Delicious And Healthy Alternatives To Your Fizzy Favorites

organic green coffee juice

What a pleasurable experience it is to get those carbonated-drink cans and gulp the soothing but fizzy content down your throat. These carbonated drinks have been favorites since the very beginning of their evolution and have made a proper influence on the taste buds of humans.

Hardly do you know that these fizzy and carbonated drinks are one of the leading causes of diabetes and heart diseases in human beings. This is due to the fact that these sugary sodas have a good content of added sugars and artificial sweeteners that trigger the obesity conditions in the human body.

Even the brands that claim to sell the liquid fruit juices such as orange juice or guava juice etc. add a good amount of sugar and other sweeteners to offer your favorite juices a pleasurable taste.

You would be very well aware of the consequences that these soda drinks, unnatural fruit juices, unwanted sugars, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals could do to your body. This is why we have brought for you some healthy alternatives of the same delicious liquids, but without any harmful contents.

Iced Teas: One of the healthiest alternatives and an absolutely delightful drink that could rejuvenate you from inside is iced tea. This all-home preparation requires not hefty procedures and yet, is enough to rejuvenate your senses anywhere and at any time. You could prepare it in a big batch to be kept refrigerated and serve it chilled with a squeeze of lemon in it. Even green teas that are flavored, could also serve as an alternative to your canned, harmful so-called-refreshers.

Iced Coffee: Of course cold coffee is in no requirement of any introduction but it too could have elements that disturb your sleeps, especially when consumed at night. As an alternative, you could make use of organic green coffee juice. This is the extract from green coffee beans and is absolutely safe, even when consumed chilled or at peak hours of night.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice: You have all the knowledge of the benefits of various fruit juices such as blueberry juice, cranberry juice, noni juice and black cherry juice etc. but still resist its usage since you find fizzy drinks more delicious. Believe me, these fruit juice could fulfill all you needs of taste and health and could overtake the place of those carbonated ones, once you discover how beneficial they are for the body. Even the juice from vegetable such as avocado, celery and cucumber etc. serve a better alternative when seasoned or have a squeeze of lemon in them.

Coconut Water:  Not just something that quenches your thirst, or need of just a drink, but coconut water is full of electrolytes which are highly helpful in body functioning. This is why this unsweetened and non-chemical natural drink is one of the best options to satisfy your search for a delicious and healthy drink and that too at the peak of summers.

Enhanced Water: Bored of drinking the simple still or sparkling, mineral water? Here is a healthy alternative to enhance your simple ‘universal liquid’. All you need to do is cut few pieces of juicy fruits such as peaches, melons and berries and add them to your normal water. Enhance its taste more with the use of natural herbs such as mint, basil and celery etc. For an extra bit of fun, add lemon juice and top it with ice. This beautiful preparation is efficient enough to satisfy your thirst and is so enchanting that you would forget those carbonated, commercial refreshers. Simple to prepare at home, this is also a healthy alternative to the plain water.

Flavored Milk: If you wish to satisfy your hunger too with the drinks you make in summer, there could be no better alternative than flavored milks. For simple preparations, you could add bits of vanilla, dates, powdered cinnamon and even dry fruits in your milk. Or for a bit more, blend you milk with natural fruits such as strawberries and bananas that serve to be efficient for satisfying your appetite too.

Instead of those unhealthy so-called-fruit-drinks, make use of these simple home preparations and your summers would turn more delightful, than they used to be with the carbonated refreshers.

Rickets: The Disease Engulfing The Younger Generations

What Is Rickets

Almost every child in his or her younger age has experienced their parents’ frown, upon not drinking the glass of milk or not eating their veggies properly. Do you know why? It is because children up to 3 years of age are highly susceptible to a deficiency syndrome, known by the name rickets.

What Is Rickets?

Rickets is a skeletal disorder that engulfs children, mostly in the age range of 6 months to 3 years. It is one of the diseases that are caused due to deficiency of Vitamin D, calcium and phosphate in the body of kids.

These imperative nutrients have their functions concerned to the human skeletal system and lack of these could result in weakening and softening of bones, stunted growth and deformities in the skeletal system.

