Noni Juice And Its Action On Human Diabetes


Love for sugary items could better be described by expressions of a sweet-toothed person when he or she tastes something sweet, rather than the words of the most learned sugar-experts.

Till now, you must be obsessed with the notion that too much sugar or sweet items would probably lead you to diabetes. Diabetes, though a threatening disorder, is not attributed directly to the consumption of sugars.

While your body experiences a rise in blood-sugar, you may search for different methods to suppress the excess amount of this. For your aid has arrived one of the most ancient remedies-Organic Noni Juice.

Noni fruit which is the discovery of ancient Polynesians has shown various remedial properties for the human benefits and one of these is its effects on human diabetes.

Here we would like to discuss a few things that relate to human diabetes and subsequently, the effects of noni juice in preventing and suppressing the rise of blood sugar in the human body

Diabetes And Its Types:

As you probably know, diabetes is the increase in level of sugar in the human blood, which could lead to various other deteriorating effects in the inner body parts. Most of you would have had a notion that too much consumption of sweet food items is the major cause of diabetes.

But contrastingly, the amount of sugar absorbed from the foods, depends highly upon your body capability. Though, excess of sugary foods could always cause obesity which may be an indirect cause of the diabetes in the humans.

Diabetes is mainly attributed to low production or stoppage in production of an enzyme known as insulin. This enzyme is produced by pancreas and has two functions in the human body:

  • Transportation of blood sugar into fats and muscles, where it could be used or stored as a source of energy
  • Switching off the supply of glucose from liver, who converts fats and proteins into glucose and ensures a constant supply to the organs which require it.

When the production of insulin in the human body is affected, it leads to burdening of the blood with extra level of glucose, which is known as diabetes.

Though the disease once grips a human being, does not leave him or her completely, but its symptoms could be controlled to the maximum in order to lead a robust and hearty life.

How Noni Juice Helps As A Diabetes Suppressor:

Noni Juice is a rare blend of efficient nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals that performs actions for almost every part of the human body. This ancient remedy was once used by the natives of Polynesia, almost 2000 years back and is existent still in the human cultures as an effective remedial supplement.

Noni Juice has invigorating effects even on the human diabetes and could efficiently help in reduction and control of blood sugar.

The Proxeronine Effects: Noni Juice has the healthy existence of a compound known as Proxeronine which is precursor to xeronine, already present in the human body. These xeronine compounds are capable of converting peptides or amino acids into proteins and this is even possible when the pancreatic cells are damaged. Due to this action, the broken pancreatic cells could be regenerated, which helps in regulating the flow of insulin in the body.

The Immunity Enhance: Noni Juice has various anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties due to which it is able to enhance the immunity of the human body. Due to this robust immunity, when on one hand the human body stays unaffected due to toxin-attacks, on the other, beta cells of the pancreas could be re-activated. These beta cells may be helpful in secretion of insulin which regulates the blood glucose level of the human body.

Low Glycemic Index: Glycemic Index is the method of assigning numbers to food products, based on their effects on blood sugar of the human body. Noni juice has a glycemic index of 3:1, which is the ratio of carbohydrates to fibers. It symbolizes that noni juice does not itself contributes in increasing blood sugar of the human body.

Obesity Aid: Being a sweet-toothed is good and excess of sugars not contributing to diabetes in the human body is even better. But excess of sweet food items could always contributed to obesity of the body, which in turn could cause diabetes. Noni juice helps in relieving the extra fat and sugar content of the body, thereby shredding the weight of the human beings.  Lesser weight means lesser chances of being diabetic.

Thus, with these few actions, noni juice is highly helpful in lessening the elevated glucose level of blood and prevents further disorders such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney troubles and liver damages etc. that could follow diabetes.

Though you cannot cure diabetes completely, you could always reduce this disorder to negligible with the use of organic noni juice and lead a long and active future life.

How To Improve The Taste Of Organic Noni Juice?


Literally, all body-benefitting food items may not meet the acquaintance of your taste buds. Some may be so repelling that they even come out after reaching the throat of the human beings.

But did human beings stop using all these healthy diet elements? They dare not! This is due to the nutrients and subsequent health-benefits that they derive from them. Again, what about the taste which is disregarded by the tongue of human beings?

The better alternative of not using at all these sorts of products is to hide the taste of these in conjunction with some other healthy elements, which also offer benefits to the body of human beings.

Organic Noni Juice is also one such product that is supremely healthy for the humans, but equally disrespectful in terms of its taste.

Noni Fruit has been in human culture since many centuries and is often regarded as the ‘Cheese Fruit’. This fruit is a perfect blend of imperative antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins and amino acids etc. which serve innumerable imperative functions of the human body.

But regardless of its ‘cheesy’ name, the taste of the fruit juice is always very cheesy. In fact, noni juice is bound to have a taste ranging from tart to bitter and sometimes with pungent flavors. In spite of this tart-sour taste, human beings have never offered to disregard this natural remedy and have always used it in pure or disguised form.

How To Make Noni Juice Taste Better:

One of the most prominent methods of decreasing the pungency of noni juice is to mix it water, while you obtain pure noni juice or concentrates. But again, some people may find this too, too appalling and resist using even the diluted noni juice.

All these people could well prepare a cocktail of organic noni juice with other natural juices in order to meet the requirements of their taste buds. Some of the most favored health cocktails are:

Noni Juice and Orange Juice: To offer it a better taste, the stipulated amount of noni juice could be mixed with same amount of orange juice. Orange Juice is immensely rich in vital antioxidant Vitamin C, which when combines with other antioxidants in noni juice, helps to benefit various body parts such as bones, teeth, hair, eyes and digestive tract etc.

