Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts Of Cranberry Juice



Wild, unique and completely natural, cranberries are known to be extremely rich in natural compounds known as phyto nutrients. In particular it is known to be rich in proanthocyanidins which has to been found to be extremely helpful in an all round development of the body.

These berries are a very rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, lutein, folate and zea xanthin and also certain minerals like manganese and potassium. These berries are known to be packed with several different kinds of chemical compounds which are known to be particularly helpful in the prevention of the urinary tract infection, tooth cavities and also some inflammatory diseases.

Benefits Of Cranberries To General Health

These cranberries have a very high percentage of compounds known as flavonoids, particularly proanthocyanidins. Studies have shown that these may be helpful in the fight against aging, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, bacterial infections and even neurological diseases. Studies have shown, and a lot of people do support this claim, that consumption of cranberry juice helps in getting rid of the urinary tract infection which is largely caused due to a particular type of bacteria.

The acidic nature of these berries and hence the juice when consumed is known to prevent the formation of plaque on the enamel of the teeth by reducing the ability of the bacteria to stick to the surface. The acidity of the cranberry juice is known to turn the urine also acidic. This in turn helps in the prevention of the bacterial infection in the urinary tract and also helps in the prevention of alkaline stones from forming in the urinary tract.


Fresh cranberries are found in the market from the month of October right up to December. However it is known that the body absorbs most of the nutrients when consumed in the form of juice and so it is preferred to consume the juice instead of the berries. The berries can be quite tart and so not many seem to prefer the taste. To attract more customers the manufacturers tend to add a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners in the cranberry juice to make it sweeter.

While choosing the right kind of cranberry juices do make sure that you go for the brand which has added minimal sweeteners or sugar in the juice. If you do not be careful in this regard then instead of helping the body it will damage it.

Safety Profile

Cranberries are rich in oxalic acid as well which occurs naturally in several fruits and vegetables. However it may crystallize and end up forming oxalate stones in some people. Anybody with a history of tract stone formations is advised to consume a lot of water when cranberries are added to the diet.

Anyone who is on warfarin therapy was known to bleed excessively when cranberry juice is being consumed. So anyone who is on this sort of medication is advised to stay away from the cranberry juice.

Goji Berry Juice: Things You Should Know About It

Goji berry Benefit

Goji berry Benefit

The goji berries and mostly the goji berry juice have taken the world by storm due to the great quantities of nutrients that have been found in them.

Goji berries, what are they?

Wolf berry is another name given to the goji berries. These delicious and amazingly nutritious berries are a beautiful reddish orange on the outside. They have been found in China for a number of years. Historical evidences indicate that the Chinese have been eating these berries and also using them as medicine for more than 2000 years. Most of these medicines were used to treat diseases like diabetes, fever, issues related to old age and also high blood pressure.

What nutrients are found in the goji berry juice?

Carotenoids are found in an amazing quantity in these goji berries. Beta carotene and also lycopene are the two carotenoids which are found in abundance. Studies have found that goji berries also contain a very large percentage of antioxidants which are very necessary to keep the body healthy.

Whish are the minerals found in the juice of the goji berries?

Minerals like iron, zinc, copper, selenium, phosphorous, germanium and also calcium are found to be present in the goji berry juice.

What are the benefits that the goji berry juice offers?

Although this is still inconclusive, the goji berries are known to prevent cancer and in the initial stages of the disease it may also behave as an aid to the treatment of the disease. The antioxidants also may strengthen the immunity of the body. It may also improve the quantity of minerals which need to be present in the body. A number of diseases like anti – aging, digestive problems, arthritis and also diabetes.

Can we lose weight by consuming the goji berry juice?

The juice and also the fruit both are known to contain a large quantity of fibre in them and also have very few calories in them. The fibre content and low calorie help the body to regulate and also reduce the weight of the body. This may result in some weight loss.

Should the goji berries be added to the diet?

It is found to be very helpful to the body and hence is a great bonus if it is added o the regular diet to make it whole and also balanced. So yes it may be a great idea to add it to the regular diet.