Kids in their growing stages are at the highest risk of being attacked by rickets if their body does not get enough of Vitamin D. Though you get a lot of Vitamin D from the diets you take in, human body is equipped to synthesize Vitamin D from the sunlight itself.

Symptoms Accompanying Rickets:

The symptoms that are highly prone with rickets are:

1. Tenderness of Bones in body parts including arms, pelvis, spines and legs etc.

2. Reduced Body Growth and Short Stature

3. Bone Fractures

4. Cramps in Muscles

5. Delayed Appearance of Teeth

6. Holes in the Teeth Enamel

7. Defective Structure of Teeth

8. Cavity-Stricken Teeth

9. Curvy Spine

10. Pelvic Deformities

11. Odd-Shaped Skull

All these symptoms could well accompany pain in the body and many a times they require treatment under the knife to get recovered.

Causes Of Rickets:

As mentioned before, rickets is mainly attributed to deficiency of vital nutrients such as Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus. Vitamin D helps in absorption of minerals such as calcium etc. from food sources and helps in strengthening the bones.

Lack of these nutrients could always be a critical cause of rickets. Additionally, some body diseases such as kidney and liver disorders etc. and malnutrition etc. could also contribute much to the symptoms of rickets.

Diagnosis of Rickets:

Rickets in children may be diagnosed by doctors through physical examination of the body. Other methods of diagnosis may also be used such as:

1. Arterial blood gas test to determine the content of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood

2. Blood test to determine the amounts of nutrients in the blood

3. X-Rays of bones to check the bone deformities

Treatment of Rickets:

Generally, the symptoms of rickets are treated with the help of nutrients in the body. Vitamin D, Calcium and phosphate replenishment may be offered through various food sources as well as liquid Vitamin D supplements.

Exposure of body to sunlight may also be highly helpful in fulfilling the requirements of Vitamin D.

In case the body of children experiences some sort of deformity, doctors may suggest using corrective braces to position the bones correctly as they grow. Some other serious cases may require surgeries for body reliefs.

Rickets is preventable in children through proper supply of nutrients and minerals in appropriate quantities. Apart from these, various organic Vitamin D supplemental liquids may also be helpful prevention and treatment of rickets.

Noni Juice And Its Action On Human Diabetes


Love for sugary items could better be described by expressions of a sweet-toothed person when he or she tastes something sweet, rather than the words of the most learned sugar-experts.

Till now, you must be obsessed with the notion that too much sugar or sweet items would probably lead you to diabetes. Diabetes, though a threatening disorder, is not attributed directly to the consumption of sugars.

While your body experiences a rise in blood-sugar, you may search for different methods to suppress the excess amount of this. For your aid has arrived one of the most ancient remedies-Organic Noni Juice.

Noni fruit which is the discovery of ancient Polynesians has shown various remedial properties for the human benefits and one of these is its effects on human diabetes.

Here we would like to discuss a few things that relate to human diabetes and subsequently, the effects of noni juice in preventing and suppressing the rise of blood sugar in the human body

Diabetes And Its Types:

As you probably know, diabetes is the increase in level of sugar in the human blood, which could lead to various other deteriorating effects in the inner body parts. Most of you would have had a notion that too much consumption of sweet food items is the major cause of diabetes.

But contrastingly, the amount of sugar absorbed from the foods, depends highly upon your body capability. Though, excess of sugary foods could always cause obesity which may be an indirect cause of the diabetes in the humans.

Diabetes is mainly attributed to low production or stoppage in production of an enzyme known as insulin. This enzyme is produced by pancreas and has two functions in the human body:

  • Transportation of blood sugar into fats and muscles, where it could be used or stored as a source of energy
  • Switching off the supply of glucose from liver, who converts fats and proteins into glucose and ensures a constant supply to the organs which require it.

When the production of insulin in the human body is affected, it leads to burdening of the blood with extra level of glucose, which is known as diabetes.

Though the disease once grips a human being, does not leave him or her completely, but its symptoms could be controlled to the maximum in order to lead a robust and hearty life.

How Noni Juice Helps As A Diabetes Suppressor:

Noni Juice is a rare blend of efficient nutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals that performs actions for almost every part of the human body. This ancient remedy was once used by the natives of Polynesia, almost 2000 years back and is existent still in the human cultures as an effective remedial supplement.