Noni Juice and Cranberry Juice: Cranberries are one of the better tasting fruits and are admired by almost all. A combination of noni juice with cranberry juice could be an immense help to the human digestive tract. As noni juice aids the digestive tract with the effective content of fibers it has, cranberry juice further helps in eliminating urinary tract infections. A combo of these is also a lethal weapon to destroy the microbes and parasites which reside in the body.

Noni Juice and Raspberry Juice: Raspberry is another very delicious fruit that promotes the body metabolism and thereby keeps the human body full of energy. Noni juice itself is an immense helper of body metabolism and could even aid in reduction of extra fat from the body. When you combine both these juices, you could expect your body to be always bubbling with energy and lesser mental stress, fatigue and sluggishness.

Noni Juice and Aloe Vera Juice: This is one of the best and the healthiest combo that you could ever prepare at home. Aloe Vera Juice is also brimming with many vital antioxidants, minerals and amino acids that support innumerable body functions. Though a mixture of these juices may turn out to be a bit sour, getting used to the taste of these could bring about changes in the body, you could never ever expect.

Noni Juice and Cherry Juice: The sweet-smelling cherry fruits get the positive response from almost everybody’s mouth and now you could combine its juice with organic noni juice to derive many times the benefit you originally had. Cherries have components that could help in reducing inflammations and these could also help in absorption of calcium and phosphates for promoting bone health. Noni juice plus cherry juice is an immense body benefiter apart from being superb in its taste.

Noni Juice and Blueberry Juice: Who would not be acquainted with the sweet taste of blueberry fruits that also earns it a place in many lip-smacking deserts and others cuisines. Blueberry Juice has even earned the reputation of possessing imperative antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals to prevent oxidative stresses and tumors in the body. Again, Noni Juice itself is a huge treasure chest of antioxidants and a combination of these two liquid would come out to be one, you could call which ‘the king of antioxidants’, without any doubt.

All these are the prominent recipes that are prepared by people. Along with these, you could also use juices such as pineapple juice, apple juice and grape juice to blend with the organic noni juice. Also, seasoning the juice is one of the better options to increase its taste.

Precautions With Tasteful Noni:

While blending noni juice with other liquids could be a good idea domestically, you should always forbid noni juice products that are commercially blended with other natural juices. This is because you could never be sure of the content of noni juice in the mixture you obtain.

Also, these products could well contain chemicals and inorganic compounds that could only lead to deterioration of the body. Therefore, if you find the taste of noni juice appalling, blend it with others at home only. With this, while on one hand you would remain safe from the perilous chemicals of commercial products, on the other, you could get a combination of benefits which is better than obtaining from a single product.

When Not To Consume Organic Noni Juice


The ancient Noni fruit with its immense beneficial qualities has become a heartthrob of the recent times. This is because of the innumerable researches and experiments on the fruit that have led to the discovery of many inevitable elements in it for the human body.

But as they say, when you pluck roses, some thorns follow them closely, which are utterly not what the human beings wish for. Noni juice is also an exceptional remedy for the human body, but at times, its consequences could be highly unpredictable.

In other words, noni juice, though very efficient for most of the times, could lead to certain undesirable outcomes which have a deteriorating effect on the human body. Due to these, while you consume organic noni juice or while you are the beginner of the same, you need to follow certain precautionary measures.

The conditions in which noni juice could lead to awful consequences are:

Weak Digestive Tract: Noni Juice is considered an efficient digestive remedy owing to the efficient content of dietary fibers in the liquid. These are said to remove the toxins out of the body and also facilitate the bowel movement by adding bulk to them. But in case you have a weak digestive tract, noni juice could lead to lose bowels in certain human beings. Though a bit of these are almost imperative at beginning of the dosage for every human being, some could find themselves in trouble due to uncontrollable attack of lose bowels.

During Pregnancy Or Lactating: These are some of the moments of immense help and care to yourself, as you are living for the life of another in you. During this period, almost every action taken for the diet is well-measured and is with the advice of a specialist doctor. Noni juice consumption should not be started at all in the period as it contains some elements which could pose threat to the fetus. Even if the consumption of this fruit extract had been all through your diet in the past, make sure to consult a doctor to continue its usage during pregnancy and lactating periods.

Excess Of Potassium In The Body: When potassium level exceeds the stipulated amount in the human body, you could face certain troubles such as fatigue, tingling effects, numbness, increase in heartbeat and skipped heartbeat etc. While with a diagnosis you find about the increased content of potassium in the body, do not start the usage of noni juice at any cost. Even when you use the product, discontinue it for some period and start when the body conditions have returned to normal.

Kidney Disorders: It is with the efficient functioning of human kidneys that the body is able to drive out excess of potassium from itself. When you are down due to some kidney troubles, the capacity of these organs to filter potassium would automatically become low, leading to a mass of the element in the body. Since organic noni juice also consists of a considerable amount of the mineral potassium, it is advised not to use this fruit extract in any kind of kidney disorders.

Liver Troubles: Liver of a human is blessed to secrete the bile juice, which is functional in digesting food of the humans. It also acts as a body-detoxifier and helps in eliminating foreign elements out of the body. While you come to know about some kind of liver trouble in the body, make sure to discontinue the usage of noni juice as certain minerals and nutrients could add to the troubles of deteriorated organ (liver) of the body.

