift Cards
If you are trying to buy a gift for someone who is very fussy about things and are unsure what to buy then a gift card is always a great option to go for. A gift card not only saves time and effort, it also allows the person who receives it to buy something that they want.

Christmas Gift

Idea#7- Gift Cards

8. Monster High Freaky Fusion Clawvenus Doll
If you are looking to buy a great gift for a little girl and want to find something that will fit in your budget and make the receiver of the gift happy then do buy this doll. It’s a rage among young girls these days and whoever receives this will definitely love you more after they get this.

Christmas Gifts

Idea#8- Monster High Freaky Fusion Clawvenus Doll

9. Bath And Body Combo Pack
Another great option is a great bath and body combo pack. It is sure to make anyone happy. In fact you can gift yourself one of these and soothe your body to remove all the stress.

Christmas Gifts

Idea#9- Bath And Body Combo Pack

10. Cookies
Nothing can be more festive than some really great flavorsome cookies which are bound to put a smile on anybody’s face. So go ahead buy some of these and spread joy around you.

Christmas Gifts

Idea#10- Cookies

Top 5 Healthy Initiatives To Take This Christmas

Christmas Initiative Natural Juices

1.    Boost Your Diet
Enrich your diet with food that is high in Vitamin C especially during the Christmas season as the chances of falling sick increases with the onset of cold weather. Strengthen the immune system of your body by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables regularly and if possible raw.

In case you struggle with consuming the recommended portions of fruits then juice it up and make a delicious drink which you can have while on the run. Even vegetables like beetroots, lemon or even spinach can be turned into a delicious yet tasty juice which will fulfill your daily recommended intake.

2.    Consuming Organic Drinks
Trusted and drank for several generations and also hailed as some of the most healthiest things available on earth, organic drinks help in getting rid of several health issues which you may facing. If you already are quite healthy then these organic juices can prevent the onset of several health problems. They are known to benefit almost every part of the body and hence improve the overall health. There are several of these available like cranberry juice, acai juice, noni juice etc which have their own set of benefits so choose according to the requirements of your body and see the difference on your body.

3.    Regular Exercise
It is extremely important for our body to get some regular physical exercise. Christmas is that time of the year when we let down our guards and consume just about anything. Why not make this Christmas a little different and instead of ruining our body let us make it healthier. Go for a jog or maybe even a run in the cold winter mornings and see the differences creep up inside you as your body gets more and more healthy. On the upside you don’t have to worry about putting on the unnecessary weight which usually does happen every festive season.

4.    Sleep Well
In our fast paced lives we always fall short of time and to make up for it we sacrifice our sleep and this takes a toll on our body as it begins to deal with a lot of stress. Although we do believe that catching up on our sleep during the holidays may help our body, it really doesn’t help. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep everyday is the only way to go so starting now why not get the required 7 or 8 hours of shut eye and be refreshed every morning.

5.    Kick The Butt
We are no strangers to the fact that smoking is injurious to health as it is time and again reminded to us by several means. But a lot of us do find it extremely difficult to let go of this habit of ours and tend to postpone it and never get around to really doing it. This season kick that butt and make your life a lot healthier than before. It is not that difficult to do it if your make up your mind.

With these little changes you can be assured that your new year will be a lot better and healthier.