Noni Juice has invigorating effects even on the human diabetes and could efficiently help in reduction and control of blood sugar.

The Proxeronine Effects: Noni Juice has the healthy existence of a compound known as Proxeronine which is precursor to xeronine, already present in the human body. These xeronine compounds are capable of converting peptides or amino acids into proteins and this is even possible when the pancreatic cells are damaged. Due to this action, the broken pancreatic cells could be regenerated, which helps in regulating the flow of insulin in the body.

The Immunity Enhance: Noni Juice has various anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties due to which it is able to enhance the immunity of the human body. Due to this robust immunity, when on one hand the human body stays unaffected due to toxin-attacks, on the other, beta cells of the pancreas could be re-activated. These beta cells may be helpful in secretion of insulin which regulates the blood glucose level of the human body.

Low Glycemic Index: Glycemic Index is the method of assigning numbers to food products, based on their effects on blood sugar of the human body. Noni juice has a glycemic index of 3:1, which is the ratio of carbohydrates to fibers. It symbolizes that noni juice does not itself contributes in increasing blood sugar of the human body.

Obesity Aid: Being a sweet-toothed is good and excess of sugars not contributing to diabetes in the human body is even better. But excess of sweet food items could always contributed to obesity of the body, which in turn could cause diabetes. Noni juice helps in relieving the extra fat and sugar content of the body, thereby shredding the weight of the human beings.  Lesser weight means lesser chances of being diabetic.

Thus, with these few actions, noni juice is highly helpful in lessening the elevated glucose level of blood and prevents further disorders such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney troubles and liver damages etc. that could follow diabetes.

Though you cannot cure diabetes completely, you could always reduce this disorder to negligible with the use of organic noni juice and lead a long and active future life.

Glucosamine For Pets And Its Significance


Similar to the human beings, our beloved pets, dogs and cats too could suffer due to joint disorders as they age. Arthritis is one of the serious troubles in the pet’s body that slowly endows its existence in their body, offering them incapable to even perform the routine jobs.

One of the naturally occurring substance that is said to offer relief in the aging troubles of pets is known as Glucosamine, and here we would study a bit more on the usage of this natural remedy for the pets.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a substance that is naturally produced in the body of pets. It is concentrated mostly in animal cartilages and help in formation and repair of tissues.

With the growing age of dog, the natural production of this Glucosamine experiences a bit of slowness. Due to this, the natural repair and regeneration process of the body gets affected and the joints become firm and stiff.

Thus, with the continuing wear and tear in its body and subsequent slow response in the repair of the degenerated area, it leads to painful arthritic conditions in the body.

Luckily, the researchers have discovered natural supplements that could replenish the depleted levels of Glucosamine for the body of pets, thereby providing them ability to come over the painful conditions in their body.

Benefits Of Glucosamine Supplements:

Glucosamine has the following benefits for the body of pets:

1. It is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body of pets which helps in alleviating the painful conditions in their body.

2. Helps in rejuvenating the joint health naturally, thereby increasing the mobility in the body of pets

3. It acts as a lubricating agent in the joint of the pets and inhibits any kind of wear and tear that could take place

4. Soothes the pain that could occur due to hip dysplasia

5. Aids in recovery from the spinal disc injury

6. Facilitates the movements and locomotion of the pets

Could Glucosamine Supplements Possibly Have Side-Effects?

As in every product, the quantity of supplements provided to your pet must be kept in mind and this should not exceed the stipulated amount. Glucosamine content should be supplied highly according to the size of your pet, after the recommendation of an expert vet.

Failure to adhere to these conditions might lead to symptoms such as:

1. Allergic reactions

2. Sleeplessness

3. Sluggishness

4. Excessive thirst and subsequent urinations

5. Increase in the blood sugar of the pets

Sources of Glucosamine:

Glucosamine supplements could be available in various forms, but the most prominent ones are liquid Glucosamine for cats and dogs. This liquid could be mixed easily in their food and water to replenish the nutrients in the body.

Apart from this, various Glucosamine powders, pills and tablets are available commercially which are also oral supplement methods for the pets.

Before commencing with any of these supplements, make sure to get appropriate advice from the doctor and if required, get your pet thoroughly checked for the use of such as a supplement.