Respiratory Tract Troubles: The tart and pungent taste of organic noni juice may come to play rather seriously when you have any kind of respiratory tract trouble such as cold and cough etc. While noni juice is an excellent remedy for the human respiratory tract too and helps to detoxify it out of the carcinogens that move in with the air, while you have a sick respiratory tract, noni juice could worsen the effects. This is why during respiratory tract troubles, always consult a specialist first before making use of the organic noni juice.

Other Miscellaneous Conditions: In other conditions such as headaches, joint pains, menstruation in women, diarrhea, bloating and flatulence etc, the usage of noni juice should be made more after the advice of an expert physician or concerned doctor. These are the cases that have evidences of getting worse with time when noni juice was taken on a regular basis. Therefore, make sure to consult a health expert first before making use of organic noni juice in the aforementioned conditions.

Apart from all these conditions and in their absence, noni juice is one of the magical cures that have shown immense relief for the people all over the world. Evidences show that noni juice has certain cancer-inhibiting properties due to which, it is offered on a regular basis to the cancer patients too.

You could always use the organic noni juice but keeping in mind the conditions that accompany close with the product and are highly associated with your well being.

Can Noni Juice Have An Effect On Chronic Cough?


Time and again, you could be subjected to coughs due to various reasons, being known or unknown. But human beings hardly pay attention to the coughing throat, as it has the capability to heal itself after a certain period of time.

Though coughs might not appear to be a reason of concern, some coughing troubles stay longer in the human body than most of the other ones. These may be regarded as chronic coughs and persist in the human body for quite some time.

Chronic Coughs:

Most probably, the coughs that last longer than 8 weeks or so in adults are known as chronic cough. In children, coughs that continuously hamper the body functioning for a time period of about 4 weeks could be regarded as chronic coughs.

Types Of Chronic Coughs:

Chronic Cough could occur in various forms. Some of them are as under:

1 Dry cough that act as irritants in the throat and respiratory tract, but are not accompanied with mucus

2. Wet coughs, which accompany mucus and could be caused due to bacterial infections

3. Stress Cough, which is neither a cause of bacterial infection nor produces any mucus. It could be due to various reasons such as traveling etc.

4. Barking Cough, which is prominent mostly in children and could be a cause of viral infection in their throat

5. Whooping cough, which is a serious signal of infection and should be dealt immediately with medical care

Causes of Chronic Cough:

Coughs which persist for longer periods may be a cause of some natural or artificial activity. Sometimes, human beings themselves invite chronic coughs due to certain activities of their own. Some of the probable reasons of chronic cough in the human body are:

1. Subjection to body to the highly polluted environment due to which pollutants enter the respiratory tract with inhalation

2. Excessive smoking of cigarettes which causes deposition of toxins in the respiratory tract

3. Respiratory tract disorders such as Asthma and Bronchitis etc

4. Gastroesophageal reflux diseases which result in acid refluxes and return of acids through the mouth

5. Sinus troubles

6. Breathing troubles caused by pneumonia etc. that hamper the functioning of the throat

7. Few medications which cause allergies

8. Tumors, sarcoidosis and other lung disorders

Effects of Chronic Coughs:

Chronic coughs not only hamper the physical performance of the human body but also show effects on the human mind. As the body is continuously subjected to cough, the brain could lose its concentration from other work, focusing more on the requirements of the throat.

Physically, chronic cough could lead to pain in the throat, pain in the stomach, inflammations in throat, inability to sleep due to cough, inability to drink water or consume food, vomiting effects, excessive appearance of mucus and blood from the throat.

As these symptoms could affect the regular diet of human beings, chronic cough could also be a better reason for weight loss in the human body.

Treating Chronic Coughs Naturally With Noni Juice:

As chronic cough disable a human being off its natural ability to work, these are to be dealt strictly but rather naturally.

Noni Juice is one such natural remedy that could effectively prevent and cure chronic cough in the body of human beings. Chronic coughs could basically be a cause of free radicals in the human body and this is why noni juice could have a supreme effect in curbing it.

Noni Juice is full of essential antioxidants that help in defeating perilous free radicals, thus having utter preventive effects on chronic cough and other body diseases that they cause.

Noni Juice also has a good content of antioxidant Vitamin C, which could prevent various respiratory troubles including bronchitis and asthma. Due to this, the troubles of chronic cough could also be curbed effectively.

The efficient content of antioxidant Vitamin E present in the noni juice also supports the human immune system. Due to this, the body has the capability to resist acute and chronic troubles (including chronic coughs) which affect the human body.

Thus, it could be effectively devised that noni juice has various preventive actions that prevent chronic cough in the human body and it has shown some healing capability too in some cases. If you too are down due to this trouble, noni juice might be a handy option to cure your sick throat.

Antioxidant Capacity Of Miraculous Noni Juice


The ancient fruit Noni that has well preserved its medicinal qualities for more than 2000 years till now, doesn’t require any acclamation for it. The world has recognized its properties and it is slowly making a secure place in the homes and hearts of people all across the globe.

What makes this fruit so miraculous? It is the innumerable antioxidants in the fruit that have led to many beneficial effects on the body of human beings, such that they had welcomed noni rich and high.

Due to the effect of antioxidants, noni is able to suppress the critical free radicals that are responsible for causing some major harm in the body of human beings.

