Be Organic This Black Friday- The amazing Natural Health Drinks and their Benefits

Being Organic

Whenever you try to buy a health drink, you will come across several different varieties. But among all of those health drinks, the ones that will truly help your body are the organic health drinks. There is no end to the varieties of the health drinks that you can come across. You’ve got the cranberry juice, goji berry juice, mangosteen juice, noni juice, black cherry concentrates and several more.

There is no end to how these drinks are beneficial to our body. They help in calming our body and also help in getting rid of several diseases. These have been used as the traditional medicine by the natives for centuries. These ‘super foods’ had remained in the shadows of the artificially produced health drinks but more recently it has regained its spot as ‘the drink’. More and more celebrities are using them to keep their bodies in the perfect shape.

Let us go through some of the well known drinks and its benefits

1. Goji berry juice
The goji berries have been largely found in the cooler areas of china. This juice has been consumed by the natives for more than 2000 years.

goji berries


They had always known that the juice does help the body deal with a number of diseases. It has only recently come to the knowledge of the modern world that the goji berry juice may help in dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, age related problems and even something as simple as fever. They are also known to be helpful in aiding the treatment of cancer, arthritis and also anti – aging. It is known to also strengthen the immune system.

2. Cranberry juice
The cranberry juice is a tart fruit which gets its tart taste due to its acidic nature. These acidic properties of the cranberry juice prevent the urinary tract infections (UTI).
Cranberry Fruit
The juice is known to contain a compound known as proanthocyanidin which inhibits the UTI causing bacteria from sticking onto the surface of the bladder and hence it helps in flushing them out of the system.

Apart from the UTI the juice is also known to help in the prevention of plaque formation, gum diseases, respiratory problems, heart problems, peptic ulcers lung inflammation etc. It is also known to have anti tumour effects and also more importantly anti aging effects. It is also known to boost energy in the body.

3. Mangosteen juice
It is a citrus fruit which is so beneficial that all the parts of the fruit including the rind is utilised to make the mangosteen juice. It is slightly sweet as well as tart to taste.


The mangosteen fruit and also the juice have a very high percentage of phytoceuticals in them which are known as xanthones. It is known to have anti – inflammatory, anti – viral, anti – tumour, anti – bacterial and anti – oxidant properties.

It is known to help in the treatment of cancer in its preliminary stages. It helps in the treatment of stomach disorders and skin conditions like eczema.

4. Black cherry supplements
Black cherries have an extremely high concentration of antioxidants in them. These are probably one of the richest sources of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the oxidation of the cells in the body and hence help in achieving a strong immune system.  The black cherry juice or supplements is known to calm the nerves and hence may help in the treatment of adhd, and may also help in inducing sound sleep.

Black cherry

It is known to be especially helpful in the treatment of gout and osteoarthritis. The gout sufferers swear that the juice helps in dealing with the gout related pain. It is also known to help in getting rid of the cold, cough and body pains.

5. Noni juice
The popularity of the noni juice seems to be ever increasing. It helps in reducing the pain as well as joint destruction. It also contains, anti – cancer, antioxidant, anti – diabetic properties. It helps in treating gout, healing wounds, protecting liver and also to reduce the bacterial activity in the body.
Noni Juice
These are just a few of the several natural juices available to us. With the regular consumption of just a small quantity, these juices seem to work wonders on the body and also help us to prevent several diseases that sometimes can also be fatal.

So go ahead and include them in your diet but if you are on some sort of medication then do check with your doctor before adding them to your regular diet.

11 Awesome Gifts To Give This Black Friday


1. Adopt a black pet
An unfortunate fact is that among all the pets in the animal shelters, black pets happen to get adopted the slowest. Even in these modern days people somehow seem to refrain from adopting a black dog or seem to be scared of having a black cat roam around their home. Get rid of those thoughts and adopt a black furry friend. Give them the life and love that they deserve. Spend these holidays with a new friend.

Apart from being the best companions, pets have been known to help improve our health as well. They are known to help in dealing with a range of diseases, from lowering the blood pressure to helping in the treatment of epilepsy.

