Your Skin is Gorgeous, So Better Take Care

Skin Care Natural Juices

Have you ever noticed that the largest part of your body is skin as it covers about twenty square feet of the total area of your body? It protects you from microbes and other harmful elements and helps regulate your body temperature and also allows the sensations of heat, touch and cold. In simple words, it is a physical barrier between the body and the environment.

With this in mind, here are few but important ways to keep your skin healthy.

1. Study Your Water
Did you know that soft water does not take out soap well and as a result leaves a residue on your skin? If water is soft you should use cleansers on your body and face carefully. Hard water makes washes difficult to lather, prompting you to exercise even more cleanser which can cause dryness. Hence, gentle and non-soap formulas those are not meant to lather could minimize this.

2. Consider green tea a substituting tea for every morning cup of coffee
Do you know that Green tea’s anti-inflammatory characteristics can be soothing for blotchy and red complexion?  Frozen is better one because hot brews can deteriorate redness and even other indications of rosacea. One more advantage: EGCG – The epigallocatechin gallate in green tea helps you avert the collagen destruction that leads to sun-induced DNA damage and wrinkles in the skin.

3. Keep a lookout on your stress
Stress increases the production of hormones in the body like cortisol that makes your skin oilier and lessens its capability to kill acne-causing bacteria. So to keep that weary feeling under control, you can exercise stress-management techniques regularly such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation. This helps conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne and seborrhea.

4. Avoid smoky environments
Smoky environments can be a source of free radicals those hasten aging and damage skin. On the other hand, indoor pollutants can also adversely affect skin. So always keep in mind well that dry indoor air affects your skin that causes skin dehydration and also makes fine lines. Henceforward, make a habit of changing the air filter in the furnace frequently. Also, be more conscious while you cook using oil. You can run a humidifier throughout the house to diminish these problems.

5. Switch to Normal Toothpaste
Those with added flavors or tartar-control ingredients, like cinnamon, may contribute to perioral dermatitis – a skin condition in which redness, pimples and scaling appear around the mouth. For this, use a normal paste instead of using a flavored one. But if in case, you get suffered from such problems then you should consult a dermatologist.

6. Be aware of indoor Sun Exposure
Yes, it is absolutely right. UVA rays can penetrate the car windows and windows in home and office, thereby causing brown spots and wrinkles. Studies have shown that when you are driving, a specific side of your body is more exposed to sunlight for a long time that may cause skin cancer in future. This is the reason that most of the people have more sun damage and wrinkles on the left portion of their faces. Hence, always wear a moisturizer with adequate SPF, as suggested by your skin-specialist.

7. Pay Attention to Your Cleanser
It sounds counterintuitive, but if your skin is dry, the choice of face wash can be even more crucial than your moisturizer. A non-soap cleanser may be ideal as it helps you replace moisture barriers in the skin. You can consider it a preventive approach. You can use it to avoid dryness, psoriasis and eczema instead of just treating such issues when they flash up. Skin experts suggest that the smart way of using it is, cleanse your skin before you apply a moisturizer.

8. Monitor Dairy Eating
Researchers have found that many of the teenage girls who drink milk on a large scale are likely to have skin problems such as acne, than those who consume less and the same thing is applicable for adult women also.
Surprisingly, scientists do not understand how exactly milk products lead to acne.  Some of them say that the reason may be the natural hormones which are present in these products. Even organic milk may cause breakouts. Sherbet, instant breakfast drinks and Cottage cheese are also connected to acne. Just cutting back on such products will not solve acne single-handedly. It makes a difference for people who are suffering from severe skin problems. If you are going to follow this then make sure you are getting sufficient calcium from other sources such as leafy greens or taking a supplement.

9. Hand-pick Water-Based Products for your hair
Some conditioners, pomades, styling creams and volumizers contain waxes or oils that can block pores and cause acne, especially on your back, hairline and forehead. Even if you are cautious to protect your skin from them, they could run down your body and face as you bath and when your body sweats, or may be moved by your pillowcase when you sleep.  So, the best idea is to choose water-based products and avoid those formulas containing beeswax, microcrystalline wax or mineral oil.