Do we feel a boost of energy due to the consumption of the goji berry juice?

The juice has been known to calm the body down. It is known to be a lifter of moods and it does boost energy content in the body. Athletes especially find this property of the goji berry juice to be very helpful.

If you want to add this to your diet then do it. But bear in mind that you will not miraculously recover from all of your ailments. It doe stake some time before you can begin seeing its effects but soon you’ll find that your body is much healthier than it used it be.

Black Cherry Supplements: Things You Should Know About

We are more than familiar with the black cherries. Found in several different forms in both drinks as well as foods, it is more than just another tasty ingredient. It is very beneficial to obtain a healthier body. More so in the form of black cherry concentrates which are extracted from the fruit.

Black cherry Juice

Black cherry Juice

Why Should You Consume Black Cherries?

Black cherries have been known to have some antioxidants in them. Researches are being carried out to determine all of the benefits that one stands to receive simply by consuming these amazingly tasty cherries. So far some have determined that these cherries help in preventing the cell from getting damaged and so may protect the arteries from plaque formation. Since most of these studies are still in the initial stages, not much is known regarding the beneficial properties of antioxidants.

Most of us are aware of damages that the body may suffer from due to exercises. One of the several studies carried out on these berries have shown that if we regularly drink consume the black cherry concentrate then it might just protect our body from these damages. Some of the juice blends involving black cherries may also help in getting over insomnia and maybe even valerian.

The bark of the black cherry tree may also help as a cough suppressant largely due to the presence of a compound known as cyanogenic glycosides. In small quantities it is very helpful in suppressing the entire mechanism that induces coughing. But this same thing if consumed in large quantities may be toxic. Most of the commonly used cough medicines tend to have this compound in them. Once it is consumed, it is observed to also behave as a sedative.

Some of the other health issues like pain, digestive problems and also colds to a certain extent can also be treated using this bark. Although people do believe in the healing powers of both the black cherry fruit as well as the bark, science is yet to support these claims.

What Is The right Dosage Of Consumption?

Since science doesn’t necessarily consider the black cherries to be medicines, there actually isn’t enough knowledge regarding how much is to be consumed. People are known to drink approximately 12 drops of this extract either by diluting it in water or directly consuming it. Since this is just an assumption, it is advisable to take a doctor’s advice before going ahead with it.

The black cherries are found in jams, jellies, sodas, pies and several more. They are not just delicious but are also extremely nutritious. That being said, the leaves of this amazing tree are known to be poisonous as a particular compound found in them when consumed turns into cyanide once it enters the body. The bark also contains this exact same compound and so it is recommended that you always seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before you begin consuming them. As long as you remember these things, you are good to go.

Mangosteen: A Super Fruit Or Just Another Fruit?

Largely grown in countries lying in the tropical belt of the world like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and also Vietnam, Mangosteen is a fruit with an attractive purple coloured rind. This fruit grows to a size of a regular peach or even a small apple. Since the name of the fruit has ‘Mango’ in it, a lot of people believe that they are somehow related. On the contrary there is no similarity between these two very distinct fruits.

mangosteen juice

mangosteen juice

The Mangosteen is a peculiar looking fruit having a very hard outside (rind) with a soft, pulpy inside. The inside of this fruit bears a close resemblance to garlic but are sweet to taste and sometimes may even have a tart taste.

The Uses Of The Mangosteen

Although Mangosteen is considered to be an exotic fruit to rest of the world, in countries belonging to Southeast Asia it is just another fruit. In these areas, the rind as well as the entire fruit has been used by generations of people over several centuries to make very beneficial medicines. The rind used to be used to make a special kind of tea which was believed to have helped people deal with diabetes, gonorrhoea and bladder infections. Ointments for the treatment of skin rashes were also made using the rind.