Here in this article, we would like to discuss about the antioxidants, their effects on free radicals and how noni juice is highly beneficial with its antioxidant abilities. This includes the following topics:

1. What are antioxidants and how they help our body?

2. What are free radicals and why are they criticized?

3. Noni juice and its antioxidant benefits to the human body

Antioxidants and Their Service to the Human Body:

Probably, you might have heard the word ‘antioxidant’ before but without giving it a second shot.

These are the naturally occurring chemical substances that are found abundant in plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea, coffee and even your favorite chocolates. Researchers have come out with more than thousand distinct kinds of antioxidants that have their own specific purposes.

Some examples of antioxidants are: flavonols (that are found in chocolates), lycopene (are a constituent of juice tomatoes) and resveratrol (that are found in wines).

These antioxidants serve some of the major functions in the body which include:

1. These are effective in suppressing and killing the attack of free radicals (which we will study a bit later in this article)

2. Antioxidants help in rejuvenating the skin and thereby eliminating the effects that are caused due to aging.

3. These are huge boosters to the human immune system which is responsible for fighting many critical diseases in the body and thereby supporting its overall well-being.

4. Antioxidants provide a vital support to the human heart, thereby, keeping the cardiac diseases away.

They are an integral supporter for the vision of the human eyes and are capable to boost it.

5. They help in energizing the human mind and due to this property, they keep the mind disorders such as anxiety, sleeplessness and depression away.

6. Studies have shown that antioxidants provide a potential help in prevention of cancers which arise due to many possible reasons in the human body.


Figure 1: Source:

Thus, we could say that antioxidants have a huge role to play in the efficient functioning of our body. The absence or loss of these could certainly lead to unpredictable conditions.

Free Radicals and Their Effects on Human Body:

Free radicals, as the name suggests, are the unstable molecules which react rather easily with certain components of our body such as proteins, fats and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).

In more of a scientific language, free radicals are either short of or in excess of a single electron in their molecule which renders them instability. When these come in contact with our body, there takes place a sharing of electron from the either component which leads to a chemical reaction. This reaction is highly unfavorable from the body-functioning point of view.

When a free radical attacks a component in the body, it has the capability to render it unstable and due to this, a chain reaction is formed.

These free radicals could develop due to body metabolism and also due to certain environmental factors such as pollution, radiations use of insecticides and pesticides on the food items and also due to active or passive smoking.

Due to the effect of these, the body could be subjected to innumerable troubles such as heart problems, aging conditions and even the hazardous cancers.

Antioxidants are said to work at a cellular level and due to this, they could inhibit the effects caused by dangerous free radicals. These antioxidants have the capability to stabilize the unstable free radicals by rendering them an electron from their own molecule. This in turn, does not affect their chemical structure.

How Antioxidants in Noni Juice Are Helpful to the Human Beings?

Noni Juice that is extracted out of ripe noni fruits has come out with highly beneficial antioxidant qualities in itself.

The impressive list of antioxidants in the noni juice include Pinoresinol, Proxeronine, Kaempferol, Isoscopoletin, Vanillin, Scopoletin and Quercetin etc. which serve various functions in the human body.

These antioxidants are said to induce certain microphages due to which the immunity in the human body is enhanced a fair bit. These microphages are even capable of preventing excessive loss of blood by facilitating the action of platelets in the blood, when we encounter an accident.

Antioxidants are also a boon for the people who have the deadly habit of smoking. The smoking products generally consist of chemicals such as nicotine and tar etc. which is said to accumulate in the lungs of the smokers.

These chemicals in turn, could cause an immense damage to the respiratory tract of the intoxicated persons and most of the lung cancers are a result of smoking activities.

The antioxidant effect of noni juice extends to render fruitful effects of the human respiratory system as it helps to clean the tract and thereby, inhibit any chances of cancers in the body.

Apart from this, noni juice is also helpful in preventing tumors which could be one of the prominent outcomes of free radical chain reactions. These tumors could also turn cancerous and affects all parts of the body.

Thus, it could be efficiently concluded that noni juice is an immensely rich source of various kinds of antioxidants which could have life-changing properties on humans. If you are still not sure of the effects of this miraculous liquid, you would definitely believe in its effects when you include a few sips of it in your daily diet.

It’s Noni Juice Vs. The Cancers; Who Would Make It To The End?

It’s Noni Juice Vs. The Cancers; Who Would Make It To The End?

“It is estimated that the chances of an individual being induced with the perilous cancers, would receive a terrible enhance of more than 50 percent by the year 2017.” (Source: The 7 Health Secrets of Noni Juice,

This is a highly alarming estimate and some of the developed countries in the world are in huge risks of being engulfed with the attack of cancers.

According to a survey, one in every 12 women in USA currently, develops breast cancer in her due course of life. In UK the figure is worse as 1 in every 8 women of the same province, develops cancer at some part of her life.

Though, many people of the world do not have an idea about what cancer is and how alarmingly is it spreading its roots across the globe, there are innumerable people that die every single day due to this hazardous disease.

Though the disease is fast and high in its attack, there have been innumerable discoveries which are capable of suppressing the attack of toxins and thereby, relieving the human body out of cancers.

Recently, researchers have turned their way towards finding the natural remedies to prevent cancers and among these herbal products, noni juice stood out to be one of the most effective one. The experiments commenced with the effect of noni juice on animals and soon, the human beings too recognized the miraculous properties of noni juice and started benefiting themselves too.

Through this, we wish to inform you about the properties of noni juice and its abilities due to which, it is able to benefit the people of the 21st century. This includes the following topics:

Noni Fruit and Noni Juice

Various benefits of noni juice

Is noni juice an effective medicine to prevent cancers?