10. Be careful about your Medicine Cabinet
Some oral antibiotics, contraceptives, anti-seizure medications and fertility drugs may bring on breakouts. Diuretics, Antihistamines and some antidepressants cause dry skin. Certain antibiotics, diabetes treatments and diuretics can also make you susceptible to sun damage. If your skin reacts more while you are taking a specific drug, you have to talk to a physician who will be able to lower the dosage or else switch you to some different medication.

11. Sleep a Full Night
While you are snoozing, repair mechanisms of your skin swing into action. Researches have shown that the sleep deprivation puts stress on your body and causes it to release stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which lead to breakouts as well as other skin problems too. Insufficient sleep is a noteworthy risk factor for skin problems like acne among adolescents. So it is better to get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep each day.

In this way, healthy lifestyle choices and good skin care can help you delay the process of natural aging and prevent numerous skin problems. So, get started with the above eleven simple and basic tips.

Noni Juice– A Boon For Diabetics

Noni and diabetes

In this age, a huge population is suffering from diabetes. Various lifestyle modifications and prescription medications are investigated in order to treat the health conditions and prevent some complications like blindness, heart disease, organ failure and stroke.

The modern diet contains processed foods and high sugar fruits that may generate a toxic cycle. Consumption of such foods in a high amount leads to raised levels of insulin. After processing such food, your body adjusts back to the normal level of blood sugar that can cause low energy, drowsiness and fatigue.

This unhealthy cycle causes irritability, which leads to high blood sugar and obesity and can cause slowness to heal, increased infection and in some extreme cases, loss of cognitive ability and eyesight also.

In Polynesian medicine, noni juice has been used for treating diabetes and also research in lab has found potential of this juice to help diabetics.

Identification of Noni
Noni is a small and evergreen shrub found in tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean, which is also known as Morinda Citrifolia. Though the juice form of noni is the very popular, the fruit and leaves of it have been used for number of medicinal purposes. It is being specially used as an immune system booster and antioxidant due to its capability to treat diabetes and fight tumors. Though there is no specific cure for diabetes, the effects of it can be controlled. Studies say that by keeping your blood sugar close to normal significantly reduces its long-term complications.

How noni juice is linked to blood sugar levels
One health challenge that many people have found noni juice to help with is diabetes. Researchers and doctors suggest that this juice has the power to help strengthen your immune system which ultimately can help your body to maintain strong insulin levels. As a result, many diabetics have found relief from such a deadly disease with help of noni juice.

Noni juice acts as an Immune System Promoter which is one of its effects on the immune system and pancreas. Various studies have revealed that the juice may help you promote a fit and healthy immune system by either stimulating a sluggish system or by enhancing your already functioning system. This may improve nonfunctioning beta cells in the pancreas to an energetic form to produce normal insulin and maintain normal levels of it in your blood.

A special warning for those who are suffering from diabetes type 1
Do not substitute insulin injection with the consumption of noni juice. The juice can forbid insulin injection absorption. In such a case, you need to consult with your doctor before you start taking this juice as a remedy for diabetes.

Noni may also help the complications in case of diabetic like

  • Prevents diabetic infections like gangrene by its great healing effects
  • Helps symptoms such as diabetic poly neuropathy by providing a number of vital micronutrients, essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins that it contains.

Noni juice can also help you relieve diabetic complications with the help of its ability to stimulate nitric oxide production. This nitric oxide and Scopoletin present in this juice helps to reduce diabetic hypertension. Both these contents may also be significant factors in diminishing symptoms like vision problems and poor blood circulation.

Hence, noni juice is the GOD’S gift for the human society.

Revealing 10 Secrets For European Women to Stay Slim

European Women to Stay Slim

European women are always admired because of their slim figures by American women. They do have very good reputation of drinking and eating what they wish to, still manage to stay slender and elegant. Age-old question arises: How one can do that?

The truth is rather very simple. European women always tend to drink in moderate quantity and they always tend to drink the best stuff. On the other side American counterparts do fall in the trap of taking calorie-laden and sugary drinks like soft drinks, soda or processed juices, while the European women tend to drink too much caffeinated beverages, primarily those drinks like tea for the hydration and the high-end coffee like French press or Italian espresso.

Here, overall lifestyle of Europeans comes into play. European women lean towards to practice noble walking habits and spending a quality time relaxing and resting in wellness centers and spas. They are strict to follow the natural, pure ingredients and always emphasis on drinking in moderate quantities — a very smart philosophy for living!