Although the natives didn’t know or understand the reason why the Mangosteen is so powerful, modern science has come up with some answers. Studies have now shown us that the Mangosteen contains alpha mangostin, garcinogen E, garcinogen B and beta mangostin. All of these powerful compounds are collectively known as xanthones. Several studies time and again have proven that xanthones in general are anti – cancerous. Hence, it is believed that Mangosteen may contain some anti – cancerous properties as well. Apart from this it is also believed to be anti – fungal, anti – microbial, anti – inflammatory and anti – septic.

How Well Known Is Mangosteen?

Mangosteen had remained localised to the native Asian countries for a very long time. But in 2002 a company from Utah chanced upon this amazing fruit and introduced it to America. Once people began to realise how beneficial the Mangosteen is, there was no looking back for the Mangosteen juice. These days it happens to be one of the most in demand organic drinks.

Primarily Mangosteen is known as a super fruit. This is largely credited to the xanthones found in the fruit. But another compound called tannin, found largely in the rind, is also known to be a very important compound. Due to this compound being found in the fruit, the Mangosteen can be used for treating several different kinds of skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome and also diarrhoea.

Things To Look Out For

Xanthones are known to interfere with the clotting capability of the blood and so it might interfere with medication prescribed for thinning of the blood. Excessive consumption of these xanthones is also considered to bring about some ill effects on the body. All in all it is a great thing to add to your diet but in small quantities.

Prevent Those Nasty Infections By Drinking The Cranberry Juice


A lot of women, a very big percentage at that, are found to have suffered from Urinary Tract Infections. All of them seem to have suffered from one of the tract infections at least one of once before they reach the age of 25.

Known to be very painful, women dread the thought of infections but are most prone to it and a lot of them seem to get infected again and again.

The cranberry juice is known to have a very high quantity of Vitamin C in it. Also the juice is highly acidic and this is the reason why it is considered as a cure for all sorts of urinary tract infections.

It is believed that the acid content in the fruit also makes the urine quite acidic. This acid content in the urine makes it very inhospitable for the infection causing bacteria to multiply. This in turn helps in the prevention of the urinary infections. This has been a long standing belief among researchers.

More recent reports have come up with a completely new theory altogether. The bacteria which cause this infection are found to hang on to the walls of the bladder using some special hook like structures. There are some special compounds present in the cranberry juice which prevent the bacteria from attaching themselves to the walls of the bladder and when the bladder is emptied, these also get flushed out of the body and hence the body gets rid of infections. These compounds are known to not just treat the infection but also prevent it from occurring again.

Although this is great news for women, especially those who suffer from recurring infections, it is not always helpful. The cranberry juice is quite high in terms of acidity and so it may not suit everybody’s body. Some people are known to suffer from problems like nausea, stomach discomfort, diarrhoea and in certain cases gastroesophagal reflux due to the consumption of the cranberry juice.

Since a lot of research hasn’t been done on the cranberry juice as a component to drive away the infections, there is no known dosage for the consumption of this juice. But it is being said that just 1.7 ounces of the cranberry juice when consumed every single day then the chances of being affected by the UTI is reduced by more than 20%.

This is true for most men as well but they do not tend to suffer from urinary tract infections as much as women and so very few studies have focussed on them. Those few studies also show the same kind of response from the bodies of men who consume the cranberry juice.

Although this is the biggest health benefit that the cranberry juice is known to provide, there are other benefits as well. It is known to protect the teeth from decaying, the infections of the respiratory system is prevented, anti – aging and several more.

If the infection doesn’t completely cure on consuming the cranberry juice then it is advised that you do see a doctor in this regard.

Noni Juice: What Exactly Is It?

Ever since the secrets of the Noni juice has been revealed to the world it has been generating a lot of interest especially among the health circles of the world. The popularity of this amazingly healthy juice is literally growing by the minute as more and more people are sitting up and taking notice of the same.

The natives believed a lot in the healing powers of this fruit. Modern studies are also supporting most of these claims being made by them.