Noni Fruit and Noni Juice:

Noni fruit is one of the rare ancient medicines, which owe its discovery to the Polynesians. It has a prominent name as ‘Aspirin of the Ancient’ due to its analgesic properties.

Evidences suggest that noni fruit has a very old history of its usage (over 2000 years back). The ancient Polynesians recognized the properties of this ‘Cheesy Fruit’ and were quick to adopt this as their regular medication. This fruit was highly helpful in treating colds, flues, body-pains, depression, sleeplessness etc. and was also helpful in relieving broken bones of the body.

Their medical legacy has been successfully adopted by people all across the globe and noni juice has proved to be one of the most recognized and beneficial liquids for the body of humans.

Various benefits of the noni juice:

If you start writing all the benefits that this miraculous liquid renders the human body, you could end up with a hefty book, which still would lack some of its properties.

Noni Juice is a huge store house of various nutrients, some which are critically required by the human body. According to the researches, noni juice contains more than 150 distinct varieties of Phytochemicals that are highly beneficial.

Some of the critical elements of noni juice include:

1. There are about 17 varieties of amino acids (9 of them are highly critical for the human body existence)

2. Vitamins A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

3. Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

4. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, chromium, copper, manganese, sodium and potassium etc

5. Glycosides, Sterols, Scopoletin, carotenoids and bioflavonoid (as many as 125 types)

6. A hoard of other antioxidants


Figure 1: Source:

Due to presence of all these eminent nutrients, Noni Juice is capable of performing impeccable benefits to the human body such as:

1. Improvement of the digestive system of humans with the help of adequate fiber content in the juice

2. Improving body-immunity of the humans

3. Helping the sleeplessness conditions and thereby getting rid of depression and anxiety etc. syndromes

4. Improving the strength of bones and muscles

5. Relieving the human body out of pains that are caused due to arthritis etc

6. Improving the skin ailments that develop in the body with time or due to influence of sun

7. Removing the body fatigue


Figure 2 Source:

1. Flushing out the hazardous cholesterol from the body and thereby promoting the cardiovascular health

2. Protection of the liver

3. It is helpful to those that wish to shed a few pounds off their plump body

4. Improves conditions such as blood-sugar and blood pressure

5. Helps in improving the wound healing ability of the body


Figure 3:

Apart from these, noni juice is capable of performing many other small and big functions in the body that make it easier for the existence of human beings.

Is noni juice effective in protecting the cancers?

It has been obviously a very debatable topic which mostly has received positive responses from the researchers all over the world. They have recognized cancer-inhibiting qualities with seriously beneficial effects on humans.

Cancers, as already mentioned, are the highly devastating diseases that tend to develop abnormal cells in the human body. As a result, they could destroy the normal body tissues and could spread all over the body.

Due to their effects, the humans could meet their death in a very short period (even of about a few months).

Noni Juice has various antioxidants due to which, it is capable of scavenging the free radicals in the body which are the prime reasons for causing tumors in the body. These tumors have about 50 percent chances of turning cancerous and thereby corroding the body.

Researches have even proved that noni juice has the properties due to which, it cleanses the respiratory tract of the humans, thus preventing it from respiratory diseases.

This property is beneficial for those too, who possess the deteriorating habit of smoking. Their lungs could be infected with chemicals and have all the chances of developing lung cancers.

Therefore, if you are in a habit of drinking noni juice regularly, you could very well stay away from the attacks of cancers, apart from having many other benefits.

The final battle thus, would be won by noni juice that blocks all the chances of developing cancers in the humans.


Noni Juice: Researches And Their Outcomes


The world is looking with all new viewpoints towards the noni juice and this is credited to the meticulous labor of the researchers, which are bent on discovering all new benefits of the noni juice. Recently, countries all across the globe have shown interest in the remedial effects of consuming noni juice (which are highly considered as miraculous).

Noni is an ancient fruit that owes its discovery to the ancient Polynesians, who had found this ‘cheesy fruit’ to be highly medicated.  Many centuries ago, they used to treat innumerable body troubles with the help of a single type of fruit, proudly known as noni.

Even after so many years, noni has not received even a bit of change in its properties and is as beneficial as it was earlier.

Some of the successful researches from the past which have brought about a revolution in the outlook towards noni are:

Dr. Ralph Heinicke and his Theory of Xeronine and Cell Regeneration:

Probably, the most prominent and the important theory for the advantages of noni juice has been put forward by a Hawaiian scientist Dr. Ralph Heinicke, who spent over 45 years in this study.

Dr. Heinicke, who came to know about the superb properties of the noni juice, spent his time in studying the effects of an alkaloid, which he later named as Xeronine. This Xeronine is highly required for proper functioning of the body at the cellular level.

He found that noni juice contains an antecedent of Xeronine which is known as Proxeronine. This compound is the raw form, which gets changed to Xeronine as soon as it comes in contact with some enzyme in the human intestines.

Xeronine aims to work at the molecular level and it has the responsibility to repair the damaged cells. He said, “Some of the problems which drinking noni juice might favorably affect are: high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, arthritis, gastric ulcers, sprains, injuries, mental depression, senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis, blood vessel problems, drug addiction, relief of pain and many others. Although this list looks like a page torn out of a traveling medicine man’s manual, it is probably conservative.”


Figure 1: Source:

Thus, this experiment led to the discovery the compound Xeronine that is said to render various benefits to the human body.

