Kick Out That Awful Hangover With Natural Home Remedies

Natural Home Remedies

Imagine a situation: You are out on a night party with friends to some local club, and enjoyment with your group means some chilled bear or whisky, which is iced, and is too tempting to be resisted. What would you do? Leave that so-enchanting-a-treat? Of course not! You would gulp it down as much as possible, while in a competition with your friends.

Okay, that’s it! The party for the night is over and you return home with a belly that is brimming with all those hard drinks. All you need is the hug of your bed to wish you a good night and sleep tight. Off you go to sleep in a second.

The next morning, the morning-alarm wakes you up. Your mind has wakened, but your body is not at all ready to get up off the bed. You feel some appalling symptoms in your body, such as a terrible headache or immense fatigue that makes it highly difficult to move any part of your body.

The situation that you are in, you would be highly acquainted with its name as ‘Hangover’. The hangover is what follows after some time, when you take hard drinks for the first timer or take them more than your stipulated limit. It is a condition of your body that lets you physically and mentally worn out, disabling any of your activity for a considerable period of time.

Again, the symptoms that follow a hangover could be varied and highly dependent upon your body conditions. Some of the symptoms that are noticed most by the people who drink for the first time or those who drink in an excess amount are:

1. Horrible Headache and pain in muscles, in and out of the body

2. Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea

3. Feeling High

4. Rise in Body Temperature

5. Fatigue and Weariness

6. Difficulty in Concentrating at Daily Jobs

7. High Troubles with Sleeps

8. Sensitivity towards Sound and even Light

9. Blurred Vision from the Eyes

10. Mood Swings, irritations and anxiety

11. Dizziness

12. Increase in Heartbeat

13. Bloodshot Eyes

These are some of the symptoms that are observed for short terms, while regular drinking of alcohol may cause serious and chronic effects in the body such as jaundice, fatty liver, swelling in liver and liver cancer etc.

Why Hangover Does Occur After Drinking Alcohols?

Alcohols are said to have a high amount of congeners in them. Congeners refer to the impurities in the alcohols that occur while they are fermented, or are added artificially to enhance the taste, flavor and colors of the alcohols.

Some of the congeners that are normally found in alcohols are: zinc and other metals, acetone, tannins, acetaldehydes and some kind of artificially added flavorants. These congeners have a deteriorating effect on the brain muscles and this retards the physical and mental capability of a human being after he or she is up with excess of alcoholic beverages.

The concentration of congeners varies with the kind of alcohol that you take in. Red wines and champagnes have high concentrations of congeners while vodka has the least amount.

How To Cut The Effects Of Hangover:

Hangover is a crap which has terribly retarded the capability of your body. But still you need to gather courage and take some natural remedies that could help you out to get over it.

Here are some of the natural fruit juices that could be helpful for the humans in reducing their hangover and getting out of its symptoms in their body:

Beetroot Juice: Beetroot is one of the healthy veggies that contain rich amounts of antioxidants and bioflavonoids. It acts as a body-cleanser and removes the harmful congeners out of their body to considerably reduce their symptoms on human beings. While you are not in a condition to extract the juice yourself, you could keep with you the commercial forms of beetroot juice, which would prove immensely handy to reduce the symptoms.

Karela Juice: Bitter gourd, popularly known as Karela, also offers an invigorating juice which helps in detoxifying and cleansing of the human body. This juice also helps significantly in reducing the amounts of congeners in the body, thereby rendering it free from hangover.

Carrot Juice: You must be acquainted with the eye and vision benefits that carrot is said to render, but the juice from this veggie could also offer relief from the symptoms of hangover, you might never come to know.

All these and some others such as cucumber juice, celery juice, lemon juice and ginger juice etc. are useful to cure hangover. As a precaution, make sure to drink alcohols only what is appropriate as, when out of energy, you would possible need a helping hand even to get these natural drinks.

Meningitis- The Brain Affecting Disorder And Its Effective Treatment


The most imperative organ of the human body is the brain which occupies the topmost spot and helps in controlling the functionality of other organs too. Any defect or disease in this critical organ could result in failure or any particular body part of complete failure of the human body.

Meningitis is one such disorder that could affect any human being, regardless of age, body conditions, gender or height etc. factors. Meninges are the membranes that are triplets and cover the brain and spinal cord of the humans.

When the fluid surrounding these meninges becomes infected, the condition is termed as meningitis.

The Major causes of occurrence of this disease are the microbes, bacteria and viruses among which, the bacterial microbes are said to be more fatal and disastrous for the human beings.

Causes of Meningitis:

As already mentioned, the most prominent causes of the Meningitis in human beings are the bacteria and virus which could get to their body through any possible source.

Some other causes which could also lead to development of meningitis are:

1. Probable cancers in any part of the human body

2. Irritations and allergies due to cancers which could be persistent

3. Fungal infections in the human body parts

4. Side-effects of some drugs

Meningitis due to bacterial and viral causes are said to be highly contagious and could be spread through sneezing, coughing, saliva or close contact.

Symptoms of Meningitis:  

As the sources for development of this disease are distinct, they could have symptoms which depend on these. Viral Meningitis could lead to symptoms such as:

1. Irritability

2. Sluggishness

3. Sleepiness

4. High fever

5. Decrease in appetite

6. Headache

7. Stiff neck

8. Seizures

9. Sensitivity to light

10. Nausea etc.

Apart from these, Bacterial Meningitis could possibly lead to more serious symptoms which include:

1. Alteration in the mental conditions

2. Stiff and choked neck

3. High fever

4. Persistent headache

5. Irritability

6. Respiratory tract troubles etc.

As these symptoms would only grow worse, a proper medical attention is required to the disease as soon as the first symptoms of this appear.

Treatment of Meningitis:

Meningitis treatment could be offered by the doctors depending upon the cause which led to the disease.

Bacterial Meningitis usually treated with the help of intravenous antibiotics. As there are no specific medicines for this disease, the prohibition of bacteria-spread would depend on its species.

Fungal Meningitis may receive antibiotics that act as antifungal agents in the body.

Usually the Viral Meningitis may not receive any particular treatment and may get resolved on their own in few days

 Homely Measures To Prevent Meningitis:

Meningitis could be prevented using some simple homely measures. Several natural juices such as Beetroot Juice and Orange Juice are effective prohibition measure for the same.

Apart from this, an effective balanced diet with the use of Garlic, Soya Milk and Ginger etc. could help in preventing and treating the disease in humans.

Therefore, use these natural methods to prevent Meningitis, and in case of any such symptoms, do not hesitate to consult a doctor soon.