The Glucosamine supplements may start offering performances in the body of pets only within the first week, but vets recommend their usage up to three months. This is to supply them with the appropriate quantity in a timely manner.

Like humans, pets may also require body-supplements, but make sure of not acting in haste, and offering them proper remedies at stipulated periods only.

How To Improve The Taste Of Organic Noni Juice?


Literally, all body-benefitting food items may not meet the acquaintance of your taste buds. Some may be so repelling that they even come out after reaching the throat of the human beings.

But did human beings stop using all these healthy diet elements? They dare not! This is due to the nutrients and subsequent health-benefits that they derive from them. Again, what about the taste which is disregarded by the tongue of human beings?

The better alternative of not using at all these sorts of products is to hide the taste of these in conjunction with some other healthy elements, which also offer benefits to the body of human beings.

Organic Noni Juice is also one such product that is supremely healthy for the humans, but equally disrespectful in terms of its taste.

Noni Fruit has been in human culture since many centuries and is often regarded as the ‘Cheese Fruit’. This fruit is a perfect blend of imperative antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins and amino acids etc. which serve innumerable imperative functions of the human body.

But regardless of its ‘cheesy’ name, the taste of the fruit juice is always very cheesy. In fact, noni juice is bound to have a taste ranging from tart to bitter and sometimes with pungent flavors. In spite of this tart-sour taste, human beings have never offered to disregard this natural remedy and have always used it in pure or disguised form.

How To Make Noni Juice Taste Better:

One of the most prominent methods of decreasing the pungency of noni juice is to mix it water, while you obtain pure noni juice or concentrates. But again, some people may find this too, too appalling and resist using even the diluted noni juice.

All these people could well prepare a cocktail of organic noni juice with other natural juices in order to meet the requirements of their taste buds. Some of the most favored health cocktails are:

Noni Juice and Orange Juice: To offer it a better taste, the stipulated amount of noni juice could be mixed with same amount of orange juice. Orange Juice is immensely rich in vital antioxidant Vitamin C, which when combines with other antioxidants in noni juice, helps to benefit various body parts such as bones, teeth, hair, eyes and digestive tract etc.

Noni Juice and Cranberry Juice: Cranberries are one of the better tasting fruits and are admired by almost all. A combination of noni juice with cranberry juice could be an immense help to the human digestive tract. As noni juice aids the digestive tract with the effective content of fibers it has, cranberry juice further helps in eliminating urinary tract infections. A combo of these is also a lethal weapon to destroy the microbes and parasites which reside in the body.

Noni Juice and Raspberry Juice: Raspberry is another very delicious fruit that promotes the body metabolism and thereby keeps the human body full of energy. Noni juice itself is an immense helper of body metabolism and could even aid in reduction of extra fat from the body. When you combine both these juices, you could expect your body to be always bubbling with energy and lesser mental stress, fatigue and sluggishness.

Noni Juice and Aloe Vera Juice: This is one of the best and the healthiest combo that you could ever prepare at home. Aloe Vera Juice is also brimming with many vital antioxidants, minerals and amino acids that support innumerable body functions. Though a mixture of these juices may turn out to be a bit sour, getting used to the taste of these could bring about changes in the body, you could never ever expect.

Noni Juice and Cherry Juice: The sweet-smelling cherry fruits get the positive response from almost everybody’s mouth and now you could combine its juice with organic noni juice to derive many times the benefit you originally had. Cherries have components that could help in reducing inflammations and these could also help in absorption of calcium and phosphates for promoting bone health. Noni juice plus cherry juice is an immense body benefiter apart from being superb in its taste.

Noni Juice and Blueberry Juice: Who would not be acquainted with the sweet taste of blueberry fruits that also earns it a place in many lip-smacking deserts and others cuisines. Blueberry Juice has even earned the reputation of possessing imperative antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals to prevent oxidative stresses and tumors in the body. Again, Noni Juice itself is a huge treasure chest of antioxidants and a combination of these two liquid would come out to be one, you could call which ‘the king of antioxidants’, without any doubt.

All these are the prominent recipes that are prepared by people. Along with these, you could also use juices such as pineapple juice, apple juice and grape juice to blend with the organic noni juice. Also, seasoning the juice is one of the better options to increase its taste.