Dr. Neil Solomon’s find-outs:

Dr. Neil Solomon, a highly renowned nutritional medicine specialist at numerous medical universities of USA, came forward with a study that included 75 health professionals and more than 15000 patients. In his experiment, he asked the doctors and the patients to take a particular amount of noni juice for a stipulated period of time.

As a result of his experiment, Dr. Solomon concluded that almost 75 percent of the individuals which included children too, received positive effects on consumption of noni juice which is a stunning number.

He mentioned that those who did not get optimum results on the consumption of noni juice were due to insufficient amount of its intake or taking it for a lesser period of time than designated.

He also concluded that those of the people who received benefits from consumption of noni juice, showed it in their first three months of starting with the juice.

Anti-Cancer Activity of noni juice by Annie Hirazumi:

Annie Hirazumi is a Hawaiian scientist who did the famous mice experiment to prove that noni juice had cancer inhibiting effects too.

Before, she saw the effects of this juice in her own family when her father gave this to an ailing friend to help him out. She herself gave this juice to her dying pet dog, which helped it to heal miraculously out in its dying conditions.

Highly influenced by such a result, Ms. Annie Hirazumi performed the experiments on a group of mice. Firstly they were injected with Lewis Lung Carcinoma cells (LLC) which caused critical lung cancer.

The first group of mice that got affected with the disease had mice that died within 9 to 12 days after being injected with the virus, as they showed the growth of tumors in their body.

The other group that received a portion of noni juice as a treatment, survived and was able to overcome the disease. In fact, they were able to stay alive for a period of 50 days.

By this experiment, the research team concluded that noni juice is able to induce certain macrophages and lymphocytes which affect the immunity of the body. Due to this, even the perilous cancers are suppressed on its consumption. (Source:

Dr. Mian-Ying Wang’s experiment on human DNA:

“I was extremely skeptical because of my training as a physician and pharmacologist,” says Dr. Wang, “I wondered what is it with this noni juice, it sounds too good to be true. I really doubted it.”

Dr. Wang who hails from University of Illinois discovered that noni juice is capable to reduce the DNA damage that is caused due to effects of chemical mutagens. She was first unwilling to use the juice herself, though the positive effects were clear to be seen on the animals.

Forwarding her experiment, she tested a group of heavy smokers as a clinical trial. Cigarette smoke is said to contain toxins due to which the smokers are highly susceptible to hazardous cancers. In the experiment, she found that Noni Juice was able to render positive effects on the chemicals that got accumulated due to smoking.

Apart from this, she adds that noni juice is a strong antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory remedy that has hoards of benefits, including boosting the immunity of the human body.


Analgesic Properties By French Scientist Chafique Younos:

The French scientist Chafique Younos set out to discover the analgesic properties of the noni juice due to which it was said to bring a clear relief in the pain. The treatment was formerly tried on a group of mice and utter positive responses were noticed. Thus he concluded that noni juice has preserved its traditional analgesic properties and is capable of wiping out almost all sorts of pain in the human body. (Source:



Noni Juice Does Miracles; Is It A Popular Marketing Hype?


Since the last two decades or so, Noni Juice has been receiving a considerable attention from researchers, hospital patients and even the common people from all across the globe. Every single day, there is at least a comment on noni, mostly favoring its qualities.

When you hear the good effects of this juice and in contrast to it, the ghastly side-effects, you could be in two minds. Whether noni juice would suit your body according to its conditions, or will it be just a waste of your precious money which could have been invested somewhere else.

Many people have many words. Who to choose with his or her opinion lies in the hands of the consumer.

Let us start from almost 2000 years back. The ancient Polynesians bumped across the noni fruit which is greenish from outside and has a grooved structure. The taste of the fruit was not so good but it was still consumable.

Slowly and steadily, noni became a remedial fruit when Polynesians discovered that noni juice could cure symptoms such as body pains, common colds, flu, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety and could even cure the broken bones in the body.

The usage of the fruit became so popular that it never went down.

Coming back to the 21st century, in addition to all these troubles, human beings experience various other ones which tend to deteriorate the body conditions. Many of the researchers from all around the world are still in search of better means by which we could help ourselves to suppress these diseases.

Noni has been a constant element in their research laboratories which include many organic and natural products. On researches, scientists have revealed stunning facts about noni juice which are eye-openers for the ones who do not believe in the existence of these.

Kathy Hoshijo PBS, who happened to host a TV series Kathy’s Kitchen, which also happened to be their nation’s first vegetarian whole foods show, reveals her personal experiences with noni. She says, “Avoiding putting chemicals ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN our bodies, so I began mixing my own skincare recipes in my kitchen in the 80s because I couldn’t find any skincare products that met the quality and purity I was looking for. Now these formulas are available to you through Healing Noni.”



According to a survey, Noni Juice represents $3 billion industry in the world. (Source:

This piece of information is sufficient in itself to inform that noni juice has been gaining high popularity in the world. Was it possible had noni juice not rendered any special curing effects to the consuming people? It certainly wasn’t.

Dr. Gene Bruno, the dean of Huntington College of Health Sciences, gave reviews on the usage of two very important health fruits-Goji and Noni.

On his research, he concluded that noni certainly possesses anti-cancer and immunity increasing properties due to which, it is able to do wonders in the body of humans. His research team concluded, “Noni juice seems to act indirectly by enhancing host immune system involving macrophages and/or lymphocytes.”