So, let us explore all these secrets-

1. Wine

Wine has become almost a food group in European countries, but European women take it rather smartly. They eat less food and drink more wine. According to the studies, women who drink moderate quantity of wine tend to have slim figure and less weight. The French diet has often been used as a good example of how our cardiac health can be improved with help of wine. They have a fairly high-fat diet still the risk of heart disease is relatively low and some have credited this to the red wine.

2. French-press coffee

Europeans really love their coffee; hence they always strive to discover the best-one around. Especially they like a French-press coffee as it makes use of coarser grains which stay with brewing water thereby making a more intense and concentrated mug of coffee. Research had shown that caffeine might help to increase alertness and focus. It also comprises of some beneficial substances such as antioxidants like polyphenols.

3.  Warm water with lemon

French women have faith in having a glass of warm water with lemon once they wake up in the morning. It is believed that this kind of perfect combination triggers the digestive system and cleans out the colon with help of lemon, to help the body maintain a healthy weight. This is the reason that, many of the French women start their morning with a refreshing glass of warm water mixed with lemon.

4. Champagne

Try exchanging glass of your wine with glass of Champagne. Flute glass of champagne is smaller as compared to the wine glass; therefore you are automatically lowering down on the calories. It is regarded as a very wonderful way just to pamper you, moreover it goes a very long way when it becomes close to our overall happiness and health. A couple full of glasses everyday has very beneficial impact on the blood vessels walls, thus it suggests that Champagne does have a great potential to lessen heart disease and strokes.

5. Power berry juice

Power berry juice is the most recent juice trend arising out of Switzerland which is a great grouping of freshly pressed superb fruits track down from various regions of the world. It is prepared with lemon juice, strawberry purée and red grape juice from Italy, aronia from Poland, black carrot and apple juice from Switzerland, bilberry from Bulgaria and blackcurrant from Austria. Such wonderful combination of natural juice is said to boost energy levels, encourage our immune system and allow for more hours to exercise.

6.  Milk

The European and other Dutch women refuse to give up their milk drinking habit because they have confidence in the fact that it is a correct choice, if someone is attempting to stay slim and lose weight. Low-fat-milk is the most preferred choice as it has low calories and it is an outstanding source of vitamin D, calcium and protein — all associated with weight loss.

7. Italian espresso

Millions of the Italians depend on morning espresso, so as many of other Europeans do. Due to the way it being manufactured and its perfect concentration, espresso is believed to have two or three times the quantity of helpful antioxidants of the coffee which is made by some of other coffee brewing methods, which is also similar to that of French-pressed coffee brew. One of the simple tricks is that, they do like drinking it just black without any sweeteners and artificial sugars.

8. Tea

As we all know, tea is as incredible as drinking water because of hydration components found in it, but still it is one step ahead due to overabundance of beneficial antioxidants. The research has found that, polyphenol antioxidants in tea have been claimed to help avert cell damage. Tea can boost our exercise endurance. The catechins – antioxidants in green tea extracts increase our ability to burn fats as fuel which is quite accountable for enhanced muscle endurance.

9. Water

This may appear intuitive, but many Europeans drink water a lot. It is a known fact that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for optimal health. But many European women, specifically French women, take two more glasses in addition to the suggested amount. Water is a perfect slim-down beverage as it does not contain calories, carbs and sodium. And strangely, it also helps our body flush out the excess water weight and jump-start our metabolism.

10. Fresh juice

European women have also started liking juice as they are aware of the fact that the addition a glass of fresh juice can immediately make eating habits healthier simply by adding great amounts of useful raw food in a more easily digestible and delicious form. These kind of raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables carry enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Dietary experts nowadays emphasize the significance of minerals and vitamins for the tissue maintenance and normal growth.

10 Natural Ways to Look Evergreen Forever

Look Evergreen Forever

1.    Blueberries: One of the Great Treasures of Nature

Though tiny in size, blueberries are proof that, once it comes to nutrition, the good things really come in miniature packages. With almost eighty calories per cup, with no fat and less amount of sodium, blueberries can offer countless nutritional benefits to us.
The antioxidants present in blueberries neutralize the free radicals, protecting the body cells to be damaged and attacked. Tops in all antioxidant activities, blueberries sometimes also slows down some age-related mental declination and reduce the harmful component i.e., LDL cholesterol.