Do not just adopt a pet because you feel like it; be sure that your house is pet friendly.

2. Treat your family and friends to some cast iron cooking
Technology has made it easier to clean our dishes but along with it, it has also brought in some health issues. Most of these non stick pots and pans add a very minute quantity of toxic substances in the food that is cooked in it.

Cast iron vessels can be great thing to cook with once you learn to use them. So go ahead and treat your loved ones to a very healthy and non – toxic meal.

3. Duct tape
It might sound a little insane but there isn’t anything that a duct tape can’t fix. This may help to ease a little stress.

4. Balaclava
Holidays are notoriously famous for being cold, so this holiday season buy a balaclava. Cover yourself up or gift it to a loved one and remain warm and cosy.

5. Glass water bottle
Plastic bottles may also seep in a little toxicity in the water that we store in it. So buy a glass water bottle, which is safe and reusable. So keep the chemicals at bay and choose the healthy way of drinking water.

6. Organic health drinks
Probably the best gift that you can possibly give to yourself or your loved ones is the gift of health. In the time and age where everything has become artificial, buy some organic health drinks for everybody and kick start these holidays with a toast to great health.
A number of studies have proven that these organic health drinks help in a dealing with a whole array of disease, from something as small as acne to something as huge as cancer. You can choose any of the respective product and check its usefulness with the person you are sending your gift. As a good suggestion in case any of your family member or friend suffering from eczema/skin disorders, asthma, digestive disorders, helps aches and pains, arthritis, diabetes, colitis, stomach disorders, boost energy, cancer then you can prefer organic noni juice. I hope this will definitely mark your presence and you will be glad to see a healthy smile on your loved one face.

7. Beer growler
If you are fond of beer, or have a friend who loves beer then this is the perfect gift.
Local breweries normally provide beer in glass bottles which have a screw on lids. This is a perfect thing to store the beer if you are going to consume it within a day or two. But in the longer run, the bubbly beer will fall flat.

So buy a beer growler and continue to keep the beer bubbly for as long as you like.

8. Black tea
Since the green tea has become a health rage, the humble black tea has taken a back seat. But studies have proven that both the black a well as the green tea offer the same benefits to our body. Both the varieties of tea have more than 8 to 10 times the antioxidants found in vegetables and fruits.

9. Black ninja blender
If you or somebody you know is a big fan of smoothies then this is definitely ‘the gift’ to give. The black ninja blender comes with containers of different sizes which can be used according to the requirement. It is known to crush ice as well as the frozen fruits with equal ease. It will be a great help to make smoothies in the morning before you rush out and face the world.

10. Black fermented garlic
Fresh garlic is fermented at very high temperatures in a controlled environment to obtain the black garlic. Thus the garlic cloves ferment and turn black and get a sweet taste.
Some studies have shown that this can help in reducing the size of the tumour, and may also help in reducing cholesterol and also improving psoriasis.

11. Sleep mask
This is especially helpful for people who work the second or maybe the third shift. It helps you gain some good sleep and will freshen you when you wake up by blocking out those sharp rays of the sun that make you squint.

Go ahead and choose one of the above mentioned gifts. Or better yet, choose all of them and make yourself or a loved one happy.

How To Lose Weight- Try These Proven Tricks

Weight Loss

Losing weight can become a reality!

Everyone wishes to lose extra pounds but ‘HOW’ is the main concern. Here we are proposing some tips to include in our daily routine that will help burn fat quicker and lose extra weight.

1. Adding healthy food in diet:

Instead of subtracting food items from your diet, add them. Include healthy foods that you like for example, grapes, deep-red cherries, snow peas etc. Add vegetables into sauces, stews and soups. Keep fruits at your workplace and eat them when you feel hungry during snack time. Additionally, avoid fried foods like French fries etc.

2. Walking whenever possible:

Walking is very easy way to keep fit. Even walking for a few minutes is better than not attempting at all. In day-to-day activities, there are certain chances that one can try to bring walking in our routine. Try to park your car farther in the parking lot. If traveling by bus, get off few stops earlier. Use stairs instead of lift.