Noni Fruit

noni fruit

noni fruit

Noni happens to be an evergreen tree which is native to the countries that are found in the regions of Australia, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia and also some regions in India. Proofs have been found which claims that these fruits were used centuries ago to make red dyes and also yellow dyes and these were later used to dye clothes. A lot of different kinds of medicines are also made using the fruit and was also used for application on the skin to get rid some skin infections.

Literally the entire noni tree was and sometimes still is used to make different kinds of medicines. The fruit, stem, roots, flowers, bark and also the leaves are all known to be very health and nutritious.

Although a lot of fruit juices are known to contain antioxidants in them, the noni juice stands apart as it contains a very percentage of these antioxidants which are very essential for the body. It also contains some very essential vitamins and also minerals.

Noni Juice: benefit of consumption

Ailments like cough, malarial fever, fever, painful urination, nausea, convulsions, constipation, colic, liver disease and several more diseases are known to be brought down by the consumption of the noni juice. It was used to even treat some dangerous diseases as well like stroke, small pox, enlarged spleen, arthritis, kidney disorders, gastric ulcers, pain, cataract etc. A lot more diseases can be added to this list as the benefits offered by the noni is endless.

The traditional medicines were for a long time used by all for treating all sorts of pain. Even the bark of this tree was utilised as a form of aid during childbirth.

Today we know that it activates the immune system of the body. Most of the nutrients present in it prevent the cells from getting damages and if they already are damaged, it helps in repairing these cells and hence keeps the body younger for a lot longer.

Although there aren’t any sources which tell us that the noni juice isn’t very good for health, it is advised that pregnant and also nursing women stay away from this juice as no research has managed to conclusively rule out any negative effects of the fruit.

If you are facing problems due to your kidneys and are undergoing medication then eating the noni fruit or drinking the juice may not be a good idea. The noni has high potassium content and may just make the condition a lot worse.

Goji Berry Juice And Its Benefits

Has goji berry been used for long?

Lycium barbarum is the name by which science knows the Goji berry. But this hasn’t always been the case. Introduced to the modern relatively recently, the goji berry has been used by the natives, especially in China, for centuries. The goji berry juice contains several therapeutic properties, largely due to the antioxidants present in it, which the native medicine men were completely aware of and hence have been using it to help in dealing with a number of problems. They revered it and one of the poets went a step further and even wrote a poem about it.

Dried Goji Berries

Dried Goji Berries

What is the nutrition content that may be found in the goji berry juice?

A very good percentage of carotenoids (beta carotene and lycopene) are found in the fruit and also the juice. A lot of studies have time and again shown that the goji berry juice has substantial amount of antioxidants in them. These antioxidants are credited for most of the beneficial effects of this berry. Apart from these major components some trace minerals are also found like phosphorous, calcium, iron, germanium, zinc, copper and also selenium. All of these are known to benefit the body in some or the other way and hence improve the overall health.

A lot has been said about goji berry improving the quality of the skin. How true is it?

Although a lot of the studies being carried out on the goji berry are still in the primary stages, so far goji berry is known to prevent the damage that may be caused by the UV radiation to the skin. The UV radiation leads to a type of reaction called lipid peroxidation in the skin which is very harmful but the antioxidants in the juice ends up preventing it.

Some studies have shown that people with sensitive skin and also those who are prone to sun burns benefit greatly from this juice.

What are the other benefits that my body stands to achieve if I regularly consume the goji berry juice?

The natives have long believed that the goji berry juice contains some serious immunity enhancing properties. Not just that, they also believed that the juice can reverse the process of aging.

Today, modern technology and also science has helped us to understand if these claims made by the natives are true or false. We have found that the goji berry juice may help the body strengthen the immunity of the body. Although it does not reverse the aging of the body, it is now known that it does, to certain extent, slow down the rate at which the body ages. The cells of the body are protected and hence our body ages a lot slower than usual.

Apart from these benefits, it is also known to help in strengthening the bones, improving the memory, weight management, strengthening muscles, controlling cholesterol, regulating the function of the body and many more.

With these benefits to offer it is no wonder that the goji berry juice has been added to the list of super foods.