As blueberries are full of vitamin C nutrition and are an upright home of dietary fiber, a handful of them can help us to meet our daily requirement of fiber. They are filled with decent amount of manganese which helps our body to process cholesterol and nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.

2.    It is Obligatory to Use Sunscreen?

Skin damage builds up due to continued exposure to sunlight, whether sunburn occurs or not. Apart from sunburn and skin cancer, other effects may include premature aging, wrinkling that may lead to a kind of leathery appearance of our skin. Studies also suggest that prolonged exposure to UV radiations can interfere with our immune system.

Applying a sunscreen on our skin, even if we are spending less time outdoors may prevent skin cancer and premature aging.
Sunburn is linked with the short ultraviolet wavelengths, known as UVB – ultraviolet B.  However, the longer ultraviolet wavelengths, known as UVA – ultraviolet A, can easily penetrate our skin and can damage connective tissue present at deeper levels, even if our skin’s surface is feeling cool. Hence, it is very important to limit the exposure to both UVB and UVA.

One should remember sun rays are mostly strong in between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, especially throughout summer and late spring. Reflected exposure from the water and snow has the capacity to increase exposure to the UV radiation.

3.    Toss Some Ground Flaxseeds on Snacks

Have ground flaxseeds in cereals, yogurt and salads to combat disease-causing inflammation. Alpha-linolenic acid, which is present in flaxseeds, cut the threat of recurrent heart disorder in half. Finding various creative ways to add these nutritious flaxseeds into meals is a challenge. One common technique is to add ground flaxseeds into cookies, muffins or bread recipes.
Health benefits of flaxseeds come from very important fact that it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber and lignans. A tablespoon of ground flaxseeds includes two grams of omega 3s and two grams of the dietary fiber and almost 37 calories.

4.    Listening to a Mozart Sonata Can Raise Our I.Q.

Can listening only to the Mozart make us smart?

Sounds surprising! But it is scientifically proven fact. Mozart’s sonata can increase our spatial-temporal IQ score by 9 points. However the duration of this effect on our brain is just about 10 to 15 minutes, the observations are nonetheless fascinating.
Spatial-temporal intelligence allows us to perform a kind of 3-D manipulations on mental images. It is thought to be essential for some problems those arise in specific areas such as “engineering, mathematics, science, art, architecture, games (e.g. chess) and our everyday life”

5.    Flavor Your Food With Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Sage

These herbs contain compounds that can avert the breakdown of a neurotransmitter (acetylcholine), which is weakened in case of Alzheimer’s patients.

Lemon balm is one of the perennial herbs of the mint family. Lemon balm leaves, does have mild lemon like aroma, which are being used for making medicine. It is being used alone or with parts of many multi-herb combined products. It is also useful for health conditions like digestive problems, including bloating, upset stomach, vomiting, colic and intestinal gas (flatulence); for pain including headache and toothache, menstrual cramps; and for mental disorders that includes melancholia and hysteria.

Rosemary leaves have certain phyto-chemical compounds those are known to contain health promoting and disease preventing properties. Especially flower tops possess number of health benefiting volatile important oils like cineol, camphene, bornyl acetate, borneol and α-pinene. Such compounds are known to contain rubefacient , anti-inflammatory,  anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-allergic properties.

Sage is quite beneficial for digestive problems which can include loss of appetite, stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating and heartburn. It is also useful for dropping overproduction of saliva and perspiration; and for memory loss, depression and even Alzheimer’s disease.

6.    Ginger: One of the Most Important Folk Medicines

Ginger is mostly used to treat several sorts of stomach glitches including morning illness, colic, motion sickness, gas, upset stomach, diarrhea, loss of appetite and nausea caused due to cancer treatment.

Other uses of ginger include pain relief in muscle soreness or arthritis, menstrual pain, cough, infections in upper respiratory tract and bronchitis. It is sometimes used for low back, stomach pain and chest pain.

Burns can be treated by simply pouring the fresh ginger juice on the skin. The oil extracted from ginger can be applied to our skin in order to relieve pain.

Ginger has become one of the most common flavoring agents being used in beverages and foods.