3. Opting for low-calorie versions of your favorite food:

Instead of completely omitting your favorite dish, alter it to lower-calorie form. For example, order pizza with reduced-fat cheese, switch to diet cold drinks, purchase low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt etc. Fiber makes you feel full, so add fiber rich foods such as whole wheat, bell peppers etc., into diet.

4. Drinking sufficient water:

Drink water before a meal so that you will not feel starved. Drinking plenty of water helps body to cleanse digestive system and makes you feel fresh.

5. Share your meals:

Some restaurants offer very large portions in a dish. Therefore, sharing your meals with your partner will help you not to stuff everything.

6. Doing physical activity when you tune in:

Dance when you are hearing to your favorite music show. Moreover, while watching your favorite show on television, walk on the treadmill or ride your stationary bike. Aim for at least 15 minutes of such activities.

7. Amount Matters:

Having less food in bigger plate can increase your cravings for more. Therefore, smaller dish size gives you indication that you have sufficient food and makes you feel satisfied. Use smaller bowls for ice-cream with baby spoon. Eating ice-cream with smaller spoon helps body to feel the pleasure of dessert for a longer time along with satisfaction. In cafeteria, use a smaller box instead of a bigger one to stuff whatever you like which would help you to avoid overeating. Brush your teeth after having dinner, which can help you to avoid eating again.

8. Avoid eating while watching TV:

Eating while watching TV channels distracts your attention from food and that can lead to over eating. Therefore, watch what and how much you are eating. Eat your meals on time everyday and do not skip it and make yourself feel hungry

9. Keep patience:

Loosing a few pounds is not possible in a single day although it becomes easier over time with added physical activities and the right kind of food and eating habits.

10. Motivate yourself:

Purchase a pair of little tight pants or jeans and keep them at a place where you can see it daily

Discover Easy Ways to Build Strong Bones

Strong-Bones-Natural Juices Tips

It is true that we start losing bones as we are aging.  Bone loss may cause osteoporosis- a disease that makes your bones so brittle which are easily breakable. A foremost cause of disability is fractures from osteoporosis. Sounds terrifying?

But you do not have to worry. The good news is that, Osteoporosis is not always a part of aging as there are lots of things you can do to keep your bones healthy and strong.

A healthy diet significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone loss.

The two most critical Nutrients: Vitamin D and Calcium  
Many nutrients are crucial to maintain bone. Among those the most essential nutrients are – Vitamin D and Calcium.
Calcium is a vital building block of tissues of bones. Vitamin D helps your body absorb and process this calcium. These two nutrients can be called as the keystones of your healthy bones.

Vitamin D – It is involved in regulating the level of minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, thereby assisting your body to prevent and treat –

1. Rickets – a disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin D,
2. Osteoporosis – a disease that causes weak bones,
3. Osteomalacia – a disease that causes bone pain and
4. Bone loss in case of hyperparathyroidism.

Your body makes vitamin D naturally, once your bare skin is exposed to the sunlight. This is the most simple as well as natural source of vitamin D for your body. It can also be found in few amounts in foods such as fatty fish like herring, tuna, sardines and mackerel.

Vitamin D deficiency has become common in all ages. Especially, older people are at high threat of vitamin deficiency. The reason behind this is inefficiency of the body to produce vitamin D, due to aging. It is also common in such regions of the world where sunlight is not enough to produce vitamin D, especially in the season of winter.

For such people taking vitamin d supplements is a good option to get essential amount of vitamin D.

Calcium – A mineral which is an indispensable part of your bones and teeth. The nerves, blood-clotting systems and heart also require calcium to work. Calcium is used for treatment and prevention of –

1. Low calcium levels
2. Premenstrual syndrome(PMS),
3. Leg cramps in pregnant women,
4. High blood pressure in pregnant women known as pre-eclampsia and
5. Rectal cancers.

In simple words, calcium is used to control muscle as well as nerve function and to manage blood stream’s acid/base balance. From this humble description, you can understand how calcium-rich foods play a role in various aspects of your health, extending far beyond the particular area of health of your bones.