Precautions With Tasteful Noni:

While blending noni juice with other liquids could be a good idea domestically, you should always forbid noni juice products that are commercially blended with other natural juices. This is because you could never be sure of the content of noni juice in the mixture you obtain.

Also, these products could well contain chemicals and inorganic compounds that could only lead to deterioration of the body. Therefore, if you find the taste of noni juice appalling, blend it with others at home only. With this, while on one hand you would remain safe from the perilous chemicals of commercial products, on the other, you could get a combination of benefits which is better than obtaining from a single product.

Tips To Naturally Reduce Your Body-Cholesterol

Reduce Your Body-Cholesterol

Don’t be surprised if it is said that cholesterol is essential for the good health of human beings. It is, in fact an imperative ingredient that helps in the formation of cell membranes, Vitamin D, Bile Acids and body-hormones. This necessary substance is prepared within intestines, liver and adrenal glands.

However, the human body consists of two types of cholesterols:

1. LDL or Low Density Cholesterol, which is considered bad for health and promotes fat in the blood stream

2. HDL or High Density Cholesterol, which is helpful for human health by eliminating bad cholesterol out of the body.

The ratio between LDL and HDL should be as low as possible for the human good health. In other words, if the content of LDL increases, it could create a greater risk of many heart diseases including strokes and heart attacks. This is because LDL hardens in its due course to block the supply of oxygen in the heart, causing its deterioration.

But due to the endowment of Mother Nature, you could easily control the level of your bad cholesterol and promote the good one inside your body. Here are some simple tips to easily reduce the content of bad cholesterol from the body:

Include Colors In your diet: Not the harmful artificial and organic colors, but the true colors of nature in the form of colorful fruits and vegetables would immensely help you to reduce the LDL from the heart. Among these, natural juices such as Beetroot Juice, Cranberry Juice and Blueberry Juice etc. are some among the healthiest sources to decrease the risk of cholesterol in the body.

Go for Phytosterol-rich Foods: Phytosterol is the substance that binds itself with good cholesterol and helps in the removal of bad cholesterol. It is mainly found in food products that also tend to be healthy sources of fats such as Olive Oils, Sunflower Oils, Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachio etc.

Essential Dietary Fibers: Soluble and insoluble fibers aid in the digestion process, while they also help in reducing bad cholesterol absorption by the intestines. You could find dietary fibers in oats, psyllium husks, barley, Chia seeds, natural juices such as noni juice, cranberry juice and green-leafy vegetables etc.

Reduce Saturated Fatty Foods: Your taste buds might crave for more of these, but believe it or not, these are the prime contributors of bad-low density cholesterols in the body. The sugar-laden food, refined carbohydrates, fatty diets and full-fat dairy products could always lead to increase in bad cholesterol and therefore, the consumption of these kinds of food items must be decreased.

 Trans-Fat Reduction: Trans-Fats may not only increase the bad cholesterol in the body, but also lower the good one, increase clotting factors and promote the risk of inflammations. Therefore, usage of these kinds of fats should be as low as possible. Foods such as vegetable oils, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils and food items prepared out of vegetable oils (cakes, pastries and biscuits etc.) should be consumed very less.

Maintain A Healthy Body-Weight: An increase in body weight would mean the deposition of fats in the blood vessels, which subsequently increase the risk of bad cholesterols. Due to this, the blood pressure in the body tends to increase and you could experience all sorts of troubles. Therefore, keep your body healthy by keeping track of the weight according to your age level.

Avoid Stress: Stress has been found to be a great contributor in body cholesterol and therefore, offer yourself an environment which is free from stress.

These are some basic but very useful tricks to keep your body healthy by reduction of bad cholesterol from it. These might also turn handy in the long-lasting performance your precious asset- your heart.

Why and How To Detoxify Your Fatty Liver?

Detoxify Your Fatty Liver

Ideally, the human liver is meant for the purpose of bile secretion as well as detoxification process. Due to its act of being a detox-warehouse, it helps in cleansing of blood and subsequently controls the fat metabolism to inhibit excess of body weight.