7.    Garlic: Tastes Eccentric But Offers Plentiful Health Benefits

In folk medicinal history, garlic has been claimed to cure about everything ranging from the common flu and cold to Plague. Garlic is known to be a sulphurous compound, generally a strong tasting clove of garlic does have rich amount of sulphur in it hence having more probable medicinal value.

Some people do have recommended that the organically grown clove of garlic have higher sulphur content and thus provide a greater health benefit.

It protects against cancers, lowers blood pressure and may even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Add one clove a day to your diet.

8.    45 Minutes Cardio a Week
Just two 45-minute session in every week—with 15 minutes for strength training combined with brisk walk for about 30-minute, example – with this we can maintain and preserve muscle tissues, bone density and metabolism; it helps in reducing both osteoporosis and weight gain with your increasing age, in addition it does help to refresh one’s appearance and helps in boosting self-esteem. Walking is good for people of all fitness levels and ages who are more involved in becoming active.

Regular walking everyday has proven in reducing risk of various chronic illnesses, such as, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some kind of cancers and asthma.

9.    Walking or Jogging Can Burn Fat Faster

If you are willing to progress your overall aerobic fitness, reduce the danger for chronic disorder and put some efforts to strengthen your bones. Hence, consider making simple exercises like walking or jogging a part of your daily exercise routine. These kinds of aerobic exercise programs do not require any special equipment besides comfortable shoes. To obtain the benefits from walking and jogging, it is always suggested to have a minimum of 30 minutes’ walk a week.

Walking or jogging is load-bearing exercise and is also a critical component for our bone protection. People who run 40 miles a month are likely to have narrower hips, slimmer waists, lower blood pressure and higher levels of good HDL cholesterol than those who hardly exercise.

10.    Bingo: Good For Health

Bingo has been a very popular game since a long back. Both the online and conventional bingo games have been verified and found to work as a booster for the activities of our brain and its reflexes. Studies have actually been conducted amongst number of elderly players across various regions.

The tests have revealed that people who had experience of playing bingo on a regular basis have scored comparatively higher in their mental agility tests. Those who play it regularly had better mental speed, memory and a greater capability to sense their surroundings.

According to these studies, elderly people had been benefited, health-wise, by making themselves involved in the activities of bingo-playing.

A Hale & Hearty Life is Just 10 Steps Away

Health & Motivation

Step 1: Try to keep yourself away from overeat

The key to keep on motivated is to recognize what are your problem areas and what plan you can make to deal with them. Do you ever use food to handle disappointment, boredom, rejection or personal success? Is this the right way to cope with such problems?

What you can do then? Try to rainstorm few healthier behaviors to cope with your mood swings which do not involve food. In addition, try to control your environment to evade binging on foods that contain high calories, whenever you feel disappointed, bored or rejected. Always, keep your kitchen reserved with numerous healthy options like chunks of veggies and fruits, flavored waters, low-fat yogurts and sugar-free gum.

Step 1 Overeating

Step 1 Avoid Overeating

Step 2: Make few Simple changes in your daily routine
Who says health-related lifestyle modifications need to be nothing or all? Start from small changes into daily exercise and eating habits. These kinds of small changes may add up over the time to offer you a great health boost. Here are few suggestions for you:
Try to avoid foods containing trans-fats

  • Add five more grams of fibers to your plan of daily meal
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates like white rice, white bread and sweets
  • Cut out foods with trans-fats
  • Drink as much water as you can
  • Increase two more portions of veggies in lunch and dinner
  • Make 10 minutes’ walk  a part of your daily exercise regimen
  • Have a break every hour at workplace and walk five hundred steps in place as we know 2,000 steps can burn almost 100 calories
  • Wake up fifteen minutes earlier and have a walk before work
Step 2: Changes in Your Daily Routine

Step 2: Changes in Your Daily Routine

Step 3: Have good feelings about yourself
Our feelings are one of the essential parts of our humanity. We need to understand our own feelings. When we do not thoughtfully tune in to other people and our feelings, all sorts of social or psychological problems develop. Taking a kind of welcoming attitude toward your own feelings has an alleviating effect on everyone.