Milk and various dairy products like yogurt, cheese are calcium-rich products. In addition to this, there are various other foods containing calcium which help children to get sufficient calcium levels in daily diet, such as:

  • Fruits– Oranges
  • Fish– Salmon, sardines
  • Beans and peas– Black beans, baked beans, tofu, peanuts, peas
  • Leafy green vegetables– Spinach, broccoli, kale
  • Miscellaneous– Sesame seeds, brown sugar, corn tortillas, blackstrap molasses, almonds

8 Simple Steps To Boost Your Immune System


For most of us, the immune system appears like a mystery. It is large as well as complex and performs wide-ranging functions. Researchers and Scientists are continuously studying it and making novel discoveries.

Your immune system shields your body against the viruses that may cause flu and colds. These are few easy steps to make your immune system ready to battle against those viruses.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains – Eat more vegetables and fruits, which are good sources of nutrients such as beta-carotene, zinc and vitamins. Try to have a wide range of brightly colored vegetables and fruits including citrus fruits, kiwi, berries, kale, apples, red grapes, sweet potatoes, onions, spinach, and carrots.

Fresh garlic is also good for your immune system, which fights bacteria and viruses. Chicken soup is one more good option for you, especially when you are suffering from flu or cold.  Some mushroom varieties like Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi can also support your immune system.

Get At Least Half An Hour Of Exercise Daily
Immune System is a very smart and amazing thing. When you are healthy, your immune system is in balance. When you fall sick, various constituents of it would grow strong, thereby taking charge to fight against whatever is attacking your body like a bacteria or virus. Try to get moderate, regular exercise, like daily walk of at least 30 minutes. It helps your immune system battle against infection. Exercise can boost your feel-good chemicals which helps you improve sleep hours.

Wash Your Hands
It is very simple as shown more often in advertisements on television. It is absolutely true that by improving your hygiene practices you can prevent yourself from common diseases that have been responsible for killing a huge population in the past.

Get Enough Sleep
Have you ever noticed that, when you do get enough sleep, you are likely to get infections like cold. This happens due to high levels of the stress hormone in your body due to insufficient sleep. While you are sleeping, your body works to support hale and hearty brain function as well as maintain your physical fitness. In teens and children, sleep also supports development and growth.

The damage due to sleep deficiency may occur in an instant (example: a car crash). Lack of sleep causes harm to your body over a period of time. For example, ongoing deficiency can increase the risk for chronic health problems too. It also affects how well you react, think, learn, work and learn. Sleep deficiency has also been allied to physical mental health problems which stem from a diminished immune system.

Getting adequate quality sleep helps you function fine throughout the day, which helps to keep a good balance of your hormones.

Get Vaccinations
Unvaccinated children are more often at greater risk than that of vaccinated children. Hence it is very important to get vaccinations to protect yourself from numerous invasive viral and bacterial infections.

Keep Your Weight In Control
It has now become a general knowledge that obesity welcomes various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and fatty liver disease; however have you ever heard that obesity can affect your immune system.

Eating a diet which is rich in antioxidants, proteins and fibers, like various fruits and vegetables helps you keep immune system functioning in a proper way. In addition to this, try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

In short, exercise and a healthy diet should be made a part of your daily routine in order to have a healthy immune system.

Do Not Smoke
No doubt, you have to be very serious about it. Smoking damages your immune system as it affects specifically one of the most important organs – the lungs. It damages respiratory tract cilia- the small, microscopic arms which propel the particle and bacteria towards your mouth and off the lungs. In short they act as a vacuum cleaner of the lungs throwing away such dangerous dirt and bugs. Smoking also damages your immune cells that exist in the lungs. The tar generated while you are smoking, gets in these immune cells and as a result may harm your entire immune system. So the conclusion is, if you do not want to fall sick more often, stay away from smoking.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol
If you drink excess of alcohol, it impacts your immune system and makes it susceptible to various infections and diseases. Chronic drinkers are often likely to suffer from disorders like tuberculosis, pneumonia and many other infections. Physicians have observed that excessive consumption of alcohol affects not only liver but also lead to increased illness or death from diseases like pneumonia.