In addition to this, noni juice was also found to have many antimicrobial, analgesic and sedative properties within itself (Source:

From the reviews and results of scientific studies by the researchers, we could very well understand that noni juice is highly capable to render many life-saving benefits to the humans.

But the question that still remains active are that how could noni juice, a single drink; render so many properties, even when it is just a liquid?

To this question, the answers have been put forward in the evidences of various Phytochemicals which are highly abundant in the noni juice. This heavenly liquid is said to contain as many as 150 distinct kinds of Phytochemicals which include 17 varieties of amino acids (9, which are critically required for the existence of human body).

Apart from these, it renders Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, niacin, biotin and Pantothenic acid etc. A rich content of minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, Chromium, Molybdenum, Sodium and Manganese etc. is also found in this juice.

All these elements have evidently been discovered in noni juice and due to this, the properties of this juice multiplies manifolds.

Noni Juice is capable of curing wide array of diseases, be it small ones such as cough and cold or perilous cancers. Yes! This is true. Noni Juice has shown healing effects on even cancers in the human body and this has been proved in the researches.

When all these effects are visible in the form of personal experiences from the people, which the share on the internet, we should be in no doubt about why we call noni juice miraculous.

Some people may criticize its properties when they consume an excess amount of this juice greedily (more than the designated daily content) and complain of it rendering side-effects in their body, such as laxative effects and headaches.

It has been brought to the vigilance as the very first thing that noni juice should be taken only in a stipulated amount i.e. about 30 ml per day. More of its consumption in order to gain early benefits would do no good to your body. Rather, you could experience the disadvantages from it, which it certainly does not intents to deliver.

Also, it is forbidden to be used by pregnant ladies, lactating mothers or if you possess some kind of critical disease, for which you are under medical supervision. Under such cases, you could do better by asking for the consumption of noni juice to your physician.

Noni Juice does not intents to harm a person. Rather, it could better be called a liquid elixir without exaggeration. Fulfilling many needs of the human bodies, noni could be called as a miraculous fruit without doubt. You would certainly believe its properties once you include it into your daily diet.

The Human Liver And How Noni Juice Ensures Its Protection

Protecting Liver Noni

Every single day, while walking, while travelling, while sitting and even when you sleep, you body is attacked by a hoard of toxins. These poisonous materials are always in search of methods by which they could have a chance of entering the human body.

They could come through the environment, through the food we eat and many of the human beings deliberately allow these chemicals and toxins to enter their body. In spite of being attacked by all the villainous stuffs, do you know why we are able to survive?

It is because these toxins are being suppressed by an equal and even stronger immune system of the human body. With the immune system, liver works hand-in-hand to detoxify the human blood off the impurities that might prove fatal for our existence.

Liver is one of the largest and also one of the most important organs in the body of human beings. Here we would study the possible ways through which your liver could receive harm and how noni juice acts as a savior to render your liver harmless.

This includes the following major points:

Human liver and its anatomy

Effects of various elements on the liver

How noni juice helps in preventing the human liver

The Human Liver:

As already mentioned, the largest inner organ of the human body, Liver is also one of the important one. It is said that if liver fails to perform for the body, humans could perish and die within 24 hours.

This is because, liver is assigned with various functions in the body such as:

1. Secretion of bile juice which helps in digestion of food

2. Storage of glycogen

3. Decomposition and reformation of red-blood cells

4. Plasma protein synthesis and

5. Detoxification of the blood

With the innumerable functions that it performs in the body, liver is always living dangerously with all the impurities that it tackles with.

How human liver gets affected by various influencers?

When the human body is susceptible to be attacked from all round the environment, it could have a direct influence on the liver which tends of detoxify the body off the elements that are capable of causing a major harm to it.

The food and water that we consume is highly composed of various germs and chemicals that have serious effects on our body. No matter how hard we try to keep them pure, we could never be sure of the quality that we ingest.

When these chemicals get in contact with the human liver, they attack and try to suppress its action. If the liver is not working robustly, it could get influenced and result in sever diseases.

Bacteria and viruses too attack the human body, which get ingested through various sources. Hepatitis is one of the most prominent viruses that causes diseases such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. These disease are very hazardous and if do not receive a proper attention, could lead to serious medical issues.

Chemicals and impure food items are also capable of causing diseases such as Jaundice, Cirrhosis and Hemochromatosis etc.

The modern lifestyle has created a need of alcohol and drugs which are one of the major foes of the human body. Humans knowingly make use of these materials and that too without any proper limits.

Liver and alcohol: When a human drinks alcohol, it is ultimately the duty of liver to break it down into simpler substances. Liver metabolizes about 90% of the consumed liver while only 10% of it gets out with urine. The liver requires a surplus amount of water too, to get rid of the toxins that go in with the alcohol.

When the amount of water in the body goes deficit, liver extracts water from other organs including the brains. As the breakdown of alcohol occurs, it simultaneously leads to formation of acetaldehyde which is high intoxicant for the liver itself and also other organs such as brain and stomach etc.

Therefore, for the better functioning of the liver, consumption of alcohol should be limited to a meager amount.

How Noni Juice Helps In Protecting The Human Liver:

Noni Juice is a true bestow of the nature in disguise of a liquid. The Polynesians used this heavenly fruit almost 2000 years ago and left the heritage for us to get benefitted.

Even in the 21st century, this fruit has retained all its properties and researchers have come out with some eye-widening effects of noni juice.

One of the major functions that it performs while being ingested in the body is the protection of human liver. Noni Juice is a storehouse of various kinds of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that render it an extremely efficient liver protecting quality.