But highly attributed to the human habits, the excess of fat gets deposited in the body which could replace the healthy liver cells with the unhealthy fats. As the liver cells make way for the fatty acids in the organ, the liver imbibes a bit bulky appearance with a greasy-yellow texture.

Due to the functions of liver being highly imperative, replacement of liver cells with fatty acids could lead to malfunctioning of the organ, making it sluggish, overloaded and fatty.

This is the reason, timely detoxification of this detoxifying organ is also vital for the healthy existence of the human body.

What Could Lead To A Bulky Liver?

Apart from fatty food products being the major contributors of enhancing fat in your liver, the bulkiness of the organ could also be credited to some other culprits such as:

1. Excessive consumption of alcohol

2. High blood-sugar or resistance to insulin

3. Lack of imperative nutrients in the diet

4. Taking too many medications and that too since a long time

5. A plump body with excessive weight around the torso

As these conditions exist for a considerable time, they could further degrade the human body with symptoms such as low immunity, increased allergies and inflammations, high cholesterol, coated tongue, digestive troubles, skin rashes, gall stones, fatigue and indigestion etc.

Easy Natural Methods To Detoxify Your Liver:

As a fatty liver could always be susceptible to innumerable disorders, its timely detoxification is utmost necessary for normal body-functioning. You could use the following tips for the process:

Natural Juices: One of the most efficient methods to stop fat infiltration in the liver is to include natural juices in your diet. Some efficient ones include Beetroot Juice, Broccoli Juice and Apple Juice etc. which have serious fat-cutting properties to offer to the human body.

Eat A Rainbow For Sure: You don’t really need to be an angel for this. Rather, include the colors of nature such as natural fruits, vegetable and cereals in your diet to derive the essential liver detoxification elements. The phytonutrients and the antioxidants in these could do a whole lot of good to your liver.

Say NO To Alcohols: As they could highly affect the organ, alcohols are one of the major foes to the human liver. Therefore, it is better to keep the alcohol bottle aside forever or reduce its consumption to obtain a rigorous liver.

Raw Could Do: A bit of munch on some raw consumable veggies such as carrots, radish, olives and a portion of fruits every day could help a lot to remove excessive fat from the liver and in turn, would always help in body detoxification.

Get In Shape: Probably not the round one but a slim, supple body would always favor the efficient functioning of liver. If your body consists of some extra pounds, plan to lose them soon or the fat would always try to enter your liver, offering it innumerable troubles. Losing weight is also one of the efficient methods for liver detoxification and subsequently a healthy life.

Body-weight could always be an imperative factor in liver functioning, with fat being the prime contributor in its deterioration. Use natural methods to get rid of your liver and body fat to stay away from disorders you would never like to have.

When Not To Consume Organic Noni Juice


The ancient Noni fruit with its immense beneficial qualities has become a heartthrob of the recent times. This is because of the innumerable researches and experiments on the fruit that have led to the discovery of many inevitable elements in it for the human body.

But as they say, when you pluck roses, some thorns follow them closely, which are utterly not what the human beings wish for. Noni juice is also an exceptional remedy for the human body, but at times, its consequences could be highly unpredictable.

In other words, noni juice, though very efficient for most of the times, could lead to certain undesirable outcomes which have a deteriorating effect on the human body. Due to these, while you consume organic noni juice or while you are the beginner of the same, you need to follow certain precautionary measures.

The conditions in which noni juice could lead to awful consequences are:

Weak Digestive Tract: Noni Juice is considered an efficient digestive remedy owing to the efficient content of dietary fibers in the liquid. These are said to remove the toxins out of the body and also facilitate the bowel movement by adding bulk to them. But in case you have a weak digestive tract, noni juice could lead to lose bowels in certain human beings. Though a bit of these are almost imperative at beginning of the dosage for every human being, some could find themselves in trouble due to uncontrollable attack of lose bowels.

During Pregnancy Or Lactating: These are some of the moments of immense help and care to yourself, as you are living for the life of another in you. During this period, almost every action taken for the diet is well-measured and is with the advice of a specialist doctor. Noni juice consumption should not be started at all in the period as it contains some elements which could pose threat to the fetus. Even if the consumption of this fruit extract had been all through your diet in the past, make sure to consult a doctor to continue its usage during pregnancy and lactating periods.