Start With Your Daily Meals
No doubt, food is the very first thing you should start with. Make a habit to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables and split the remaining half between grains and lean protein.
Taking too much supplements can be bad for you. Ask nutritionist or your doctor what you need to get enough minerals and vitamins.

Manage Your Stress
Modern life is filled with deadlines, frustrations, hassles and demands. For most of the population, stress is so ordinary that it has now become a way of their life. When you are continuously staying in an emergency mode, your body and mind may have to pay the price. You have to protect yourself by identifying the symptoms and signs of stress and take steps to diminish its harmful effects.

You can follow stress management plan that includes enough sleep, various relaxation techniques, exercise, build a network of friends whom you can communicate with. Consider counseling, when it comes to a very stressful time.

10 Easy Steps to Stay in Fine Fettle

Health Tips-Natural Juices

1. Start Your Day With a Healthy Breakfast

The keystone of a healthy diet is a healthy breakfast, but still very few of us eat breakfast daily and the others skip it entirely. Your breakfast is simply a meal that provides you a good opportunity to have a serving of a digestible protein, whole grains and fruits. However, the energy you get from this meal can carry you since your morning and it is far better than what you get from stimulating foods such as coffee and sweets. A breakfast incorporating fruits, whole grain cereals and oatmeal is always rich in fibers which absorbs cholesterol in the intestines and help you lower high levels of cholesterol.

More importantly, when you skip breakfast, your body goes for more than 10 hours without any other source of energy which is quite similar to begin a kind of starvation. Your body then tends to need high carbohydrates and high fat foods, resulting in consumption of more calories than what you really need.

Consequently, if you want to improve your nutrition and diet and stay fit as you age, have a healthy breakfast every day.

2. Drink Minimum Eight Glasses of Water Every Day

The wise man’s drink is water which is vital to every single life on earth. It contributes in various functions in the body that includes digestion, circulation and absorption of nutrients. It plays a significant role in proper detoxification and elimination of wastes through sweating, defecation, urination, mucus and tears which route your digestive and respiratory tracts.

However, pure water is always better than what you get from foods and beverages as water in this form is efficacious health practice as well as extremely inexpensive.

Physicians recommend use of clean and hygienic sources of water, solid carbon filters like reverse osmosis and multi-pure filters. Water that is sold in soft plastic containers, mainly in hot climates is not good for health because these containers could leach plastics into water.

3. Have a Good Quality Mineral/ Multivitamin Supplement

It is very obvious that eating a healthy diet delivers you all of the minerals and vitamins you need to enjoy fit and healthy life and reduce the danger of chronic diseases.

A health-promoting diet is very essential component of a good health. Numerous scientific researchers have shown that eating nutritional supplements of a good quality may help you acquire optimal health. It is possible to get all kinds of nutrients from your daily food intake but the reality is most of the people do not get.

A latest study found that regular usage of a multivitamin by old people is a somewhat inexpensive yet possibly powerful approach to stay healthy. In simple words, taking a multiple mineral and vitamin formula can be viewed as economical health insurance.

4. Stay Connected With Other People

By our nature, humans are social animals. We bring up our young and form families and recognize ourselves as fragment of large social groups like neighborhood ties, circles of friends and memberships in organizations and clubs. Connecting with other people and forming bonds of communication and intimacy nourish our emotional and spiritual health as much as a healthy diet nourishes our bodies.

In this age, usual cut off from other people may lead to the prevalence of feelings of isolation and depression. Most of the time, your day-to-day lives are surrounded by many people but unfortunately without making any meaningful connections. The increased use of technologies like internet is a mixed boon that allows you connect with others via chat and email groups, while staying in the isolation at your homes. When the internet makes you feel connected, these kinds of communications may lack the substantial components of body language, touch and face-to-face communication.

Your connection with other people makes you healthy and creates a kind of positive relationships, forming a healing influence around you, so make an effort to get connected with others as far as possible.