By being exposed to your feelings, you will realize that they will teach and guide you, protect and warn you and entertain and delight you.

good feelings about yourself

Step 3: Good Feelings About Yourself

Sometimes, people staying around you make you feel better from inside – irrespective of your size or your health conditions. In case, if your close friends do encourage you to overeat, smoke or drink heavily, do find some friends who do have some good healthy habits and who do want a healthier version of you.

Step 4: Think frequently about your role model
Barbie is still among the first of role model, many girls are still drawn to it. But be honest. For all of us to look like the Barbie, we would have to look  6 ft. tall, shrink the waist size close to 8 inches, move the remaining excess centimeter up to the chests, and pose in high heel position every time. Come on! There is always a better aspect to live our precious lives.

So, make a choice of positive role models that will make you feel quite good about yourself, rather than those who make you think badly. It is always good to choose a strong, healthy and real role model!

role model

Step 4: Your Role Model

Step 5: Discover a cheering section
A cheering section is all we need – relying on someone else gives us a reason to be strong and muster determination from inside. It is not a matter of fact from where the support is coming from. It can be – a friend, a co-worker, a spouse, online buddies or others.

Think of five such people who may be there in the cheering section. Have a discussion with these people about providing you support as you work towards reaching your health goals such as weight loss. Call upon a cheering section whenever you are facing trouble sticking with some good health habits. As a result, once you do reach your small exercise or weight loss goals, invite your support crowd to celebrate the success.

cheering section

Step 5: Cheering Section

Step 6: Do forgive yourself
If you miscalculate on your vacation and do overeat, drink heavily and fails to do exercise – do forgive yourself. Don’t push yourself up! Instead of that say, “I did really enjoyed this vacation” and let that go.

Do Forgive Yourself

Step 6: Do Forgive Yourself

Allowing you some time for enjoying few indulgences sometime is alright. If you are really feeling guilty for tasting dessert on very special outing, do forgive yourself and do start back on your disciplined program very next day.

Step 7: Never go for rigid diets
People stay too long without having food but then they pig out once they are very hungry.

For sure, rigid diets do not ever work for anyone. To avoid this kind of situation, add snacks into your daily diets to inhibit binges. If you want, allow for treats twice a month without having any kind of guilty feeling in your mind. You can also have a brownie every week end and can definitely enjoy every bite of it without thinking about the number of calories present inside it.

Never go for rigid diets

Step 7. Never go for rigid diets

Step 8: Remember that changes take time
It is very easy to see and think about thin people–how lucky are they? But here is the truth- Chances are they might be working hard to be thin. Find out what they do to stay thin and learn from them. Is it through extra exercise? Eating less snacks?

According to health experts – Even if we eat the same wholesome, optimal diet and exercise to the same degree of physical health, we will still be quite diverse in shapes of our bodies. Some of us will be quite big whereas some will be quite thin, but most in the medium shape.


Step 8: Change Is Law of Life

Make a promise to change some of your lifestyle habits and allow plenty of time in making plan towards your ultimate goal. In addition to this, keep in mind well that our body is meant for having a certain size and shape and even if it is not skinny, you have to feel good about that.

Step 9: Move around more; sit less
Be more physically active and make healthy choices to maintain this activeness. Here are some simple tips-

  • Change your TV channels manually.
  • Make use of stairs instead of using lift, at work.
  • Go for a walk with your kids.
  • Raining outside? No excuses! Run or walk in place when watching TV.
Move and Exercise

Step 9: Move more Sit Less

The more vigorous you exercise and the more time you spent exercising, the more calories can be burnt.
Studies have revealed that the increase in daily exercise time can prolong the elevation in our resting metabolic rate.
So, make deliberate efforts to sit less and move more in order to increase physical activities and have a good health.

Step 10: Celebrate journey of each day
In the middle of all your weight loss goals and exercise, do not forget to just enjoy each day of your journey. Most women will agree with this that their dreams and lives for their future are interconnected to reach specific goal and destination, for which any discovered pleasure is being disregarded. Problems start arising when the so called “goal” does become the sole reason for living which overshadows our day to day lives.

Celebrate journey of each day

Step 10: Celebrate journey of each day

Although, having exercise goals and healthier weight loss are very important. So, do make sure to take some of your time to celebrate each of your day’s journeys. Live for every moment and do add some of the life’s pleasure – each and every day.

