11 Awesome Gifts To Give This Black Friday


1. Adopt a black pet
An unfortunate fact is that among all the pets in the animal shelters, black pets happen to get adopted the slowest. Even in these modern days people somehow seem to refrain from adopting a black dog or seem to be scared of having a black cat roam around their home. Get rid of those thoughts and adopt a black furry friend. Give them the life and love that they deserve. Spend these holidays with a new friend.

Apart from being the best companions, pets have been known to help improve our health as well. They are known to help in dealing with a range of diseases, from lowering the blood pressure to helping in the treatment of epilepsy.

Do not just adopt a pet because you feel like it; be sure that your house is pet friendly.

2. Treat your family and friends to some cast iron cooking
Technology has made it easier to clean our dishes but along with it, it has also brought in some health issues. Most of these non stick pots and pans add a very minute quantity of toxic substances in the food that is cooked in it.

Cast iron vessels can be great thing to cook with once you learn to use them. So go ahead and treat your loved ones to a very healthy and non – toxic meal.

3. Duct tape
It might sound a little insane but there isn’t anything that a duct tape can’t fix. This may help to ease a little stress.

4. Balaclava
Holidays are notoriously famous for being cold, so this holiday season buy a balaclava. Cover yourself up or gift it to a loved one and remain warm and cosy.

5. Glass water bottle
Plastic bottles may also seep in a little toxicity in the water that we store in it. So buy a glass water bottle, which is safe and reusable. So keep the chemicals at bay and choose the healthy way of drinking water.

6. Organic health drinks
Probably the best gift that you can possibly give to yourself or your loved ones is the gift of health. In the time and age where everything has become artificial, buy some organic health drinks for everybody and kick start these holidays with a toast to great health.
A number of studies have proven that these organic health drinks help in a dealing with a whole array of disease, from something as small as acne to something as huge as cancer. You can choose any of the respective product and check its usefulness with the person you are sending your gift. As a good suggestion in case any of your family member or friend suffering from eczema/skin disorders, asthma, digestive disorders, helps aches and pains, arthritis, diabetes, colitis, stomach disorders, boost energy, cancer then you can prefer organic noni juice. I hope this will definitely mark your presence and you will be glad to see a healthy smile on your loved one face.

7. Beer growler
If you are fond of beer, or have a friend who loves beer then this is the perfect gift.
Local breweries normally provide beer in glass bottles which have a screw on lids. This is a perfect thing to store the beer if you are going to consume it within a day or two. But in the longer run, the bubbly beer will fall flat.

So buy a beer growler and continue to keep the beer bubbly for as long as you like.

8. Black tea
Since the green tea has become a health rage, the humble black tea has taken a back seat. But studies have proven that both the black a well as the green tea offer the same benefits to our body. Both the varieties of tea have more than 8 to 10 times the antioxidants found in vegetables and fruits.

9. Black ninja blender
If you or somebody you know is a big fan of smoothies then this is definitely ‘the gift’ to give. The black ninja blender comes with containers of different sizes which can be used according to the requirement. It is known to crush ice as well as the frozen fruits with equal ease. It will be a great help to make smoothies in the morning before you rush out and face the world.

10. Black fermented garlic
Fresh garlic is fermented at very high temperatures in a controlled environment to obtain the black garlic. Thus the garlic cloves ferment and turn black and get a sweet taste.
Some studies have shown that this can help in reducing the size of the tumour, and may also help in reducing cholesterol and also improving psoriasis.

11. Sleep mask
This is especially helpful for people who work the second or maybe the third shift. It helps you gain some good sleep and will freshen you when you wake up by blocking out those sharp rays of the sun that make you squint.

Go ahead and choose one of the above mentioned gifts. Or better yet, choose all of them and make yourself or a loved one happy.