5. Express Yourself Appropriately

Emotional factors play a very vital role in your health and illness and the seven emotions which mostly affect are: sadness, joy, anger, pensiveness, fear, fright and grief. However, if any of the above emotions are excessive for a long duration of time or if in case it arises all of a sudden with a strong force, it can definitely lead to illness and imbalances.

Instead, expressing your emotions in appropriate ways could be preventive. In the society, this takes little awareness as well as careful selection of words, because the expressions of negative emotions like sadness or anger is often disheartened socially. However, it is very important to stay in touch with your feelings and to show these feelings in authentic ways.

One simple way to properly express your anger is by use of “I” messages. Instead of saying “You are making me angry when you….,” try to say “When you …., I feel that……” Such kind of conversation takes possession of feelings and incites less defensiveness in the person standing in front of you.

Expressing you appropriately is not so easy but creates rewards in inspiring your emotional lives as well as your connections and relationships with other people.

6. Eat Vegetables and Fruits

You might have heard it before for a thousand times: Eat vegetables and fruits! You perhaps know that you should eat ample of fresh produce each day. Here are few compelling nutritional truths that tell you how to go about getting adequate into your diet.

Vegetables and fruits supply innumerable nutrients those are important for health such as proanthocyanidins – potent antioxidants found in dark-colored berries. These antioxidants hunt free-radicals (which are responsible for cell damage), slow down the process of aging and help your body fight cancer. One other example is – The orange color of sweet potatoes and carrots indicates the great levels of beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A by your body. This vitamin A is very important for healthy eyes and skin. Spinach is again a decent source of vitamin, calcium and iron. All vegetables and fruits supply your body with fibers which are needed for regulating cholesterol as well as proper bowel function.

7.    Spend Minimum 30 Minutes Outdoors

Like proper nutrition, exercise and clean water, sunlight is also central to your well-being and health. This is the reason why physicians often recommend staying outdoors for minimum 30 minutes every day.

Your body makes vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. There is a strong evidence for a defensive effect of this vitamin D on your muscle weakness, healthy bone density, kinds of internal cancers, Type 1 Diabetes and multiple sclerosis. For this you do not have to go for sunburn to get enough vitamin and sunscreens which can lead to diminished ability to produce Vitamin D.

Sunlight is an antidepressant that affects moods positively. Exposure to it stimulates your pineal gland to make melatonin which plays a vigorous role in good sleep and fighting cancer too.

8.    Do More Physically Activities

You must have heard about the significance of regular cardiovascular exercise and maintaining fitness. However, most of you do not get enough physical activities to stay fit, may be due to sedentary lifestyles and jobs, busy schedules. Daily physical activities go a long way that helps you maintain and improve your fitness and your sense of well-being.

Few ideas for you to stay active every day:

  • Play more often.
  • Go bicycling or rollerblading.
  • Go out dancing.
  • Take a hike.
  • Stay active while doing your household tasks.

9.    Maintain Regular Sleep Hours

Sleep problems such as Insomnia are common complaints from many people these days. Various studies have shown that, most of the population is affected by problems associated with sleep, some of which can be chronic sleep disorders.

Hence, usage of medications to improve sleep hours is becoming a fastest growing as well as important segment of the industry of pharmaceutics. Fortunately, there are number of natural solutions which address causes of sleep problems which hardly contain any side effects and are cost effective too. The most effective and beneficial behavioral remedy is to schedule your sleep hours.

However, your brain controls your sleep-wake cycle, as a part of day-to-day rhythm. Melatonin and cortisol are nervous system chemicals who tell your body and mind when to sleep and when to wake up. So, strengthen your natural circadian rhythms by maintaining regular sleep hours, that helps you fall asleep easily.

10.  Form a Relationship With Your Doctor

Simply by following a fit and healthy lifestyle, the risk of various chronic and acute diseases can greatly be reduced. Accidents, injuries happen, chronic infections arise and acute health issues need ongoing management. Wellness and preventive care like gynecological check-ups, periodic physical examinations, screening lab tests and dental care are few tools to look forward and improve your probabilities of delaying or preventing the effects of chronic disease and aging.