Excess Of Potassium In The Body: When potassium level exceeds the stipulated amount in the human body, you could face certain troubles such as fatigue, tingling effects, numbness, increase in heartbeat and skipped heartbeat etc. While with a diagnosis you find about the increased content of potassium in the body, do not start the usage of noni juice at any cost. Even when you use the product, discontinue it for some period and start when the body conditions have returned to normal.

Kidney Disorders: It is with the efficient functioning of human kidneys that the body is able to drive out excess of potassium from itself. When you are down due to some kidney troubles, the capacity of these organs to filter potassium would automatically become low, leading to a mass of the element in the body. Since organic noni juice also consists of a considerable amount of the mineral potassium, it is advised not to use this fruit extract in any kind of kidney disorders.

Liver Troubles: Liver of a human is blessed to secrete the bile juice, which is functional in digesting food of the humans. It also acts as a body-detoxifier and helps in eliminating foreign elements out of the body. While you come to know about some kind of liver trouble in the body, make sure to discontinue the usage of noni juice as certain minerals and nutrients could add to the troubles of deteriorated organ (liver) of the body.

Respiratory Tract Troubles: The tart and pungent taste of organic noni juice may come to play rather seriously when you have any kind of respiratory tract trouble such as cold and cough etc. While noni juice is an excellent remedy for the human respiratory tract too and helps to detoxify it out of the carcinogens that move in with the air, while you have a sick respiratory tract, noni juice could worsen the effects. This is why during respiratory tract troubles, always consult a specialist first before making use of the organic noni juice.

Other Miscellaneous Conditions: In other conditions such as headaches, joint pains, menstruation in women, diarrhea, bloating and flatulence etc, the usage of noni juice should be made more after the advice of an expert physician or concerned doctor. These are the cases that have evidences of getting worse with time when noni juice was taken on a regular basis. Therefore, make sure to consult a health expert first before making use of organic noni juice in the aforementioned conditions.

Apart from all these conditions and in their absence, noni juice is one of the magical cures that have shown immense relief for the people all over the world. Evidences show that noni juice has certain cancer-inhibiting properties due to which, it is offered on a regular basis to the cancer patients too.

You could always use the organic noni juice but keeping in mind the conditions that accompany close with the product and are highly associated with your well being.

Efficient Sources Of Fibers For The Human Body Functioning


Do you associate the functions of fibers in the body mostly with the restroom? Well, most of you would do so seriously or jokingly. In contrast to this, leave aside the dietary functions of the fibers, these vital elements of a balanced diet are also responsible for preventing many heart and liver-related diseases.

Dietary fibers are one of the integral elements of the diet of humans, which are available in two forms- soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibers turn to gels in the digestive tract and help in slowing down the digestion process, due to which the body-cholesterol and blood-sugar always remains constant.

Insoluble fibers on the other hand help in increasing the bulk of stools which facilitates easy passage of waste out of the body. According to the ‘Institute of Medicines’ the recommended daily intake of fibers for men under 50 is 38 grams per day, while for women, it is 25 grams per day.

The use of fibers would decrease as the person ages, due to decrease in amount of food consumed.

Human beings get the stipulated amount of fibers through various sources, but the most efficient sources are as follows:

Peas and Lentils: Used in various kinds of savory dishes, peas and lentils are good sources of fibers and could provide more than 15 gram of fiber when taken a cup full of the same in cooked state.

Beans: Various kinds of beans such as black beans, kidney beans and lima beans etc. are perfect sources of fibers. A cup full of these in cooked or uncooked state could provide 12 to 15 grams of fibers to the human body.

Artichokes: Artichokes are also used to prepare many kinds of culinary dishes and these veggies are too full of efficient dietary fibers for the human body requirements.

Broccoli: Broccolis are the green veggies, much to the disagreement of taste buds of many. But these vegetables are good sources of various nutrients, one of which are dietary fibers. You could consume broccolis in any cooked dish and in turn, replenish the needs of digestive fibers in the body.

Raspberries and Raspberry Juices: Raspberries are the delicious fruits that apart from meeting the taste requirements of humans, are the excellent sources of dietary fibers as well. The whole fruit as well as Raspberry Juice could be helpful in reloading the body with vital dietary fibers, besides other imperative minerals and antioxidants.