Fruits: Necessity of Our Healthy Life

Healthy Diet

One of the ancient forms of foodstuff known to man is fruits. In fact, Adam-the first man on the earth ate an apple which is considered heaven’s ‘forbidden fruit’. You can find lots of references of fruits in our ancient literature. According to Quran, fruits like date, fig grape, pomegranate and olive are heavenly fruits and gifts of God.

Fruits whether fresh or dehydrated have been a widely accepted food in the world since many years. To lead healthy life, eating fruits is essential as they are great source of minerals, fibers, vitamins, enzymes etc., and are very easy to digest. In addition to providing energy in the form of food for human beings, they can also act as a medicine and treat ailments.

Fruits consumed raw or in the form of freshly squeezed juice provides balance and retains moisture in the body. Most of the fruits are low in fat, calories and sodium content and can be a great choice for those who would prefer salt-free diet or those who are on weight loss diet. Also consumption of 2-3 fruits per day is very helpful for pregnant ladies.

Dry fruits for example, dates, apricots, raisins etc., are natural source of iron and calcium that are necessary for maintaining hemoglobin in blood and bone strength respectively. As fruits are very rich in fiber content they can help to clean digestive system and regains normal bowl action. Therefore for those who are suffering with constipation, eating fruits can provide relief.

Fruits like custard apples, guavas, oranges and lemons contain vitamin C. Papaya is a natural source of Vitamin C as well as carotene, which provides Vitamin A to the body. Also fruits like bananas, prunes are rich in potassium content that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Apple, orange, pomegranate and lemon helps heart to function normally. Nutrient present in mangoes, dates and apples help to sharpen memory and aid in curing insomnia, hysteria, exhaustion and also prevent mental tension. Therefore fruits eaten raw and fresh can provide all essential nutrients as well as other mentioned benefits.

Generally fruits provide benefits only when they are eaten in raw and ripe from. Cooking or heating of fruits can leads to the loss of nutrients and vitamins, as most of them are water-soluble. Therefore cooking of fruits is not recommended. Ideally one type of fruit should be taken at a time. Most of the people choose to eat fruits with milk in breakfast. It is not advisable to consume fruits in combination with vegetables and if it is not avoidable include more portions of fruits.

All kinds of berries are source of iron, sodium and phosphorous that is essential for strengthening nerves and blood building.  Lemons are effective for curing lover problems, rheumatism and indigestion. Watermelons are very helpful in cleansing kidney. Pomegranates and pineapples are beneficial in soothing nose inflammation, throat problems, chronic ailments and hay fever. Treating common cold problems grapefruit is an effective option. Dry fruits like walnut and fresh fruits like bananas, figs, apples and grapes are helpful remedy brain weakness and other brain deficiencies.

If you normally do not eat lot of fruits and if you are finding it quite difficult to add few more portions into your daily diet, These are few ideas to make a start:

  1. Start your day with freshly squeezed grapefruit  or orange juice
  2. Add sliced strawberries, kiwi and banana to your breakfast meal
  3. Have a fruit smoothie made with yoghurt, banana and other fruit
  4. Add cucumber, rocket, lettuce and sliced tomato to sandwiches
  5. Add green pepper, diced red and orange to tuna mayonnaise
  6. Pick dried fruit snacks instead of using chocolate or crisps
  7. Add sliced fruit to desserts
  8. Have healthy dips along with vegetable crudités thereby replacing unhealthy snacks
  9. Make homemade vegetable soups in lunch or dinner
  10. Always have a salad of tomato, onion, lettuce and cucumber with your meal
  11. Try exotic and different salads just for a variation
  12. Have a fruit-salad for dessert

In this way, eating generous amount of fruits regularly can provide healthy and energetic life for whole period of life.

How To Avoid Cancer- Discover 8 Behaviors To Prevent Cancer & Stay Fit And Healthy

Say No To Cancer

Eight healthy behaviors may improve your health and lower your risk of numerous cancers and other diseases like stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes. And they are not as complex as one might think.

So you have to take care of your health and have to encourage your family also for the same.

1. Uphold a Healthy Weight
This verdict is very easy to say but quite difficult to follow, but certain simple tips can benefit. If you are overheavy, emphasis on beginning with not gaining weight any more. This by itself can improve your health. So, whenever you are prepared, try to reduce few extra pounds to have an even better health boost.