The ‘Plant Foods and Human Nutrition’, which is a human health journal, informs that drinking noni juice decreases many kinds of liver diseases in the humans. It had an article published in March 2008, entitled “Liver Protective Effects of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)”.

This article describes of an event when researchers treated female rats with Noni juice diluted with water, before treating it with tetrachloride, an environmental pollutant that is one of the major causes of lung cancer. In a couple of experiments, the group of rats that received noni juice had suppressed the toxins of liver cancer, while the other group had diseased, dead mice within a few days.

Many experiments of such kinds have been performed in this regards and most of them have resulted in the favor of noni juice as an effective protector of the liver.

Therefore, it has been proved and accepted worldwide that noni juice has rich qualities of enhancing the functioning of liver and subsequently, disposing off the elements that could cause a major harm to the organ.

A healthy lifestyle with the prohibition of intoxicating elements could add many more years to your liver, which otherwise could get damaged and in turn would lead to some critical disorders in the body.

How Noni Juice Could Combats The Effects Of Malnourished

Effects Of Malnourished

The life of human beings has declined way below than their ancestors in terms of body-energy. It was certainly hard to believe that the people of previous centuries worked hard all day long on the fields and still no trace of fatigue was to be found.

In contrast to this, the life of people has been significantly enhanced by the modern technology but they are devoid of even the required energy, forget more. While the culprits to these ill-effects are the human being themselves, they are never ready to take the responsibility for it.

When the combined effects of all the energy depleting factors have an influence on the human body, it could have innumerable problems. One such problem is malnourishment.

Here, we would deal with the problems in modern life which are related to malnourishment and how to deal with them using the Noni Juice. This includes the following topics:

1. What is malnourishment? What are its effects?

2. What are the causes of malnourishment in the humans?

3. Methods with which malnourishment could be swiped away

How would you describe malnourishment and how is it characterized?

Scientifically, malnourishment could be described as the condition in the body in which it lacks certain amount of nutrients. Due to malnourishment, there would be a hoard of abnormalities in the body of a human being.

One of the common effects of malnourishment in the human body is excessively low level of energy in them. This energy plays a crucial role in almost all the activities performed by the humans in a day.

When there is a devoid of energy, the day-to-day actions of the human beings would be highly affected. They would not be able to perform their work with full concentration.

Malnourishment does not simply mean a weak physical appearance. It has a very grave meaning associated with it. When the body is undernourished, it could have a stockpile of body problems such as fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, sluggishness, mood fluctuations, body infections, illnesses and weakness in muscles etc.

All these signals from your body denote that you lack certain nutrients which are in turn missing in your diet. Also, many of these abnormalities have a very hazardous long-term effect on the body of the humans. Many of the people are inclined to take the hospital and doctor services to fight with these.

The conclusion to this is that malnourishment is one of the root causes of many physical and mental disabilities in the human beings.

What Are The Causes Of Malnourishment In The Humans?

The root cause of the malnourishment in the human beings is their diet. They are more lured towards the fancy looking eatables and forget the harms that they accompany with them.

The pizzas, the burgers, the fries and all those fatty foods have a proper influence on the body of the humans. Added to it are the aerated and hard drinks that are said to compliment your diet.

These eatables and drinks might look easy to buy and are all the more relishing to consume, but you have to admit that these are highly perilous to the health. In comparison to these, the balanced kind of diet is certainly fruitful for your body.

Apart from the diet, there are other factors such as environmental pollution etc. which pose innumerable problems to their health. The air is polluted and so is the water. Even the underground water is not a safe source for drinking purposes.

The huge application of chemicals in almost each and every field has caused the pollution in the soil. Due to this, the food that is grown in this soil is also polluted and it reaches the body to degrade it.

Other minor causes of malnourishment may be lack of routine exercises and excess usage of medications etc.

What Are The Methods To Fight With The Malnourishment In The Body?

The lack of nutrients in the body and lack of energy could be effectively mitigated with the ingestion of right kind of diet.

You would probably consider a vegetarian person as grass-eating-animal but veggies are full of many vital nutrients that non-vegetarian foods generally lack. It is said that the diet of a human being should be properly balanced with the accurate blend of essential nutrients such as Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Roughage etc.

fat content chart

Besides food, water too plays a very prominent role in keeping the body healthy. You would have certainly felt that while you are thirsty, your body experiences a lack of energy. Therefore, an adequate amount of water is very vital for the nourishment of the body.

With food, a regular exercise too, is needed for keeping the body healthy. You could choose the early hours of the morning which are best suited for the purpose.

One of the latest and burning sources of nourishment for the body has been discovered as Noni Juice. Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a Hawaiian scientist has been researching on this fruit for a long time and came with the conclusion that Noni Juice has the capability to do away with malnourishment.

The working process of Noni Juice is apt according to the requirements of the body. This juice helps the biochemical reactions in our body which include synthesis and intermolecular communication processes.

Noni Juice naturally contains Pre-Xeronine which is converted to Xeronine in the body itself. This compound is highly responsible for bustering the stress and supporting the enzyme systems.

Noni Juice is also an effective fighter to much kind of diseases which are said to create all sorts of disabilities in the body. It could relieve us from ailments such as insomnia, diabetes, cholesterol, inflammations and lethargy etc.

Thus, we could say that Noni Juice is a helpful method to swipe away the problems associated with the malnourishment. With the right kind of diet in a regularized manner, we could certainly flush the malnourishment effects from our body and lead a healthy life.