Blackberries: Blackberries too, are the sheer combination of taste and health that provide for the needs of dietary fibers as well. These even find application in many desserts and cocktails and could fulfill the fiber requirements of human body in a trice.

Whole-Grained Foods: Food items that are made up of whole grains such as whole-wheat breads and pancakes etc. could help in replenishing the fiber needs in the human body.

Fibers are one among everyday requirements of the human body and lack of these for a considerable time may give rise to troubles such as constipation, diarrhea, weakness and heart diseases. Therefore, make sure to consume these in appropriate quantities for the efficient body functioning.

Risks Of Edema In The Humans And Its Effective Natural Prevention


One of the most common diseases that affect the human limbs is Edema. Edema is a syndrome in which some of the body parts undergo swelling due to trapping of excess of fluids in the body tissues.

Though edema has no particular place of occurrence in the human body, it occurs mostly in parts of human limbs such as arms, feet, hands, ankle and legs etc. This disorder in the human body could be a result of some medical side-effect, pregnancy or some underlying disease in the human body.

Sometimes, even heart diseases, liver diseases and kidney failures may also lead to edema. Though the mild cases could be treated well with medications, if edema occurs due to some underlying disease in the body, it could well require a separate and specific treatment accordingly.

Symptoms of Edema:

Signs and symptoms of edema include conditions such as:

1. Puffing and swelling of tissues which are directly under the skin

2. Retention of a dimple-like condition on the skin after an affected area is pressed for several seconds

3. Increase in the abdominal size

These are some of the common symptoms that are not possibly threatening. Otherwise, you would need an immediate help if edema in the body would result in conditions such as:

1. Shortness of Breath

2. Pain in Chest

3. Difficulty in Breathing

These are the signals that indicate the presence of pulmonary edema which require a swift treatment.

Causes of Edema:

Edema in the human body could be a result of wide reasons. Some of the categories under which edema causes could be grouped are:

Mild Reasons:

1. Excess of salt in the food

2. Sitting or standing in a particular position for long time

3. Premenstrual symptoms

4. During pregnancy

Due To Drug Side Effects:

Edema could be caused due to side-effects of drugs such as:

1. Hypertension medications

2. Anti-inflammatory drugs

3. Oestrogens

4. Diabetes medications

However, certain edema conditions in the body may result due to some kind of perilous disorder such as:

Congestive Heart Failure: When either one or both of the lower chambers of the heart lose their capability to pump blood, the blood could find a place to rest in the legs, ankles and hands which causes edema. Heart failure may also lead to swelling of the abdominal region, which itself is a symptom of edema.

Cirrhosis: Due to damage of human liver, the body fluids may get accumulated in the legs which result in edema.

Kidney Diseases And Damages: Due to kidney diseases and damages, there could be an accumulation of some extra fluid and mineral sodium, which could lead to possible symptoms of edema.

Diagnosis of Edema:

Edema is generally diagnosed with the medical history of the symptoms of patient. The current state of health, the period of existence of signs and symptoms and the information about existence of such a disorder before could also be collected from the patient.

As per medical diagnosis, edema conditions may be made clear with the help of

1. Chest X-Rays

2. Blood Test

3. Heart Function tests

4. Urine tests

5. Liver tests

Treating Edema:

Edema in the human body could be cured easily with the medications, unless some strict specific treatment due to malfunctioningof some inner critical organ is not required.

Physicians and dermatologists after proper examination would suggest some kind of diuretics which would increase motions and pee. As a result to this, the extra fluid content in the body would be removed and it would prevent fluid buildup in a certain portion of the body.

As a natural prevention method, you could make use of Elderberry fruits and organic Elderberry Juice. Elderberries are said to be the natural diuretics which enhance the kidney functioning and support them to eliminate all the extra fluids off the body.

Due to this, the humans get rid of causes such as fluid buildup at a particular place which results in edema. Further, elderberry juice could also help in enhancing functions of human heart and liver due to which, they always remain free of troubles.

Other natural products such as extracts from dandelion, lavender, bearberry, horsetail and hawthorn etc. are also helpful in preventing edema. You could use these natural methods, if your body is too prone to this disorder.