There are noteworthy advantages to forming ongoing relationships with a health care provider who you know as well as trust. That makes your doctor know medical history of you and your family as well, which helps him/her to assess your current health related problems. He/she can also advise you ways to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In short, when health problems arise, there is a partner with you to help guide and treat you.

Need Of Physical Activities As You Turn 30 Plus

Stay Fit-NaturalJuice

Many of us don’t get necessary physical activities that are required daily. Lack of physical activity affects the body slowly to lose its strength, stamina and capability to function normally and therefore we become physically “unfit”. Physical activity is any form of exercise or movement of the body that uses energy. Exercise is the structured or planned activities performed to achieve physical fitness and it is actually a sub-category of physical activity.

Physical fitness is a state of health that relates to the ability of an individual to perform day to day physical activity without undue fatigue. Physical fitness can also be measured by one’s ability to function efficiently and effectively, one’s body strength and mobility. Physical fitness will determine your physical independence and this is an important reason for you to stay physically active. Apart from making you independent following are some more reasons why physical activities should be included in your daily routine.

As a precaution consult your doctor before including any exercise plan into your routine. Little bit of exercise if practiced routinely will also make a difference.

1. Increase Bone Strength and Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that results due to decrease in bone mass and thus the bone density. This disease can make the bone weak and increases the risk of bone fracture. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 54 million Americans are living with or at-risk of osteoporosis and low bone mass. Physical activity or exercise can increase bone strength especially, walking and weight lifting are beneficial. But it doesn’t mean you need to become body builder or competitive walker. Just including normal physical activities in routine life will be helpful for your bones to stay strong. In addition to physical activities you also need to take right amount of vitamin D and calcium that benefits bone to stay strong and healthy.

2. It Helps to Maintain Independence

Studies have shown that people who do exercise regularly over their lifetime are fit and have less chances of getting disabled in their old age or towards the end of their lives. However, those who don’t practice any exercise and even though if they live longer, probability is high to lose independence and become disabled. Therefore being active even with passing age will help to maintain your capability to function independently.

3. It Helps to Control Weight

Metabolism is the process by which everything that you eat or drink gets converted into energy. Carrying out exercises or physical activities makes body to use calories that are consumed and that helps to increase metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate can reduce the body fat and thus helps to control body weight. Weight gain is most commonly the result of consuming more calories than you burn. An overweight even with few pounds can increase the risk of health problems.

4. It Increases Balance and Coordination

Practicing exercises help you to maintain your balance as well as help to respond to things around you. Additionally, exercise can help to reduce natural drop in muscle fitness, because physical activities, if practiced routinely, increase muscle strength and help them to stay fit.

5. It Increases Flexibility and Mobility

Physical activity increases the muscle movement and thus makes it flexible. It is not necessary that these activities are well planned or structured. Any kind of activity, for example, walking instead of taking bus for short distance or driving, gardening, doing household work by own etc.

6. It Makes You Social

Joining local health club or community center specially dedicated to senior is very beneficial. This will give you chance to meet different people having same interest. Doing activities or exercises in group will be helpful to maintain routine and that will boost your confidence. Joining such clubs will give you new friends and in addition, you can also request your old friends to become a part of this group.

7. It Gives Psychological Benefits

Apart from physical benefits, exercise gives psychological benefits as well. Research on anxiety, depression and exercise shows that physical activity reduces anxiety and improve mood. Working out makes you feel relaxed and better and, also helps you to lift your self-confidence.

8. It Helps You Stay Healthy

In addition to losing weight, exercise can help entire body organs to function normally. Physical activities upturn blood circulation throughout the body. Blood is the carrier of nutrients and oxygen that can reach to the different body parts. It improves the functioning of lungs and heart. Regular exercise helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and to prevent or control diabetes as well. Over the age, different body organs deteriorate gradually and lack of physical activities can enhance this process. Therefore regular exercises can protect body organs which may help you live long and healthy.