Here are few tips for you –

  • Eat a diet incorporating vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Integrate physical activities and movements into your life.
  • Eat more slowly, thereby choosing smaller portions.
  • Few more tips, especially for parents-
  • Encourage healthy eating on vegetables and fruits.
  • Limit children’s computer and TV time.
  • Encourage activities during free time.

2.  Avoid Smoking
You would have heard it before for several numbers of times. If you continue smoking, quitting is the best solution you are leaving behind for your own health. No doubt, it is tough, but it is not that far from impossible.

Tips –

  • Always keep trying! It will not take more than 6-7 tries to abandon for your good.
  • Go for a leave-smoking program.
  • Talk to your family doctor or health-care provider for help.

For Parents –

  • Start it as early as possible for the reason that if you smoke, your children would be more expected to smoke.
  • Avoid smoking in the car and house. Because if in such situation your kids are there around you, they are more likely to be at higher threat of lung cancer and breathing problems.
  • Whenever you get a proper opportunity try to communicate to your kids about the endangerments of smoking. A health-care professional or sometimes school counselor can also help.

3. Exercise on a regular basis
This is as worthy for you as daily physical activity. Though it may be tough to find the explicit time from your busy schedule, it is very essential to fit in minimum half an hour of activity each day. More is even better, but any amount is better than none.

Tips –

  • Choose simple activities such as daily exercise that includes gardening, walking and dancing.
  • Do have a specific time for it every day and also make a habit of taking a walk after having your meals.
  • Exercising with someone always makes you stay motivated.

For Parents
Encourage your kids to play outside as well as participate in various organized activities like soccer, gymnastics and dancing.

4.  Eat Healthy
Do you know that the basics of healthy meals are actually quite simple? You should emphasis on vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Try to eliminate bad fats like trans fats and saturated fats from your daily meals and replace them with healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, most often. One more good option for you is taking a multivitamin.


  • Fruits and vegetables should be included in your daily meals.
  • Choose fish, chicken or beans.
  • Include whole-wheat bread and brown rice in your diet.
  • Choose canola or olive oil as cooking oil, which are rich in healthy fats.
  • Cut back on fast food and store-bought snacks (like cookies), which are high in bad fats.

5. Have self-control on drinking alcohol –
Modest drinking may be good for your heart, but it can also increase the risk of cancer. If you are not drinking, do not even think that you have to start. If you drink moderately then there is probably no purpose to stop. But yes those who drink more should cut back.


  • Avoid occasions those are centered on alcohol.
  • Pick out nonalcoholic beverages at parties and meals.
  • A health-care professional can also help you out.

For Parents

  • Try not making alcohol an essential share of family gatherings.
  • Whenever possible, discuss the risks of alcohol and drug abuse with your children. A school counselor as well as health-care professional can help.

6. Shield Yourself from the Sun
Excessive exposure to the sunlight may lead to skin cancer that includes serious melanoma. It is especially necessary to protect children, as skin damage gets started early in childhood.


  • The best way for the protection is to be more conscious in peak burning hours – 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Wear sunscreens, long-sleeve shirts and hats.
  • Try self-tanning creams instead of using tanning booths or sun lamps.

For Parents

  • Buy colored sunscreen that will help you identify missed spots on a child.
  • Protect yourself with sunscreen, clothing and shade and set a good example for your children.

7.  Protect yourself from Infections transmitted through sex-
Sexually transmitted infections are linked to different cancers hence it is very essential to protect yourself from such infections in order to lower your risk.


  • Always be prepared and never bank on your companion to possess a condom.
  • The best safety is to stay in a monogamous and committed relationship with the one who is not suffering from any sexually transmitted infection.
  • For rest of all situations, make sure to use a condom, thereby following safe-sex practices.

For Parents

  • When appropriate, you should converse with children the significance of safe sex and abstinence.
  • Young men and women should get vaccinated against HPV. You can talk to your health professional intended for more information in this regard.

8. Get Screening Tests
There are various important screening tests which can help you protect against cancer. Chronic diseases such as cancer are more treatable while they are in early stages. It has been proved that, regular screening can save more than 30,000 lives every year.
Hence, talk to your healthcare professional about what are the various tests you need to have.

  • Cancers which should be tested regularly
  • Cervical cancer
  • Colon and rectal cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer

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