Other benefits of regular exercise:

  1. Helps to reduce stress
  2. Helps to quit bad habits like smoking
  3. Maintains blood cholesterol
  4. Increases energy level
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Helps to reduce tension
  7. Helps you to become optimistic and increases enthusiasm
  8. Helps to get better sleep
  9. Reduces risk o heart diseases
  10. Helps to delay or prevent chronic illness and disease associated with old age


Four types of exercise

National Institute on Aging has suggested following four kinds of exercises to practice

1. Stamina enhancing exercises:

This kind of activity includes walking, swimming, running, dancing and also includes type of activity that is done without taking any break for some time. These type of exercises increase breathing, heart rate with time and also improve blood circulation that benefits heart and lungs to function well. These activities help to prevent or delay chronic diseases also.

2. Strength building exercises:

Weight lifting exercises like push-ups and pull ups are helpful in strengthening muscles. These kinds of exercises are helpful for adults that help them to become strong enough to carry out their work without depending on anyone.

3. Balance giving exercises:

These activities help to maintain balance and coordination without which older adults can become disabled and dependent. To improve balancing, one can try to stand on 1 foot and then gradually increase the time to balance over due course of time. To make it difficult, some movement of hands or eyes can be added.

4. Stretching exercises:

Exercises like yoga, Pilates, tai chi etc., can increase flexibility of the joints. In addition to all mentioned exercises, one can practice meditation that heals mind and brings peace by decreasing negative thoughts.

Noni Juice – A Folk Polynesian Remedy That Helps You Lower Total Cholesterol Levels

Healthy Tips Natural Juices

One of the new trends in natural supplements that include usage for reducing cholesterol levels has now been named as noni juice. Not only is this juice believed to lower cholesterol levels, but also being claimed as a medicine for number of diseases.

Noni fruit may look like other regular small sized berries, but it is a powerhouse of numerous health benefits. Noni tree is like a small tree or a shrub with height ranging from 3 m -10 m. The tree has reddish-brown seeds, dark shiny leaves, rounded branches, small groupings of white flowers and egg-shaped greenish-white fruit covered with number of round grooves.

Noni juice is a traditional remedy which has been used by Polynesians to address a wide range of health conditions that might be beneficial in preventing heart disease in future. Studies have revealed that noni juice offers a broad variety of health benefits including cancer, hypertension, infection, tuberculosis, malaria and diabetes. It has traditionally been used for almost more than two thousand years. Noni juice has capability to lower your cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels and hence can be a preventive measure for future heart disease.

Noni juice offers a notable gamut of healthful minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients. Its vitamin content include vitamin-B2 (riboflavin), beta-carotene, vitamin-B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin-B6, vitamin-B3(niacin), vitamin-B12, folate, vitamin-B1 (thiamine), vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), vitamin-E (alpha-tocopherol). Mineral content of it include magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Apart from this, plenty of natural chemical constituents, an inspiring variety of antioxidants like vanillin, pinoresinol, quercetin, kaempferol, isoscopoletin, proxeronine and scopoletin highlight the entire nutritional constituents of the noni juice.

How Worthy Noni Juice is For Your Cardiovascular Health:

A sedentary lifestyle may be one of the five major risk-factors along with high abnormal values for blood lipids, blood pressure, obesity and smoking for your cardiovascular disease. Noni juice can be valuable in maintaining your cardiovascular health. This amazing juice exerts various effects on blood vessels by comforting your smooth muscles cells inside the cells walls causing an improved flow of blood as a result. This effect helps to regulate your blood pressure and also assists in keeping up a healthy heart.

Noni juice can be valuable in maintaining your cardiovascular health. This amazing juice exerts various effects on blood vessels by comforting your smooth muscles cells inside the cells walls causing an improved flow of blood as a result. Research has already demonstrated that the consumption of noni juice may be beneficial in reducing levels of LDL-bad cholesterol, homocysteine, total cholesterol content, and in improving levels of HDL- good cholesterol in your body.

Though a lot of studies have promoted noni juice and its safety, it is strongly suggested to consult a health professional before taking it during special conditions such as lactation and pregnancy. As you know that it is always better to be alert about the allergic reactions before you try something for the very first time.